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Category Archives: Flowers

Dahlia Pot Luck

prod000191 You have never encountered a dahlia like this one that is sure to create a colorful commotion in your garden. From a single tuber will spring dozens of flowers of different colors! Each of the 4″ flowers can be a

Lisianthus “The Blue Rose”

prod000251 The 3-3 1/2″ rose-like flowers of this amazing plant are a real traffic stopper. The intensity of the flower color softens as the blooms mature creating a most beautiful display in the garden or vase. The species of this hardy

Marigold Sugar And Spice Mix

prod000276 Sugar and Spice mix has fully double carnation-type flowers on sturdy compact plants. It’s the only mixture that includes white marigolds scattered among bright yellow gold and orange blossoms.

Snapdragon Tutti Frutti

prod000373 This candy-stick mix brings old-fashioned flair to the early garden. Solid blooms are slightly speckled with contrasting colors for a fun and luscious look. Fine for cuts too.

Petunia Blueberry Lime Jam Mix

prod001512 Pretty. Easy. Here’s a new idea in the land of petunias. By combining different varieties of petunia seeds in the same pellet we’ve made it effortless to grow a harmonious palette of pretty petunias in your container or flowerbed. The

Zinnia haageana Color Crackle

prod022637 Boom! Burgundy bicolor double blooms create a flowery flurry. Sensational bicolor double-flowers on vertical 16-24” spikes engender a sensation in the sunny border grouped among varied perennials. Dazzling. First time this burgundy and white bicolor is available as a single

Pansy Atlas Mix

prod000302 The Atlas series was the most winter hardy and early large pansy in our trials. This mix contains a full range of colors;pure primary tones pastels and bicolored faces. Flowers are 2″ across on 6″ tall plants.

Marigold Happy Days Mix

prod000266 Happy Days Mix adds masses of 2″ brilliant yellow orange and red bicolored flowers to your garden. Plants bloom early and profusely until frost and are carefree and heat-resistant.

Marigold Queen Sophia

prod000270 This 1979 All-America Selections winner has large showy fully double blossoms with russet red petals and a delicate rim of gold on the edges. Blooms early.

Zinnia Double Zahara Yellow

prod099589 Double yellow! Zinnias are summer stalwarts: never failing to deliver on gorgeous color radiant personality and proven hardiness. Zestful 16-20” double-flower beauty delivers a large lemony-yellow chromatic impact that blazes still brighter from a distance. Zahara All America-winning series is

Sweet Pea Enchante

prod002580 Burpee has a continuing love affair with sweet peas. Gorgeous in color form and fragrance sweet peas merit a place with your garden. Enchante’s large tricolored flowers are rose pink flushed on cream with pencil markings with mauve on cream

Petunia Shock Wave Coconut

prod002595 Shock Wave petunia is outrageously and delightfully floriferous. Rolling out a pure white carpet of blooms Shock Wave Coconut is self-cleaning and stays white even after a drenching storm. With low-growing habit it’s perfect as ground cover or blended with

Zinnia Cactus Flowered Mix

prod001068 Introduced from Mexico in 1800 zinnias have become an all-American favorite. They come in many heights and colors and are unequaled as cut flowers. The zinnia’s march to glory began around 1875 when double “dahlia” flowered types were developed. The

Pansy Spreading Plentifall Lavender Blue

prod000305 With a true trailing habit up to 18″ these fragrant pansies are ready to drape fetchingly from a hanging basket or brighten up your borders. The dainty 1″ flowers are edible and welcome additions to any summer salad.

Petunia Supercascade Blue

prod000335 Supercascade Blue with its large 4 3/4″ blossoms was bred for hanging baskets but the floriferous 15″ plants work great in borders too. GARDEN HINTS: Pinch off faded flowers and seed pods to encourage more blooms.

Snapdragon Candy Showers Rose

prod022653 Big-time flower power! Summer brings color-rich cascades of rose snapdragons trailing floridly from baskets and containers. Hardy 12-14” plants are heat tolerant; thrive in shade and sun.

Cosmos Rhapsody In Red

prod002064 A mix of single to double blooms in white pink rose to red shades and bicolor patterns. Makes fine borders with delicate lacy foliage.

Heliomeris Sunsplash

prod003141 A luminous burst of entrancing color this native plant from the American prairies is a free-flowering beauty and standout. An unusual bicolor of white and yellow the daisy like flower is a gorgeous variant on the usual solid yellow flowers

Zinnia Citrus Mix

prod000429 An extravagant tricolor bouquet of giant (4-5″) double flowered yellow orange and white zinnias. Breathtaking when gathered into a vase.

Sunflower Crimson Blaze

prod099587 Outstanding bicolor sunflower dazzles with sensuous high-definition color and outright drama. Wine-red ray petals tipped in rich yellow orbit dark center disks packed with 600 tiny flowers. Massed in a border or a choice sunny spot hardy multibranching 5-6’ plants exude