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Category Archives: Flowers

Petunia Shock Wave Coral Crush

prod002566 Produces wave upon wave upon wave of shimmering bicolor coral blooms with creamy yellow throats. Mounding cascading habit makes this a fine choice for use in flowerbeds borders containers and window boxes. Low-maintenance: plants are self-cleaning and not greedy for

Petunia Supercascade Red

prod000336 The large 4-5″ blossoms on the well-branched plants deliver great garden impact. Fine for hanging baskets and containers. GARDEN HINTS: Pinch off faded flowers and seed pods to encourage more blooms.

Geranium Evka

prod022655 ‘Evka’ is the flower of choice for window boxes of classic British pubs—probably because she is so vivacious. Vintage bushy geranium plants make a stir in summer and autumn—dispersing extravagant masses of bold red-scarlet flowers and rounded cream and-green variegated

Begonia Dark Mocca Pink

prod000130 From the breeders of the ever-loved Nonstop begonia comes this haunting beauty. Serrated deep chocolate foliage with bright green veining peeks out below large 4-5″ perfectly formed bright pink blooms. The color combination is electrifying. Lovely in a small garden

Impatiens SunPatiens Lilac

prod022662 The standout impatiens from our trials. Vigorous plants offer continuous color and cover for three seasons the large serenely pretty blooms creating a pleasing impression. With a compact clean habit 12-14” plants thrive beautifully in small and large spaces. Big

Verbena Twister Purple

prod022666 Large bicolor flowers with dizzy swirling patterns in purple-and-pink—serenely complemented by dark-green foliage. Hardy heat- and drought-tolerant 12-14″ plants are early bloomers flower like crazy until first frost flinging out trailing vines that tumble out of hanging pots and patio

Dahlia Namara

prod099904 These large 9 inch cactus flowers with fiery red and yellow petals are drop-dead gorgeous. Fantastic plant together in the cut- flower gardens with Sunflower elegance Rudbeckia Indian summer or Tuberose Pearl. Fewer flowers say “summer like the bold blooms

Spilanthes Peek-A-Boo

prod099543 I see you! Astonishing golden globes with rich red-bronze eyes perched on mounds of bronze green foliage. A very unusual accent plant 18 inch high and 2 feet wide. Grow plants solo in choice planters in half shade or as

Impatiens SunPatiens Royal Magenta

prod022656 Vigorous plants offer continuous color and cover for three seasons the large serenely pretty blooms creating a pleasing impression. With a compact clean habit 12-14” plants thrive beautifully in small and large spaces. Big blooms glow prettily from baskets and

Petunia Cascadia Autumn Mystery

prod022663 ‘Autumn Mystery’ is a knockout addition to the peak-performance Cascadia lineup. Flowers present a dazzling color pattern with rich-toned burgundy throat on yellow background. Compact 12-14″ cultivar branches copiously producing lush masses of wondrous color from spring to the first

Petunia Martha Washington

prod003149 Every so often an extraordinary flower variety will appear that makes even seasoned plant experts ooh! and aah! Martha Washington is impossibly beautiful a marvel of form and color. Sumptuous plump 3″ pink blooms with light rose at their centers

Pansy Antique Shades Hybrid Mix

prod000301 Nothing adds merriment to a flowerbed like our whimsical pansies. These unique silky 3″ flowers bloom in old fashioned pastel shades early and continuously. Pansy plants ship in early fall at your proper planting time. Space plants 6″ apart.

Geranium Soft Spoken

prod022648 You’ve never seen such a geranium. ‘Soft Spoken’s demure pastel-rose-hued flowers make an inspiring addition to the regal geranium palette. In sun or shade in a border or baskets 12-14” mounding plants display rosy glowing masses of flowers. The color

Lobularia Bicolor Pink Stream

prod022670 We’re smitten with this stunning pink variety of sweet alyssum. Fragrant floriferous ‘Pink Stream’ always attracts attention in a basket container or flowerbeds both in part shade and sun. Blooming from May to October fast-growing low maintenance 12-14″ plants with

Petunia Cascadia Rim Magenta

prod003475 Knock-out new bicolor—dark purple blooms with a cream edge—makes a pretty cascading splash in the border basket or container. Flowering prolifically from early summer to the first frost vigorous 10-16” tall mounding plants are standouts for heat and drought tolerance.

Petunia Sanguna Picotee Punch

prod022671 Outstanding performer produces crowds of happy pretty faces that bloom continuously the summer through. ‘Picotee Punch’ boasts a knockout color pattern. Flowers with luminous purple throats edged with chaste white—create a striking presence everywhere they go: baskets pots and borders.

Dahlia Mercator

prod099903 Huge 9 inch cactus flowers with cool vanilla dyed petals painted with red splashes are impressive attention grabber. Highpoint to any flower gardens Dahlia Mercator looks wonderful with Gomphrena Strawberry Fields Rudbeckia Indian summer or Celosia Arrabona red. Fewer flowers

Petunia Cha-Ching Cherry

prod003476 We positively get a thrill looking at this marvel’s ravishing cherry-red blooms with their creamy-yellow star pattern. Blazing boldly-colored blooms on spreading mounded 10-16” plants with lush green foliage create a luminous spectacle in the border or cascading from a

Calendula Pacific Beauty Mix Organic

prod000144 Cottage garden favorites as cut flowers and featured in kitchen gardens for their edible flowers whose petals lend color to salads. This annual prefers cooler climates and the pot marigold’s blooms peak in spring to early summer but can last

Geranium Angel’s Perfume

prod003489 Stunning new geranium variety delivers the best of both worlds: a gorgeous show of beauteous burgundy blooms and a lavish commotion of ruffled lemon-scented cool-green foliage. ‘Angel’s Perfume’s 12-14” plant quickly grows into a show-stopping attraction on your patio: a