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Category Archives: Perennials

Phlox paniculata Clara

prod099456 Lovely specimen ‘Clara’ gets our attention with strong upright stems of full rounded fragrant electric pink blooms. Garden phlox is essential for the perennial plant border. Stems require staking support before flowering. Vigorous perennial does best in full sun or

Leucocoryne Andes

prod002848 This very fragrant species from South America was discovered in 19th century. Glory of the Sun blooms in late spring and has strap-like leaves and ornamental bicolored flowers that are lavender-blue with a soft rosy-red center. They’re ideal as cut

Lily Oriental Beverley’s Dream

prod002830 Eye popping lily with long buds that open to radiant flowers. This is a very tall fragrant and colorful lily that is ideal as a cut flower and superb planted in mass.

Lily Golden Splendor

prod002837 Excellent strain of lilies for flower arrangements. Golden splendor blooms in golden yellow with deep maroon stripe on the outer side of the petals.

Digiplexis Illumination Raspberry

prod022807 Let the blooms begin! Flowering feverishly from spring right through hard frost ‘Illumination Raspberry’ provides seasons of sheer pleasure. Shrubby foxglove hybrid puts on a non-stop show of spectacular spikes of bold raspberry-pink flowers. Clump-forming well-branched sterile plants make a

Baptisia Carolina Moonlight

prod22491 Magnificent cross between two native Baptisias; white wild indigo Baptisia alba and the yellow wild indigo Baptisia sphaerocarpa. Carolina Moonlight has great hybrid vigor and blooms with spectacular butter yellow flowers atop of lupine-like spikes. Plants create a Perfect for

Phlox paniculata Oleander

prod022805 Phlox standout offers unmatched color and vigorous upright branching. ‘Oleander’ commands admiring attention with full rounded blooms of satiny deep-pink with expressive dense red eyes. Complementary foliage of lightly spotted medium bright-green makes for a very pretty plant indeed. Phlox

Centaurea montana Lavender Mist PPAF

prod022704 ‘Lavender Mist’ carries on fragrantly flowering and reflowering from early spring into late summer—a longer more lingering bloom time in the garden. Sun-loving bachelor button cultivar produces 50% more blooms has better branching and shorter habit. No need to remove

Phlox Cosmopolitan

prod000090 These dwarf phlox with their eye-catching 4″ clusters of big hot pink 1 1/2″ florets with blazing fire-red eyes make a strong impact in the garden. Plant them in a border and drink in their sheer beauty.

Lily Oriental Uchida

prod002826 Uchida is a prolific producer of large open blossoms with strongly recurved petals in brilliant dark pink trimmed with white and light speckles that emit a light fragrance. Easy to grow and quite hardy it loves full sun or partial

Lily Pearl Sweet Surrender

prod002839 Wonderful ivory white strain with lime green and maroon dots and anthers. Plants are terrific in the garden producing abundance of flowers.

Tulip Blue Wow

prod003039 A true explosion of blue petals tulip Blue Wow is a spectacular double late tulip. Perfect for planting with Tulip Ice Cream. Blooms late spring.

Weigela florida Spilled Wine PPAF

prod022579 Wine-dark purple leaves with a wavy edge intensify to nearly black offsetting a wealth of hot pink flowers on this handsome low growing shrub. Hummingbirds and butterflies love the tubular flowers that bloom in late spring and repeat throughout the

Allium Rosenbachianum Mix

prod002434 This is a brilliant mix for the beginner bulb gardener. Easy to grow and rare these alliums produce 5″ globes of star-shaped flower heads in purple white and blue.

Wallflower Mighty Mauve

prod022712 Ultra vivid erysimum beauty bursts into flower the first year blooming nonstop from late spring into autumn. Sensational sun-loving 18-22″ evergreen shows great heat tolerance; sets new standard for rich color abundance of flowers and improved habit. Fragrant looker merits

Heuchera Blackout

prod0022583_alt1 Almost black glossy rounded leaves that remain dark throughout the growing season. Plants add a dramatic flair in containers and shady garden beds. Planted in groups Heuchera Blackout lends color to small spaces and thrives with little care. Heucheras are

Rose Young Lycidas

prod099900 Classic Old Rose beauty flowering with large blooms of very deep magenta pink and red with strong fragrance of Old Rose with hint of cedar wood. ‘Young Lycidas’s’ growth will form an attractive bushy shrub. It is an excellent choice

Echinacea Now Cheesier

prod099579 This unique Echinacea has melting cheddar blooms that lighten slightly to buttery after a few weeks of hot summer. Plants are well branched and bloom all summer. Excellent in the mixed plant border planted with Celosia Arrabona Red and Large

Liatris Floristan Kobold

prod099925 Liatris Floristan Kobold is one of the most recognizable tried and true native plants. With fluffy spikes in deep purple it is a must have in the perennial border. Also known as ‘Blazing star’ Liatris spicata is a tall upright

Ampelaster carolinianus

prod022580 This tough native vine features deliciously fragrant 1” spidery lavender to pink flowers with yellow centers to add a final burst of color to your fall landscape. Also known as climbing Carolina aster it will also attract bees butterflies and