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Category Archives: Flowers

Celosia Arrabona Red

prod003474 An electrifying new color in the lovely land of celosia plumosa. ‘Arrabona Red’s stunning red-orange plumes with feathery spikes create a continuous show of sensuous color from spring into late summer. A Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner compact sturdy well-branched 14-18”

Cornflower Tall Double Mixed Colors

prod000171 Fragrant mixture of well-doubled flowers on long strong stems makes this selection fine for cutting dried arrangements and border displays from midsummer to frost. GARDEN HINTS: Remove faded flowers to lengthen floral display. Cultivate or mulch to control weeds.

Zinnia Queen Red Lime

prod001534 Flowers 2 1/2-3″ across are thickly layered with maroon red petals then crowned with lime green. Vigorous plants grow to 40″ high with long-stemmed uniformly colored blooms. Use in masses for borders and in fresh bouquets.

Dianthus Sweet Black Cherry

prod003485 We are delighted with this new variety’s outstanding beauty and overall garden performance. Not requiring vernalization for first-year-flowering 18-36” plants unleash a steady show of fragrant punch-colored blooms from early spring into autumn. Perfectly sized for the front of the

Cypress Vine Red

prod000186 Treasures for a trellis these early-blooming twining vines are festooned with red trumpet stars and light feathery foliage. A hummingbird magnet and easy to grow.

Gomphrena QIS Mix

prod000220 QIS Series is an ideal selection for either landscaping or bouquets. Loose open-branched and great for cutting beds and midborders. Start indoors 4-6 weeks before setting outside. The mix is a collector’s favorite. It includes unusual globosa type colors and

Salvia Victoria

prod000362 The number one choice for cool blues. The classic standard mid blue. Extremely prolific dense spikes with neat light gray-green foliage. Place all around your garden where they’ll bloom all summer long. Start indoors 8 weeks before last spring frost.

Alyssum Carpet Of Snow

prod000118 This fragrant garden favorite produces masses of crisp white blooms and a cloud of butterfly admirers. Perfect choice for lining walkways or in window boxes.

Sunflower Mammoth Russian

prod000397 This is the giant one with huge heads that are ideal for competition at fairs. Thin-shelled striped seeds are plump meaty and very plentiful. Proven tops for performance and adaptability. Easy to grow and attracts butterflies.

Wildflowers Hummingbird & Butterfly Mix

prod099841 The best way to help pollinators is to diversify your garden or landscape. Use as many different plants as your landscape and aesthetic will allow in as many places as possible. Because many flowering plants typically have a brief but

Rudbeckia Tiger Eye Hybrid

prod000354 This first F1 hybrid Rudbeckia boasts more blooms than we have ever seen on a single specimen. Sturdy plants produce loads of branches tightly lined with deep green leaves and topped with petal-packed 3″ blossoms in rich golden yellow. A

Pansy Spreading Plentifall Mix

prod000307 With a true trailing habit these fragrant pansies are ready to drape fetchingly from a hanging basket or brighten up your borders. The dainty 1 1/2″ flowers are edible and welcome additions to any spring and summer salad.

Zinnia Raspberry Lemonade Mix

prod001532 This Zinnia marylandica mix comes with superior disease and drought tolerance. (Zinnia marylandica is a cross between Z. angustifolia and Z. violaceadeveloped at the University of Maryland in the 1980s.) This vibrant mix includes coral yellow and starlight rose and

Rudbeckia Indian Summer

prod000352 This All-America Selections winner with its huge blossoms and vigorous uniform plants adds bold eye-catching color to borders and beds. GARDEN HINTS: In mild climates sow seeds outdoors 1/4″ deep any time of the year.