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Category Archives: Fruit

Elderberry Collection

prod003243 Elderberry is very ornamental with beautiful foliage and large delicate clusters of tiny white flowers in early summer. It has been used in folk remedies for centuries and the purple-black berries are good for preserves flavoring wine and additions to

Blueberry Coville

prod000514 Coville produces high yields of large sweet berries and has good disease resistance. Blueberry plants require pollination from at least one other blueberry variety; plant several varieties for improved fruit set and long harvest. Blueberry is a native shrub that

Raspberry Amira

prod099847 Standout European selection is a dream come true for raspberry-lovers. Producing harvests both summer and fall ‘Amira’s easy-picking large sweet fruit keeps three or four days longer than other varieties. Choice raspberry for fresh eating jams and jellies. Vigorous adaptable

Raspberry Tulamagic

prod022677 Trailblazing new raspberry comes to us from Switzerland where berries are taken seriously. A cross of ‘Autumn Bliss’ and ‘Tulameen’ ‘TulaMagic? ’ delivers two harvests of large firm sweet-tasting light-red berries with high aroma. First a Summerbearing floricane harvest

Strawberry Record

prod001562 This June-bearing type merrily keeps on producing well into July;making it the latest ripening variety by far. This Italian variety’s sweet rich red strawberries make for scrumptious summery desserts. US Plant Patent #21201.

Blueberry Hannah’s Choice

prod002653 Hannah’s Choice is an outstanding blueberry with medium to large firm flavorful fruits. An early season variety that is adapted especially to the Northeast. Plants are upright and bushy with pink-tinged flowers and wavy-edged leaves. It’s one of several blueberries

Apricot Koume

prod099622 Spellbinding Japanese apricot tree dazzles with an refined silhouette lavish display of pale rose-colored blossoms and pretty tiny apricots that are best enjoyed pickled. In late February to early March elegant small tress burst into bloom with lovely spicily scented

Blueberry Cara’s Choice

prod002652 Uniform medium-sized fruits are lighter blue and very firm. Berries stay firm and sweet on the bush for several weeks. Moderate to low-growing bushes have beautiful blue-green foliage. Plant with another variety to increase yield and size of fruits. One

Raspberry Encore

prod002669 Encore released by Cornell University is very winter hardy and the choice for filling the gap between summer and fall raspberries. The flavor of raspberries is one of subtle sweetness complemented by a luminous tanginess. Nearly spineless this late-season red

Rosa rugosa Rubra

prod022687 Prodigious cultivar yields a delectable bounty of enticing large red fruit nutrition-packed with vitamin C. Self-fertile 4-5’ plants’ fragrant purple-rose 2” flowers bloom summer into fall; autumn brings the outsize (5+ lbs.) crop of delicious berries. Fall also brings large

Raspberry Tricolor Collection

prod002412 Our Tricolor collection is an outstanding mix of color and flavor. One plant each of Fall Gold (yellow) Heritage (red) Jewel (black) and Killarney (red).

Blueberry Jersey

prod002405 This old reliable variety has medium-sized berries that ripen in late season and are superb for baking. Easy-to-grow vigorous plants make wonderful upright hedges growing to 6-8 feet high. Foliage turns flaming orange in the fall.

Blueberry 90 days Northern Collection.

prod002403 This collection offers three northern highbush blueberries: Patriot Spartan and Jersey. These are high-chill requirement varieties widely planted throughout the northern US and southern Canada. We have selected three that will produce continuously over a 90-day period. Northern highbush varieties

Honeyberry Collection

prod000507 A member of the fragrant honeysuckle family and native to western North America honeyberries ripen in early spring as 1″ blue-purple seedless berries. Berry flavor is noticeably similar to blueberries and is wonderful for fresh eating or making preserves. Honeyberries

Raspberry Favorite Collection

prod000523 To span the growing season we put together a collection of four of our favorite raspberries. You get three plants each of: Heritage Fall Gold Killarney ;Jewel

Plum Italian Prune

prod003498 Plums as lovely as they are delicious. Attractive flowering trees produce a mouth-watering harvest of large oblong purple fruits with succulent greenish-yellow flesh that turns red when cooked. Fruits are blessed with lovely intense flavor and sweetness: delicious fresh or

Strawberry Sweet Kiss

prod099618 Sw-e-e-et! High-yielding 10-12” small plants with pretty white blooms produce an outsize harvest of shapely delicious large strawberries. Sweetheart variety was a standout variety in our trials. A pretty and irresistible choice for a small patio container.

Grape Neptune PP 12 302

prod001556 Neptune’s prodigiously large clusters of sweet seedless fruit ripen uniformly for easy picking. Non-cracking and fungus-resistant Neptune’s a good choice for organic growers.

Raspberry Prelude

prod022676 ‘Prelude’ offers a sweet payload of great big firm red berries with shimmery-sweet flavor! Early-midseason summer bearing super producer provides a nice long fruiting season. US Plant Patent #11747

Grape Out of World Collection

prod001606 Reap your own American harvest of red white and blue grapes. Collection includes Mars Jupiter and Neptune; sweetly delicious varieties bred by the University of Arkansas. Berries have fruity to light muscat and Old World flavors. A bery easy-to-grow grape