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Category Archives: Flowers

Geranium Calliope Lavender Rose

prod099594 An indispensible geranium a welcome addition to any garden. Best-performing geranium produces a floral cavalcade of big beautiful lavender-rose blooms right through the summer. Beautiful peak-performance plants can take it all: thriving in high heat humidity and drought. Versatile mounding

Sunflower Twinkle Twinkle

prod099550 Delicate golden yellow petals surround a deep brown center on medium-sized blooms. Compact plants grow 2′. Ideal for small sunny spaces and containers.

Dahlia Dinnerplate Fantaste du Cape

prod002814 Brilliant color combination or raspberry red white and purple shades make this new variety the ultimate cut flower. Blossoms are as large as dinner plates and once established the plants will be the center of attention. Fewer flowers say “summer

Geranium Calliope Dark Red

prod099593 Outstanding performer and super beauty ‘Calliope? Dark Red’ produces great big blooms all summer long. Geranium newbie? Start right here. Versatile mounding 12-14” plants with semi-double dark-red velvet blooms bright-green ivy foliage and trailing habit

Petunia Wave Collection

prod000316 The collection includes: Purple Wave petunia;the original and still the most popular petunia ever. Easy Wave Red petunia;the bright red version of Purple Wave. Shock Wave Denim petunia;a vigorous mounding plant that overflows with blue mini-blooms.

Calla Red Alert

prod003343 Red Alert’s ultravivid red-orange blooms create a flurry of colorful excitement in the garden. With alluring spade-shaped dark-green foliage speckled with white Red Alert is a star in a patio container or adding stature and color to the back of

Dahlia Dinnerplate Vancouver

prod003349 Dahlias are like flowers you might encounter in a dream: so pretty so florid the blooms so incredibly big. Vancouver is certainly dreamy with 8-10″ rich purple blooms edged in white. Tall plants serve nicely at the back of the

Begonia Nonstop Fire

prod000132 Look forward to the continuing display of showy full double 4 1/2″ blazing blooms set off by light red stems and triangular finely serrated foliage.

Dahlia Dalaya Shari

prod003484 Look forward to a continuing floriferous flurry of great big bold bicolor blooms. Gorgeous 16-18” tall plant’s cream-colored flowers boasting pink stripes and yellow centers bloom and re-bloom spring into fall. Midsized mildew-resistant plants are smashing in a container or

Dahlia Dinnerplate American Dream

prod003348 This very large very showy variety is a stunner the 8-10″ bright pink blooms detailed with thin red stripes on massive 40″ tall plants. Outsize flowers make a lovely big impression as cut flowers and are ready for beautiful bouquets.

Impatiens (New Guinea) Hot Divine Mix Hybrid

prod000226 On beautiful tropical deep green foliage vivid flowers of reds violet and orange mass the plant in uniform mounds in the garden that is shaded or has filtered sun. Plants are very low maintenance quick to establish and flower well

Lisianthus Balboa Rose

prod000249 Tight bud form and slow blooming time make this variety appear almost exactly like a true rose. Petals gently unfurl to reveal a dusky dreamy tone of rose pink-soft and precious like a rose should be.

Dahlia Dinnerplate Bodacious

prod001602 Dahlias big time. These fiery red flowers really are the size of dinner plates (8-10″);the largest dahlia we’ve met. The flower’s red petals with tints of yellow have a pleasantly tousled look as if the bloom just got out of

Scaevola Fancy

prod000365 Fancy’s a quick grower that flowers early and profusely and it loves heat. Flowers are long-lasting and fragrant.

Dahlia Dinnerplate Fleurel

prod003350 Just as your flower garden is winding down in late summer and the beginning of fall it’s time for the dahlias with their huge 8-10″ blooms to make their grand entrance. With a cream-toned center Fleurel’s chaste white blooms on

Impatiens SunPatiens White

prod022661 The standout impatiens from our trials. Vigorous plants offer continuous color and cover for three seasons the large serenely pretty blooms creating a pleasing impression. With a compact clean habit 12-14” plants thrive beautifully in small and large spaces. Big

Begonia Sparks Will Fly

prod003144 Sparks Will Fly is a stunner with gentle orange single blooms emerging from beautiful dark-green almost bronze foliage with light veins. Shade-loving easy-growing mounded 12″ plants are pure poetry in a shaded patio container.

Impatiens Fusion Peach Frost

prod000233 Seashell shaped 1 1/2-2″ blooms in a luscious shade of apricot dance above grass green foliage that is dappled with citron and vanilla glowing brighter as the day passes. Stocky well-branched plants liven up shady nooks and quickly fill large

Petunia Sky Blue

prod000331 Here before your eyes is the first and only spreading petunia with true azure blooms. This old-fashioned charmer in a stunning new color rolls out a low-growing carpet of sky-blue 3″ flowers all summer;a sea of tranquility for a sunny

Dahlia Dinner Plate Collection 1 & 2

prod001740 Our number one selling dahlia collection incredible rainbow of 8 distinct Dinnerplate dahlias that bloom profusely in summer till frost. Visitors to your garden will be taken back by the largeness of the flowers and the incredible detail and clarity