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Category Archives: Flowers

Vinca Arizona Mix

prod000417 Vinca Arizona Mix has the widest color range of any vinca mix. A rainbow of all vinca colors including reds 1 1/2″ blooms with contrasting “starry” eyes. Drought tolerant loves heat. Space plants 8-10″ apart.

Marigold Nema-Gone

prod000268 Nema-Gone is proven in trials to be effective in killing nematodes in the soil and it’s beautiful and fast-growing too. A 1/4 oz. packet (2 000 seeds) sows up to 500 square feet.

Poppy California Watermelon Heaven

prod000345 Mouth-watering color and silky crepe-paper petals make this poppy a scrumptious showpiece throughout summer. Splashy watermelon blooms are dotted with a delicious creamy white center ideal for cooling sunny beds with small or large drifts. Easy to grow and fast

Zinnia Exquisite

prod000431 HEIRLOOM. A true magician that lives up to its name this beauty offers a full season of color. Large 4-5″ blooms burst open a bright red and as new ones appear every day the older ones change to a rosy-red

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott

prod002070 Along with Heavenly Blue this is the classic morning glory! Vines are extremely vigorous up to 15 ft. and are literally covered with small dark purple-blue flowers up to 3″ across with a red star at the throat. Thought to

Zinnia Thumbelina Mix

prod000444 All-America Selections winner! Semi-double and single 1 1/4″ flowers are excellent for pots low beds and edging from mid-summer to frost. GARDEN HINTS: Water the soil freely during dry weather avoid overhead watering. For earlier bloom seeds may be started

Millet Ornamental Jade Princess

prod000277-alt1 Jade Princess is the latest in millets bred for ornamental qualities. It’s a top-notch sun foliage plant with intense chartreuse leaves that contrasts prettily with the fragrant dark brown upright plumes. It’s sterile so no seeds form.

Four O’Clock Kaleidoscope

prod000200 Our breeders developed a mixture of multicolored Four O’Clock cultivars in a wide range of bicolors that includes pink yellow red and white. With Kaleidoscope you won’t have to peer through a tiny hole to enjoy its vivid beauty! Plant

Coleus Rainbow Mixed Colors

prod000164 Coleus is grown for its brilliant glowing foliage rather than flowers. This is an outstanding mixture formulated to provide the best and brightest colors of medium-sized leaf varieties. Spectacular for beds and borders.

Stock Harmony Mix

prod000375 One sniff of this stock’s luxuriant fragrance will leave you utterly enchanted. With its wonderfully sweet fragrance and vibrant full colors this stock is the best choice for an authentic Victorian country garden. A balanced mix of deep violet rose

Cosmos Sonata Mix

prod000183 Bright colorful daisy-like blooms on tall stems with ferny leaves. Mix includes white rose pink and cherry. Thrives in average soil but tolerates poor soil heat and drought. GARDEN HINTS: Sow directly outdoors after last spring frost. Grows best in

Viola Skippy Mix

prod099552 Excellent mix of stunning array of shades and bicolor from white through yellow rose orange blue and purple.

Sunflower Autumn Beauty Mix Organic

prod000381 A striking mix of sunflowers in warm shades of orange yellow bronze and red. Multi-branched plants provide dramatic contrast as a tall border in flower and vegetable gardens. Blooms are strong-stemmed and 4-6″ across an excellent choice for cutflowers. Provide

Gomphrena Strawberry Fields

prod000221 Everlasting clover-like strawy flowers of strawberry red. Long-stemmed lanky plants bloom continuously midsummer through frost. Ideal for fresh and dried bouquets. GARDEN HINTS: To dry blooms cut flowers before fully developed remove foliage bunch loosely. Hang upside down in a

Petunia Purple Wave Hybrid

prod000328 These large versatile lush blooming annuals with intensely colored 3″ blooms provide a great groundcover for trimming walks and beds. Plant alone or mix with other plants in containers and hanging baskets. For quicker coverage space plants closer together. Heat-

Zinnia Purple Prince

prod000440 A royal addition to your palette of zinnia colors. This zinnia’s intense rosy purple projects a purity of color that charms and delights the eye. Growing vigorously up to 3′ tall Purple Prince stays showy even under the rainiest weather.

Zinnia White Wedding

prod000445 The most brilliant white zinnia ever seen;with large 4-5″ double dahlia blooms flowering nonstop. Snowy white blooms stay pristine. Great cut flowers.

Sunflower Sunforest Mix

prod000400 Plant a fast growing sunflower forest where your kids can frolic. Our blend of three tall and sturdy varieties becomes an enchanted natural playground. Their blooms are large (at least 1? across) and their stalks are tall (between 10-15″). Grow

Poppy California Sunset Mixed Colors

prod000344 The California poppy is not a true poppy but has a similar look and feeling. Blossoms in our mix come in red cream orange gold and pink. Silky cups 2-3″ wide flutter on finely-cut silvery olive-green foliage. They will blooms

Morning Glory Celestial Mix

prod000283 For a dreamy garden effect our ethereal blend combines the colors of the night sky with twinkling stars. Blossoms unfurl in deep midnight blue lavender-blue with a darker star and shining white with a vibrant star pattern.