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Category Archives: Flowers

Pansy Rose Wing

prod001499 The flowers constantly change as they age going from a distinct 2-tone color of rose and white to “wings” of rose surrounding the white. The effect gives the plant the look of a mix. This richly colored flower will be

Pansy Blue Frost

prod001497 A delicate soft blue pansy that offers a mounded growth habit with many flowers on each plant. If grown in a protected area of your landscape the plant will overwinter nicely and produce very early spring flowers that awakens your

Sunflower Sunny Bunch

prod099808 Densely branched dwarf hedge to 3 feet tall topped by large 7″ sunflowers. Very distinctive flower form with double rows of bright yellow ray petals surrounding the dark center disc. Perfect addition for sunny borders and for fresh bouquets. For

Pentas Butterfly Sparkles Mix

prod000311 Flower heads 3-4″ across with florets delicately shaped into fine little stars. Blend pinks with cherry reds and you’ve got a gem of a mix. Very weather tolerant and attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. Grows best in full sun to

Nasturtium Double Dwarf Jewel Mix

prod000290 An abundance of 2-3″ double spurred flowers bloom in a harmony of color. Superb for bedding or containers.

Sunflower Lemon Queen Organic

prod000395 A prolific sunflower with unique pointed petals in lemon-yellow with chocolate brown centers to 4-5″ across. Plants are multibranched up to 6 ft. tall. Plant with taller or shorter sunflowers with darker blooms for dramatic contrast. Sunflower seeds grow best

Four O’Clock High Tea Mix

prod000199 High Tea has an old-fashioned look in solid shades of rose red and white. Plant in average well-drained soil after last frost and this annual will reward you with a summer full of colors.

Zinnia Senora

prod000441 The luscious color a one-of-a-kind shade of salmon pink makes it a welcome addition to the sunny front border. This lush prolific bloomer glows and grows to 36″ with large double-blooming flowers that are outstanding in a bouquet. Free-flowering and

Impatiens Salmon Splash

prod002576 A bewitching and highly unusual color in the land of impatiens. With orange salmon eye on a lighter background this Burpee exclusive flowers prodigiously all summer long. Lovely mixed with lavender lipstick or grape/punch impatiens colors in a shady spot.

Zinnia Zahara Sunburst

prod003519 A ravishing bicolor orange-yellow addition to the illustrious Zahara lineup. Flowers gold at first soon reveal a lovely red stripe down the center of each petal. Prize-winning 12-18″ tall cultivar puts on a lavish floriferous fantasia from spring through summer.

Marigold Cottage Red

prod000261 We love the loose airy feeling of this tall billowy marigold. It suggests the informality of a cottage garden. The color is a clear red that’s really eye-catching.

Salvia Lighthouse Purple

prod003136 Background music doesn’t get lovelier than this. Planted in the border behind say petunias marigolds or other low-growing flowers the deep purple spikes with dark to black corollas of the statuesque 3-ft. plants become beacons of sense-drenching color. Showy in

Zinnia Zahara Double Fire

prod001530 This Zinnia marylandica variety comes with superior disease and drought tolerance. Vigorous plants are topped with scarlet orange flowers that shade lighter as flowers age in low light or high night temperatures. Long season display creates an amber glowing carpet

Zinnia Zahara Double Strawberry

prod003365 One of the easiest flowers to grow in the home garden Zinnia Zahara Double Strawberry blooms all summer long in large deep magenta blooms. Outstanding disease tolerance low water needs and superior all-season performance in beds and planters. The easiest

Marigold Triple Treat

prod099580 A miracle of a marigold! Triple-treat variety produces of colorful blast of three juicy colors at once: in delectable shades of yellow orange and red. Hardy easy-growing 8-10” plants carry on the colorful magic show all summer long. Blooms transitioning

Zinnia Big Red

prod099811 Flowers just 7 weeks from sowing with huge blood-red flowers 5-6 inches across. Vigorous upright 3-foot plants remain clean and bright long after other zinnias have passed blooms as long-lasting in the vase as in the garden.

Celosia Fresh Look Red

prod000152 2004 All-America Gold Medal winner. A breeding breakthrough. Day after day dense and brilliant rose-red plumes appear everlasting on tight bushy plants. Excellent displays through heat humidity rain and drought. Perfect for the front garden.

Zinnia Jazzy Mix

prod000434 A standout even in the festive and colorful crowd of zinnias. The semi-double 1 1/2″ daisies are densely arrayed with petals in the juiciest prettiest hues: burgundy reds tipped yellow to carmine. Blooming summer into fall the vase-friendly petite sparkly

Alyssum Easter Basket Mix

prod001031 Unique blend of pastel colors including lavender pink white deep rosy pink and violet. Tiny fragrant flowers cover spreading plants. Blooms earlier than other varieties. Great for edgings borders planters and rock gardens. GARDEN HINTS: Cultivate or mulch to control

Snapdragon Plumblossom Hybrid

prod000370 A must-have for the tall border and excellent as cut flowers. Purple-pink and cream bicolors from straight spikes that glow like candles. Snapdragons grow best in cool weather. Sow indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost. Astounding 4 ft. plants. Freely