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Category Archives: Perennials

Tulip Sundowner

prod099510 Sundowner is color -changing double late tulip that starts with amber combination of yellow and orange and changes over time to dominant red. Double late tulip group blooming in late-spring. Bulb size: 12 cm.

Dianthus Arctic Fire

prod002081 Pure white flowers with magenta ring bloom on low spreading mat-like plants. Ideal for edgings and ground covers.

Checkered Lily Fritillaria meleagris

prod001463 Nodding graceful bell-shaped 1-1/2″ flowers with a unique checkered pattern. They are exquisite when naturalized with ferns or in tall grass where they quickly form sizeable colonies. Give them partial shade and rich moist soil.

Foxglove Excelsior Hybrid Mix

prod002088 Spikes of speckled shapely blooms flower in shades of pink rose purple cream primrose and white in early summer of second season after seed is sown. Grows well in partial shade or sun in borders and woodland gardens. Poisonous if

Hydrangea Double Delights Perfection PPAF

prod002878 This reblooming mophead hydrangea has extra sturdy stems that hold dense full double blooms upright. Pink or purple-blue clusters are packed with delicate star-shaped florets. Perfection has a compact mounded habit that fits small gardens and containers well. A very

Fern Autumn

prod000041 Dryopteris erythrosora is known as the “Autumn Fern”; this beauty is at its best in the spring “autumn” describing its colors as foliage color changes with season. New growth emerges metallic coppery green turns green in summer and bronzy in

Daffodil Dutch Master

prod001451 Undoubtedly the best yellow trumpet daffodil grown today with slightly up facing showy large flowers of pure gold. A very vigorous grower it quickly forms sizable clumps.

Hibiscus Vintage Wine

prod099933 As the name suggests Hibiscus Vintage Wine features near black flower buds that open to huge scarlet-red flowers. Hardy hybrid hibiscus is a vigorous sturdy erect but sometimes shrubby woody-based perennial that typically grows to 4-8’ tall. Hybrids are winter

Tulip Single Late Mix

prod001435 Before your summer flowers begin to bloom these colorful tulips will provide beauty and charm in your garden. Tulips bloom at a time when most plants are just emerging in the garden and put out the welcome mat for the

Daffodil Marieke

prod099484 Large blooms in pure yellow form perfect large cups suspended over clean green foliage. Vigorous and fast growing Daffodil Marieke is perfect for any garden. Blooming midseason. Bulb size: 12 cm.

Clematis Sweet Summer Love PPAF

prod003468 Tall 6-10″ tall plants produce an early and lasting display of gorgeous grape purple to violet flowers. Flowering in masses from May June to September tall plants add magic to any structure in the garden. Great cut flowers. Sun to

Daffodil Thalia

prod001402 Thalia is a wonderful choice to bring brightness to your spring garden in partial or deep shade. In full sun it has intensity beyond belief. Very few flowers are as pure white. Highly recommended.

Tulip Artist

prod002978 “Viridiflora” means green flower and so this one is—accented with salmon-pink. It’s an exotic and matchless cut flower and readily naturalizes in your garden; once established it will last for years. Viridiflora tulips bloom in late spring and are perfect

Buddleia Miss Molly

prod022593 This long-blooming beauty produces the deepest wine-dark pink to red flowers of any butterfly bush you have ever seen. Flower spikes in a regal blend of magenta and burgundy bloom freely from mid-summer to frost on plants. Attracts bees butterflies

Daffodil Fortissimo

prod001391 The very large yellow flowers of Fortissimo are anchored by the orange ruffled cup that combines so well together. The flowers are nearly perfect in representing various shapes and textures with rounded petals and a slightly frilled cup. A masterpiece

Hollyhock Chaters Pink

prod001095 Hollyhock is the backbone of the old-fashioned cottage garden with its stately spires of large delicate wide open round flowers. Chaters Pink is extremely tough and drought tolerant and blooms second year after sowing in colorful spikes that can reach

Hydrangea Nikko Blue

prod000067 6″ mop head-type flowers bloom in July-August. Azure blue color is deeper in acid soils; in alkaline soils flowers are pink. Shrubs add substance to perennial beds and are ideal companions for large trees. Full or partial sun.

Hydrangea Invincibelle Spirit II

prod002493 From late May to early June this first-ever pink Annabelle produces an abundance of buoyant soft 8″ balls of white to bright pink blossoms re-blooming right up until the first frost. Plants branch with 100 shoots or more. A breeding

Tulip Oxford

prod099505 The classic Red Tulip! Large perfect shape long-lasting blooms sit atop thick strong stems that make outstanding bouquets. Blooms are intense bold red in color with black base edged in yellow. We highly recommend for superb color effect in your

Hyacinth Blue Pearl

prod001378 Take time in the spring to smell the hyacinth in your garden. This flower is full of sweet aroma when there is very little else in flower in the garden. Snip a few flowers for the vase and bring your