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Category Archives: Flowers

Impatiens SunPatiens White

prod022661 The standout impatiens from our trials. Vigorous plants offer continuous color and cover for three seasons the large serenely pretty blooms creating a pleasing impression. With a compact clean habit 12-14” plants thrive beautifully in small and large spaces. Big

Begonia Sparks Will Fly

prod003144 Sparks Will Fly is a stunner with gentle orange single blooms emerging from beautiful dark-green almost bronze foliage with light veins. Shade-loving easy-growing mounded 12″ plants are pure poetry in a shaded patio container.

Gazania Tiger Stripe Mix

prod000211 This very easy-to-grow annual also know as “Treasure Flower” thrives in full sun. Perfect for hot dry sites such as by driveways along paths or at the beach where other plants will not grow. Plants spread rapidly and are at

Lisianthus Pink Bouquet Collection

prod000247 Our favorite new lisianthus Pink Champagne looks wonderful combined with pure creamy white and solid peppermint pink partners. All plants are identical in bloom time and habit so put them in a group in the garden and enjoy armfuls of

Dahlia Fordhook Garden Mix

prod002678 This collection boasts a unique mix of tall darker-leafed dahlias with single to double blooms in a mix of scarlet-red to orange-salmon. Upright plants with outfacing blooms and dark green to purplish foliage look stately. When other summer blooms are

Calibrachoa Candy Bouquet

prod022669 A floriferous new selection ‘Candy Bouquet’ is pretty sweet and tough. Flowers are marvels of color: bright magenta accents are counterpointed by rich-toned golden-yellow stars that vary prettily from bloom to bloom. First-rate garden performer ‘Candy Bouquet’ makes a splash:

Salvia Amistad PPAF

prod003473 Breakthrough free-flowering hybrid suffuses the border with a soothing aura of rich color. ‘Amistad’s vibrant deep-purple tubular flowers with glossy black calyx bloom are in non-stop blooming mode from early spring until frost. With compact fuller habit 14-16” tall plants

Stock Katz Fragrant Mix

prod001517 Create the storybook cottage garden of your dreams an enchanted realm of once-upon-a-time color and fragrance. These tall fragrant very floriferous plants create a summer-long display of color and fragrance and a steady stream of blooms for your vases. This

Begonia Vermillion Red

prod099628 Grow a mass of these in a shady patio container or border and prepare for an astonishment of rich deep dark-red roselike double blooms. Compact highly floriferous 10 inch plants are self-cleaning and easy-growing. Begonias possess the rare gift of

Dahlia Dinnerplate Santa Claus

prod001601 Tell the vincas marigolds and petunias that Santa Claus is coming! Planted as a specimen in the border Santa Claus’s huge pure red and white blooms create an eye-inspiring spectacular. The flower’s size and clarity is the most outstanding of

Dahlia Lisonette

prod099907 Large red and yellow 9 inch dinner plate size blooms are the pinnacle of the cut-flower garden. Fewer flowers say “summer like the bold blooms of dahlias. These favorite plants come in two basic types: compact bedding forms and tall

Perilla Fantasy

prod000313 Out of a dream and into your garden;a vision of deep satisfying colors. Thick leaves are extravagantly splashed with both dark and neon tones. This tall (4-5′) rugged annual is drought tolerant. Grows best in full sun but will still

Gazania Creamsicle

prod000206 The two-toned star-pointed 3″ daisy-like flowers will soften your landscape. Very drought tolerant use them where other plants will not grow. Gazanias thrive under hot dry conditions in full sun and poor soil. Give plants plenty of space to ensure

Begonia Picotee Mix

prod000134 Dazzling rose-like picotees in red golden-yellow and white. Spectacular in patio planters showy from July until frost.

Dahlia Dinnerplate Collection II

prod001739 We have assembled four of our favorite dinnerplate dahlias in one collection Emory Paul (burgundy). Bristol Stripe (red white stripe) Kidd’s Climax (pink) and Mom’s Special (lavender). Each plant produces huge flowers on sturdy 3-4′ upright plants that will be

Canna Yellow King Humbert

prod000150 The 6′ lush green-bronze spikes are draped with 5″ yellow blooms spotted in bright red. Adds verticality and dazzle to the back of a border.

Begonia Non-Stop Mix

prod000133 The classic double-blooming begonia lives up to its name. Blooming nonstop from June to frost. The 4-4 1/2″ double flowers unfold above a dense display of deep green foliage. Great for hanging baskets mixed pots and specimen plants.

Gladiolus nanus Charming Lady

prod002850 Dwarf gladiolus are perfect for use around the house in containers or in flower border as a source of cut flowers. Charming Lady produces attractive spikes of pink floretes. Long lasting blooms gladioli are also deer and rabbit resistant.

Alyssum Wonderland Mix

prod099533 Tiny fragrant flowers cover spreading plants. Ideal plant as spiller for edging borders window boxes and rock gardens. Alyssum makes a great temporary ground cover and grows nicely with dianthus voilets and thyme. Plant alyssum between stepping stones or in

Viola Sorbet Delft Blue

prod002423 It’s such a standout that Sorbet Delft Blue won a Fleuroselect Gold Medal. This very adaptive plant survives most weather conditions and is perfect for planting around crocus and tulips to create a cool spring garden display.