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Category Archives: Flowers

Salvia Lighthouse Purple

prod003136 Background music doesn’t get lovelier than this. Planted in the border behind say petunias marigolds or other low-growing flowers the deep purple spikes with dark to black corollas of the statuesque 3-ft. plants become beacons of sense-drenching color. Showy in

Zinnia Zahara Double Fire

prod001530 This Zinnia marylandica variety comes with superior disease and drought tolerance. Vigorous plants are topped with scarlet orange flowers that shade lighter as flowers age in low light or high night temperatures. Long season display creates an amber glowing carpet

Nasturtium Alaska Mix

prod000289 Gold orange salmon and mahogany flowers arise from compact plants with attractive variegated foliage. Flowers and tender young leaves add color and a peppery zip to salads. Big seeds are ideal for kids’ gardens.

Sunflower American Giants Hybrid

prod000380 Wow! One of the tallest of our tall sunflowers American Giants look ready to touch the sun. Growing up to 14 ft. their huge yellow faces grow to 1 ft. wide. Perfect for tall hedges or an instant backyard sunforest.

Vinca Merry Go Round Red

prod002573 Vincas are the indestructible beauties of the garden. While resembling impatiens to a remarkable degree both in their flowers and coverage they thrive in full sun and intense heat. Hardy large bushy plants provide a dense layer of sparkling color

Alyssum Royal Carpet

prod000120 Look for a gorgeous spread of continuous color to add enchantment to the border. All-America Selections winner offers up mounds of rich violet-purple blooms. Sow twice a year for almost continuous bloom.

Zinnia Border Beauty Mix Hybrid

prod000425 Zinnias add bold vibrant color to gardens. The more you cut them the more they bloom! Bushy uniform plants grow 20″ tall and can be spaced 12-15″ apart. Easy to grow heat-loving and attract butterflies. Plants provide continuous blossoms from

Zinnia Tequila Lime

prod000447 Large bright zinnias in a citrusy delectable shade of green. You will marvel at the clear crisp green of these large perfectly rounded flowers. Growing up to 3″ in diameter the bright zippy blooms will give your garden a lime-like

Marigold Chameleon

prod000258 A totally unique variety with each plant displaying single semi-double and crested blooms in varying blends of yellow gold orange and red. No two plants are ever exactly the same. Vigorous and bushy covered in color from early summer to

Dusty Miller Silver Lace

prod000198 Compact slow-growing excellent foliage plant for borders edgings and pots. GARDEN HINTS: For earlier foliage effect sow indoors 4-6 weeks before outdoor planting time.

Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry

prod003364 Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry displays one of the best foliage patterns – the rose centre on each leaf is surrounded by deep mahogany and edged with a thin green margin. This impressive variety performs well in planters and small space

Pansy Ocean Breeze Mix

prod003126 Outstanding mix to use for fall color in the garden. Pansies are excellent ground cover and are ideal for using in garden beds. They look great planted with Dianthus and dwarf snap-dragons blooming way past the first frost. In the

Morning Glory Scarlett O’ Hara

prod000286 Fast-growing 8-10 ft. vines with attractive foliage and cheerful rosy red 3-4″ flowers. Covers fences arbors and porch posts. Easy to grow. Grows best in full sun. GARDEN HINTS: For best germination soak seeds overnight before planting. For earlier bloom

Marigold French Vanilla Hybrid

prod000265 Extra vigor makes the 24″ plants bushier healthier and capable of bearing many more flowers than our earlier open-pollinated varieties. Long lasting odorless blooms up to 3″ across make a stunning low hedge. A refreshing contrast to bright summer colors.

Sunflower Strawberry Blonde Hybrid

prod000399 You’ve never seen a sunflower with colors like this! Our first-ever rose-pink sunflower! It is absolutely stunning in vases and the garden. Its combination of subtle lemon and rose-pink flowers surrounding a dark disc forming 5-6″ blooms will leave you

Baby’s Breath Covent Garden White

prod001033 Showy plants with pure white flowers that are borne in abundance in early summer. Multi-branched long-stemmed plants are invaluable in the cut flower garden. Covent Garden White is dainty and attractive especially when mixed with other flowers in fresh and

Amaranthus Love Lies Bleeding (Green)

prod000121 HEIRLOOM. An eye-pleasing attention-getting knockout. The green version of an heirloom red variety the luminous light-green thick foliage contrasts with pendant bright green plumes. Unusual green trusses are vase-ready fresh-cut or dried. Blooms continuously midsummer to frost.

Petunia Burpee’s Best Mix Hybrid

prod000314 Sow indoors 6-10 weeks before last frost. Space plants 8-10″ apart. Burpee’s Best Mix. Improved Biggest blooms; widest color range.

Cornflower Blue Boy

prod000170 Exquisite fragrant well-doubled flowers bloom from early summer until frost. Fine for cutting and border display. GARDEN HINTS: For earlier bloom start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before outdoor planting time. Remove faded flowers to encourage continuous bloom. Cultivate or mulch

Viola Psychedelic Spring

prod000423 Plant these sprite beauties in spring or fall for a delirious wave of glowing candy colors. Each dainty flower is sublimely detailed;the maroon-rose petals delicately brushed with bronze shading to picotee. Ready to brighten beds shady corners a planter or