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Category Archives: Perennials

Daffodil Tahiti

prod001400 A vivid and outstanding yellow tone sets the stage perfectly for the orange fringed petals in the center of the flower. The interesting colors create a very tropical atmosphere in your spring garden.

Shasta Daisy Crazy Daisy

prod000112 Huge daisies 3″ across frillier than anything ever seen before. Dozens of petals twist and turn with no two flowers exactly the same. Blooms in summer and makes an excellent cut flower.

Gaillardia Goblin

prod002065 Hardy border-front summer bloomer thrives in sandy soil and needs little water. Covered with numerous 3-4″ yellow-tipped red flowers atop delicate foliage.

Allium Round and Purple

prod002942 Round and Purple is perfect for vertical accent between spring flowering perennials. For full display of color plant with Allium Mount Everest or Eremurus ruiter Cleopatra. Alliums are deer resistant and flower late in the spring to early summer. They

Magnolia Black Tulip

prod022715 ‘Black Tulip’s superb goblet-shaped 6” blooms draw admiring attention—oohs and ahs!—with their have-to-see-to-believe-it black-purple color. New Zealand-bred compact tree growing to 11.5’ flowers earlier than most—within the first few seasons. A well-chosen addition to a small garden or mysteriously glowing

Astrantia Moulin Rouge

prod000008 Unique maroon flowers are produced all summer. Makes an excellent fresh or dried cut flower. Grows well in partial shade. Attracts butterflies.

Lithodora Grace Ward

prod002903 Definitely one of the best blue flowers for the spring sun garden. A very showy plant for its size this low-growing lithodora is a great ground cover and filler in rock gardens. Flowers only half an inch across are an

Lily Oriental Stargazer

prod003344 Even in the colorful fragrant enchanted realm of oriental lilies Stargazer is a stunning standout. Ever popular in the garden and prized as a cut flower this gorgeous variety boasts bright crimson blossoms distinctly edged in white and a spangle

Paeonia Sorbet

prod022816 Peonies are standout stars of late spring. Welcome new hybrid variety is admired for striking pink and white 5-7″ double blooms. Fragrant flowers enchant with large colorful blooms and attractive green foliage that morphs into red when fall rolls around.

Chrysanthemum Matchsticks

prod003057 Unbeatable for a riot of color in the fall garden. The quilled petals golden yellow with red tips sparkle like matchsticks. Neat tightly branched clumps are upright but do not need staking. Easy to grow in the border with other

Phlox David

prod000091 David was 2002 Perennial of the Year. It’s our favorite white-blooming phlox and is covered with extra-large fragrant blooms from July to August. Prefers moist well-drained soil.

Hydrangea Bombshell

prod002487 Bombshell’s name reflects the way the dwarf bush explodes from summer to fall with more flowers per plant than any other Hydrangea paniculata. Blossoms are complemented by the medium green foliage. Thrives in sun or shade and is great for

Tulip Kikomachi

prod099502 Kikomachi tulip is a cool looking yellow blooming mid-season tulip. It belongs to the triumph group of tulips flowering with sturdy stems that will withstand adverse weather conditions. Blooms are with traditional shape excellent bedding plants and best choice for

Tulip Sugar Love

prod003033 A superb Triumph Tulip Sugar Love displays a splendid color change in the garden. It starts with solid pink buds that become apricot with white edges and rose borders. Best when used as cut flowers in the vase. Blooms mid

Tulip Perennial Tulip Mix (Darwin)

prod001468 A perennial favorite mix that’s durable and tough and has the perfect old-fashioned appearance. Planted extensively in parks and communities throughout Europe for centuries.

Chrysanthemum Sheffield Pink

prod000014 Gaining in popularity in this country this great performer has long been a staple of European gardens. You’ll love this prolific blooming apricot-pink beauty. Plant in rich to average well-drained garden loam 2-3 ft. apart. Complements blue or white flowered

Tulip Cherry Delight

prod099490 Stunning! That is the only word that comes to mind when admiring this large long lasting Darwin Hybrid. Great cut flower lasting weeks in the vase. Blooming mid-spring. Bulb size: 12 cm.

Tulip Brown Sugar

prod002983 Tulip Brown Sugar is one of the most impressive Triumph tulips that we have seen. Blooming mid to late spring its blossom is produced on top of a strong tall stem starting with plum-red petals edged in bronze that opens

Tulip Olympic Flame

prod099504 One of the most popular tulips of all time! Very large blooms with bright golden petals brushed with burning red flames. Strong 18”- 20” inch stems elicit gasps of admiration in the garden and superb for cutting. We can only

Delosperma Orange Wonder

prod022589 Carpet your hot sunny areas in vibrant colors from early summer to frost. These spreading succulent perennials thrive on neglect in poor quality soil with good drainage and are exceptionally tolerant of drought and intense summer heat. The small plants