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Vegetable Seeds and Plants

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Annual Flower Seeds & Plants

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Perennials Seeds and Plants

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Herbs Seeds and Plants

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Fruit Seeds & Plants

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Home Gardening Supplies and Gifts

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Palm-tone Organic Plant Food

prod002532 Palm-tone is a result of Espoma’s expertise in natural organics combined with recommendations from leading research universities. Palm-tone contains a proprietary blend of microbes which ensures superior plant growth. Mix 1 cup of Palm-tone with amended soil for all tropical

Watering Can Loop

prod099793 The sweeping handle with the pronounced arch puts a real swing into its silhouette. Thanks to this dynamic shape reaching all the plants on the window sill is no problem even at the very back. It makes almost no difference

Bird Seed Holiday Balls

prod003308 What an ingenious idea! This set of six decorative bird seed wreath holiday balls livens up your yard and feeds hungry birds at the same time. Simply hang them on any tree branch as a holiday decoration and watch the

Untreated Twine

prod099835 A time and labor saving trick we learned from our years as market gardeners was to build our trellises from stout poles and biodegradable twine. That way once the season is over all we have to do is cut the

Wild Bird Seed Wreath Sun Face

prod002555 The Sun Face Seed Wreath is a self hanging edible wreath for outdoor birds. This attractive wreath is made of black oil sunflower white millet and red millet. A perfect treat for wild birds. Size: 9.75″ x 9.75″ x 3.25″.

Gift Card

A thoughtful gift for a garden-loving friend. The Burpee Gardening Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. Our gift card is shipped free and has no expiration date or fees. The gift card is accompanied by the current

Wild Bird Seed Wreath Spring

prod002556 The Spring Seed Wreath is a great gift idea for bird lovers. This wreath is made of black oil sunflower peanuts colored safflower red millet a great treat for outdoor birds. Size: 9.75″ x 9.75″ x 3.25″ Weight: 2.25 lb.

Wildflowers Perennial Mix

prod099843 Pollinator friendly mix that includes a diversity of flowering plants that produce pollen and nectar for different pollinators with different colors scents and flower forms. The availability of food for pollinators is important from early spring to late fall. This

Cold Frame

prod001267 Shelter your vulnerable seedlings and young plants from the wintry blasts that venture into spring and from pests as well. This easy-to-assemble double cold frame includes durable UV-protected plastic panels and sturdy aluminum frames. Dimensions for Double: 42.5″ L x

Patio Edible Plants Gift Collection

prod022747 Perfect for containers these high yielding edibles are the best in home-grown flavor. Baby Boomer Tomato: Wildly prolific patio-ready bush unleashes a bumper crop of 300 little sweeties. Patio Princess Tomato: 2′ plants fruit mightily producing as many 2″ fruits

Double Level Complete Cedar Raised Bed

prod001831 Building simple garden borders or elaborate multi-level raised bed gardens has never been easier. New and improved lightweight pivoting corners and cedar lumber provide flexibility for multiple designs and easy expansion. Item# 95748 includes a 4′ x 8′ Complete Raised

Portabella Mushroom Kit

prod099778 One bite of a fresh Portabella and you’ll never settle for those rubbery supermarket mushrooms again! This is the gourmet mushroom for grilling broiling and fresh eating This Portabella Kit makes it so easy and fun to grow at home.

Gardening Gloves Bamboo Fit – Green

prod002509 These 100% bamboo fiber gloves have a seamless liner that keeps your hands cooler during those hot summer days. The palm is coated with foam latex to provide hand protection. They feel great and are so comfortable! Available in S-XL

Heirloom Vegetable Plants Gift Collection

prod022748 Prized for their long-standing place in the vegetable history books these heirloom favorites offer old-country flavor. Brandywine Pink Tomato: Named for the Brandywine Creek this heirloom has been notable since 1885. Exceptionally delicious pink fruits up to 1 lb. each

Garden Staples

prod022724 Now you can easily secure your fabrics plastics tarps row and mulch covers tightly into the ground with our 4″ Garden Staples. Durable and versatile these unique wire stakes can do anything-even keep soaker hoses in place!

Backyard Farmer Pickling Kit

prod022613 All natural and gluten free the kit lets any homemade food enthusiast make delicious pickles or pickled veggies in four different pickling brines. Ready in just 24 hours! Each complete kit comes with 4 types of pickling brine to make

Sheath Soil Knife and Pruner Combo

prod003098 Designed for all-around use the chrome-plated blades resist rust corrosion and sap for easy cleaning and to keep a keen edge. Anvil blade is riveted to the forged aluminum handles for extra strength. Has a pivot-locking mechanism and solid forged

Best of 2016 Plants Gift Collection

prod022749 The most exciting and brand new varieties for 2016. Madame Marmande Tomato: A culinary star in France where a favorite instant feast is a scooped-out Marmande brimming with a mild cheese. Hefty broad-shouldered scarlet and light-ruby ‘Madame Marmande’s 10 oz.

Two Stepper Complete Cedar Raised Bed

prod001832 Building simple garden borders or elaborate multi-level raised bed gardens has never been easier. New and improved lightweight pivoting corners and cedar lumber provide flexibility for multiple designs and easy expansion. Item# 95724 includes complete two stepper 4’x 8′ raised

4’x4′ Complete Single Level Raised Bed

prod002763 Complete Single Level Raised Bed Garden includes four super anchor joints and 4 composite wood timbers.