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Category Archives: Flowers

Marigold Sugar And Spice Mix

prod000276 Sugar and Spice mix has fully double carnation-type flowers on sturdy compact plants. It’s the only mixture that includes white marigolds scattered among bright yellow gold and orange blossoms.

Snapdragon Tutti Frutti

prod000373 This candy-stick mix brings old-fashioned flair to the early garden. Solid blooms are slightly speckled with contrasting colors for a fun and luscious look. Fine for cuts too.

Pansy Rose Wing

prod001499 The flowers constantly change as they age going from a distinct 2-tone color of rose and white to “wings” of rose surrounding the white. The effect gives the plant the look of a mix. This richly colored flower will be

Pansy Blue Frost

prod001497 A delicate soft blue pansy that offers a mounded growth habit with many flowers on each plant. If grown in a protected area of your landscape the plant will overwinter nicely and produce very early spring flowers that awakens your

Petunia African Sunset Hybrid

prod22502 This 2014 All America Selection bedding plant award winner is considered to be the first true orange petunia from seed. African Sunset Hybrid displays attractive shades of orange flowers that stand out in color and in numbers. Great color and

Cosmos Rose Bonbon

prod000181 Rose BonBon offers tightly packed and ruffled petals for mum-like flowers in rich bright rose. Blooms arise by the hundreds all summer on vigorous plants. Ideal massed in beds and borders providing plenty of color in the garden and for

Petunia Magic Carpet Hybrid Mix

prod000323 The spreading Wave petunias just get better and better. Five experimental varieties in soft cool colors will make a tranquil resting place for the eye. Waves grow fast and get BIG. You can space plants up to 2 ft. apart

Nasturtium Double Gleam Mixed Colors

prod000291 This All-America Selections winner makes a good for ground cover in beds and does well on trellis or fence. GARDEN HINTS: Prefers poor dry soil; rich moist soils produce mostly foliage and few blooms. Does not transplant well. If raised

Petunia Supercascade White

prod000337 The large 4-5″ blossoms on the well-branched plants deliver great garden impact. Fine for hanging baskets and containers. GARDEN HINTS: Pinch off faded flowers and seed pods to encourage more blooms.

Nasturtium Empress Of India

prod000292 Unique deep blue-green leaves are the perfect background for the dazzling long-spurred 2 1/2″ scarlet blooms. Compact plants only 1 ft. high are superb for hanging baskets and mixed plantings in kitchen gardens. Large seeds are easy to sow directly

Sunflower Fire in The Sky Hybrid

prod001525 This color-drenched sunflower attracts plenty of attention. The towering plants ranging up to 10′ tall are crowned by massive brilliantly colored 12″ bicolor flowers with fiery red centers and tapered golden tips.

Impatiens Cherry Splash

prod001515 Utterly demure light pink blossoms that seem to have come from a Japanese teacup. Prettily highlighted with large cherry eyes. One of the components in the Tokyo Spring mix offered as a separate color.

Aster Totem Pole Mixed Colors

prod000128 Each plant has 8-10 long strong upright stems topped by giant fully double frilly flowers 5″ across in a blend of blue cerise rose-pink and white asters. Space 12-18″ apart.

Salvia Red Hot Mama

prod000361 Turn on the color! One of our tallest salvia the brilliant red spikes tower prolifically over vigorous densely branched plants. Perfect for a hedge screen or container.

Viola Sorbet Denim Jump Up

prod003417 An old time favorite Viola Jump Up is a great ground cover. Low growing and self sowing they are sure to come back every year. One of the sweethearts of the cottage garden they can be used around leafy vegetables

Nasturtium Peach Melba

prod000296 Bright creamy yellow blossoms with maroon blotches near the centers. The plants are compact with blue-green foliage. Peachy!

Pansy Ocean

prod001498 The happy dark purple face contrasts beautifully with the soft purple tones on each flower. A standout performer in every garden due to the clear flower color that completely covers the plant. Plant in fall for color well into early

Nasturtium Vesuvius

prod000297 Grown first in kitchen gardens young leaves buds and flowers were picked for salads. (Buds were also pickled like capers.) By the late 1800s breeders had developed many dwarf forms in a wide range of colors and they became popular

Pansy Ruby Mix

prod003127 The color of this mix is supply perfect. The best mix for using as ground cover in the fall planted around fall mums. Plants will produce abundance of colorful blooms. For additional color in the spring plant them in the

Sunflower Little Becka Hybrid

prod001526 Do you believe in love at first sight? This compact charmer just 3′ tall dazzles with a profusion of 6″ flowers with luminous yellow halos punch-red petals and golden picotees. The one-of-a-kind dwarf bicolor adds spark and excitement to borders