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Category Archives: Flowers

Canna Dwarf Mixture

prod000148 A lush exotic blend from reds to orange brightly speckled and clustered. Bred dwarf to fit tubs and smaller garden nooks.

Zinnia Zahara Bonfire Mix

prod001531 This Zinnia marylandica mix comes with superior disease and drought tolerance. A hot color combination including Zahara Scarlet Fire and Yellow low mounding plants will bloom profusely all season long with minimal attention.

Cosmos Choca Mocha

prod002335 Native to Mexico and extinct in the wild Cosmos atrosanguineus is a low-maintenance plant that can stand drought and heat. Treat it as an annual except for Zones 10-11 where it can bloom practically all year. Used as fillers in

Lily Oriental Stargazer

prod003344 Even in the colorful fragrant enchanted realm of oriental lilies Stargazer is a stunning standout. Ever popular in the garden and prized as a cut flower this gorgeous variety boasts bright crimson blossoms distinctly edged in white and a spangle

Salvia Black & Blue

prod000355 Hands down our test garden’s most handsome plant: tall dark green stems; bright sage green leaves; abundant 1 1/2″ florets of the richest blue with truly black sepals just below the petals. Not only are they gorgeous but they bloom

Ornamental Grass Pennisetum

prod000300 Long slender rich burgundy leaves. Smoky pink foxtails shimmer in the slightest breeze. Satisfying in both tubs and garden beds from spring through frost.

Millet Purple Majesty

prod000279 Purple Majesty makes a dramatic centerpiece in almost any planting. A beautiful and economical alternative to fountain grass the shiny corn-like leaves start out green and turn intense dark purple. In late summer 12″ cattail-like flower spikes are dusted with

Gladiolus Butterfly

prod002852 Butterfly Gladiolus are the best alternative for gardeners with smaller spaces where large gladioli are unpractical. Small flowering beautiful florets resemble the wings of a butterfly. Ideal for large containers on the patio or balcony.

Tuberose The Pearl

prod000414 Known only in cultivation Polianthes tuberosa has exceptionally sweet-smelling waxy white funnel-shaped 1 1/2 to 2 1/2″ flowers that are borne on spikes that rise to 3′ in late summer. It’s superb for cut flower arrangements. Space 6-8″ apart. Grows

Calla Lily Hybrid Mix

prod001591 Callas’ large bright glistening flowers and lush sword like foliage never fail to astonish and delight. This joyous color-drenched collection (white pink yellow and purple) will provide a steady stream of vase-worthy blooms. The 9-12″ plants are heat-loving and vigorous;

Gladiolus Fordhook Ruffled Pastel Mix

prod000217 A unique and lovely gladiolus variety with large ruffled flowers in soft pastel colors. The ruffled spikes give a whole new look to your cutting garden designs. Hardy in zones 8-11 only.

Angelonia Serenita Raspberry

prod002569 Produces a magnificent purple splash of impressionist color from the bountiful beauteous deep-rose flowers with black throats. This gorgeous angelonia is tough requiring minimal upkeep;a fine choice for areas with hot and humid night temperatures that will do well in

Canna Variegated Pretoria

prod001600 Canna is the most well known and popular tropical foliage plant used in gardening. And Pretoria is a very special canna;its light glossy green leaves are wonderfully striped with bands of white cream and yellow. Used in both gardens and

Coleus Watermelon

prod000165 Bright luscious color splashes across every leaf of our exclusive new coleus adding high contrast color to the partially shaded spots in the garden. Watermelon pink fills the leaf center as veins of magenta reach out into a lime green

Vigna Corkscrew Vine

prod000416 Take a trip to the tropics and find these vines clustered with the exotic fragrant oddly coiled 12″ corkscrew flowers in purple cream and yellow. Picturesque cut flowers.

Dahlia Dinnerplate Café au Lait

prod003351 A sublimely pretty new addition to the dinnerplate dahlia color palette. The larger than life cream-going-on-tan 8-10″ blooms are wondrous in a cottage garden vase or bouquet. Demure nuanced color artfully complements neighboring tall flowers in more flamboyant hues. Tall

Canna The President

prod000149 This canna deep red with lush green foliage is a classic. The large leaves edged with a fine line of burgundy ramp up this towering beauty’s foliage power.

Caladiums Tropical Mix

prod001593 Caladiums exude exotic allure. The colorful foliage-harmonious splashes of red white pink and green on large heart-shaped purple leaves adds a tropical feel to a garden. Mix well with caladiums begonia impatiens and coleus.

Wildflowers Perennial Mix

prod099843 Pollinator friendly mix that includes a diversity of flowering plants that produce pollen and nectar for different pollinators with different colors scents and flower forms. The availability of food for pollinators is important from early spring to late fall. This

Dahlia Pot Luck

prod000191 You have never encountered a dahlia like this one that is sure to create a colorful commotion in your garden. From a single tuber will spring dozens of flowers of different colors! Each of the 4″ flowers can be a