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Category Archives: Herbs

Lavender Munstead

prod099827 (English Lavender) Lavender most known for it’s relaxing scent can be used in baking in home-made butter and soaps for herb sachets and many more home-made goodies. The silvery-grey leaves and brilliantly subtle flowers also emanate tranquility into the sitting

Chamomile Flore Pleno

prod003353 Plants creep along the ground forming a low mat of furry green fragrant foliage. The dainty double white flowers are terrific dried for teas or used in potpourris.

Cilantro Vietnamese

prod099677 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Most often found in Asian cuisine Vietnamese Cilantro goes by many other names such as ‘Hot Mint’ and ‘Rau Ram’ (Vietnamese). Excellent culinary addition fresh in salads and spring rolls or cooked along with seasoned vegetables and

Basil Persian

prod022792 You have to be an outstanding and bodacious basil to be named a 2015 All America Selections winner. Delectable basil gets high marks on several scores: fresh flavor large leaves ornamental habit and lateness to flower. Of course with basil

Marjoram Za’atar

prod003354 In addition to the herbal mix of scents present in Za’atar fuzzy green leaves add interest and texture to the garden. Use this wild marjoram in fresh salad recipes and Mediterranean dishes. With hints of marjoram oregano and thyme Za’atar

Rosemary Mini Tree in Red Tin Pot

prod003293 The lovely rosemary plant is a sensory delight-a welcome feature for the holidays and the long winter months. Potted live herb plant brings fragrance gourmet flavor and decorative flair to your kitchen or holiday display. Grow and harvest all winter

Oregano Cleopatra

prod022796 ‘Cleopatra’ is a prized oregano being an All-America Winner for 2015. What sets ‘Cleopatra’ apart from the Italian and Greek oreganos we all know so well is the mild spicy flavor tinged with a peppermint coolness a perfectly tuned counterpoint

Lavender Sweet

prod099831 (species heterophylla) This beautiful green-leaved variety boasts long stalks of beautiful purple flowers. Lavender has many uses to the crafty home gardener- sachets potpourri and soap just to name a few. If looking for a cooking lavender however use ‘Munstead’

Herb Patchouli

prod099705 Cook’s Garden Favorite. This non-edible herb is best known for its earthy and relaxing scent. To release the essential oils steam or dry and rub the leaves. A mellow addition to sachets and potpourri.

Basil Spicy Saber (Serrata)

prod000459 A distinct spicy note perfect for Asian dishes. Remains bushy and productive late into the season. Bright green saber-like ornamental leaves.

Flowering Basil Snow White

prod099595 Continuously flowering basil beauty lets go with sense-reeling masses of fragrant 10-12 ” white spikes with complementary glowing green foliage. Non-culinary basil variety’s sterile nonseeding plants put full energy into flower power. Low-water heat-tolerant landscape plant ‘Snow White’ excels massed

Parsley Extra Curled Dwarf

prod000481 Wonderful flavor and an excellent source of vitamins. This variety has finely cut curly leaves on very compact plants. Start early indoors or outdoors after danger of frost.

Basil Plenty

prod001076 Plenty is an extra vigorous grower with resistance to Fusarium wilt. You’ll have healthier and more leaves to harvest all season. Grows well indoors or outside.

Mint Orange

prod003355 The combination of orange and mint calls you to refreshment and arouses the thought of bright clean flavors on the pallet. Best used fresh try as a substitute in any favorite recipe calling for mint. As a general rule mint

Rosemary Prostratus

prod003358 Unlike the usually upright habit of most rosemary Prostrate has a beautiful draping vining habit that turns your favorite patio planter hanging basket or window box into an instant herb garden. Also grand as a groundcover in the culinary or

Rosemary Spice Island

prod099732 Cook’s Garden Favorite. If you’re looking for full-bodied intense and aromatic rosemary this is the variety for you. Legend has it that this variety was named by none other than the ‘Spice Island’ herb company for it’s superior culinary use.

The Cook’s Cupboard Herb Collection

prod099685 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Transform everyday cooking into an adventure in dining with this wonderful collection of culinary seasonings. Each plant will provide ample yields for fresh use all summer and for drying in winter. Pungent Serrata Basil is a Southeast

Mint Peppermint Variegated

prod099699 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Similar to the green-leaved peppermint but this variety stands out in the garden for its beautiful green and white variegated leaves. Peppermint iced tea hot tea on lamb just to name a few. Lesser known uses include

Mint Pineapple

prod099700 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Deliciously sweet and tropical pineapple mint also has a tropical effect in the garden with its bright green white and yellow variegated foliage. A tasty topping for fruit ice cream cold and hot tea and juice drinks.

Oregano Hot & Spicy

prod003357 As the name suggest this pungent oregano has the bold flavors that are the building blocks of Mexican dishes. Also a good substitute for recipes calling for common oregano though reduce amount by half of what the recipe calls for.