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Category Archives: Flowers

Lisianthus Pink Bouquet Collection

prod000247 Our favorite new lisianthus Pink Champagne looks wonderful combined with pure creamy white and solid peppermint pink partners. All plants are identical in bloom time and habit so put them in a group in the garden and enjoy armfuls of

Dahlia Fordhook Garden Mix

prod002678 This collection boasts a unique mix of tall darker-leafed dahlias with single to double blooms in a mix of scarlet-red to orange-salmon. Upright plants with outfacing blooms and dark green to purplish foliage look stately. When other summer blooms are

Dahlia Dinnerplate Collection I

prod000188 Striking sensational splendid. Must-haves for show off gardeners. Collection includes the following Dahlias: Lilac Time The Big Wow Babylon Bronze Kelvin Floodlight. Fewer flowers say “summer like the bold blooms of dahlias. These favorite plants come in two basic types:

Elephant Ear Black

prod001597 Bring the tropics into your garden. This exotic beauty with large metallic dark purple leaves on sturdy upright 36-48″ stems provides magical presence and vertical impact in the border. Works wonders when complemented by caladiums begonia impatiens or coleus.

Dahlia Dinnerplate Frost Nip

prod002815 One of the best decorative dahlias raspberry red with pure white tips makes Frost Nip an attention grabber. Late summer blooming will bring new life in your garden after the hot summer. Looks sensational outside and in vase especially combined

Osteospermum Blue Eyed Beauty

prod022672 One of a kind African daisy with stunning blue eyes carries on blooming early spring through autumn. Prolific mounding 12-14” plants produce armfuls of really pretty cut flowers that will be the talk of your dinner table; meanwhile back in

Canna Tenerife

prod002844 With spectacular tropical colors Canna Tenerife is ideal for flower border or in large pot on the patio. Blooms are golden yellow with flame flecks and dots.

Petunia Black Cat

prod001520 Now ready to make history in your garden: the world’s very first black petunia. Mingling harmoniously with other shades the purring black beauties add welcome texture and depth to the border all season through. The early-blooming upright mounded full-bodied 12″

Elephant Ear Fordhook Giant

prod003345 It’s hard to beat these gigantic ears;reaching up to 5′ in diameter;for big-time tropical impact. Tropical beauties feature handsomely veined heart-shaped leaves each atop tall sturdy succulent stems. Plants can grow to 6′ tall in a single growing season. Infuses

Calla Lilly Black Star

prod002841 One of the best flowers to use in floral decorations Black Star is perfect for use in a container on the patio or planted in the garden border. The bloom is deep purple with a spathe that is almost black

Salvia Cathedral Deep Blue

prod000357 The true workhorse of our test gardens last summer this Salvia farinacea continues to impress no matter the conditions. Full branching plants come into bloom quickly and display rich color well into late summer. The large 3-4″ flower spikes are

Lisianthus Rose Bouquet Collection

prod000248 The most sophisticated double-flowered lisianthus mix we’ve ever introduced. Rose Bouquet gives you extra strong stems each loaded with elegant sprays of large 4″ wide rose-like flowers in deep blue-purple butter yellow and soft green. A captivating choice for long-lasting

Dahlia Burlesca

prod099908 Three inch pompons blooms are stunning in pink. One of the most intriguing dahlias for the cut-flower garden. Fewer flowers say “summer like the bold blooms of dahlias. These favorite plants come in two basic types: compact bedding forms and

Gladiolus Glamini Mix

prod000218 Introducing a breakthrough in Dutch gladiolus in shades of yellow red purple and white. Growing just 24″ tall the Glaminis bloom earlier and longer producing 8″ full size flowers for 18 days or more. Stunning cut flowers.

Geranium First Yellow

prod002570 Hello yellow. Presenting the first true yellow geranium;ever! A breakthrough in the land of geraniums. The stunning yellow double-blossomed beauties flower gloriously all summer long.

Tiger Lily Night Flyer

prod002812 This Asiatic lily is ideal for the back of the border. Plants have the potential to reach 5 ft. The deep red color is perfect for floral arrangements and the highly productive plants will ensure that you have an abundance

Canna Dwarf Mixture

prod000148 A lush exotic blend from reds to orange brightly speckled and clustered. Bred dwarf to fit tubs and smaller garden nooks.

Zinnia Zahara Bonfire Mix

prod001531 This Zinnia marylandica mix comes with superior disease and drought tolerance. A hot color combination including Zahara Scarlet Fire and Yellow low mounding plants will bloom profusely all season long with minimal attention.

Lisianthus Balboa Blue Rim

prod000250 You have to grow this heat-loving annual to really appreciate the beautiful rose-like flowers. Lisianthus are native to the American Southwest and this improved variety from Central America is taking gardens by storm. The 3-3 1/2″ white petals are rimmed

Pentas Starcluster Red

prod003487 Abounds with large clusters of vibrant red starlike flowers and dark-green lanceolate leaves until frost. Easy-growing low-upkeep 14-18″ tall variety requires no deadheading as new flowers form over spent blooms. Well-branched plants are bred to thrive in hot summer conditions.