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Category Archives: Perennials

Daffodils 100 Days

prod001455 This special mix of daffodils is guaranteed to provide blooms for 100 days! The show starts in February and continues all the way into May. Our longest blooming mix.

Coreopsis Early Sunrise

prod000023 All-America Selections winner. The first ever perennial to win prestigious Gold Medals from All-America Selections and their European counterpart Fleuroselect (1989)! Uniform sun loving plants grow 24″ tall and produce spectacular semidouble blooms of golden yellow from July through September.

Echinacea Warm Summer

prod002681 A magical palette of coneflowers in lush warm colors creates a tropical garden spectacle from June through August. Single flowers in juicy shades of orange yellow scarlet red rose purple and cream stand 26-30″ tall. On long strong stems

Eragrostis Purple Love Grass

prod000082 The flower spikes of this native grass come to life by creating a pink “cloud-like” effect on the planting area while in bloom. Easy to grow and provides interest in all four seasons.

Tulip Ice Cream

prod001420 Tulip Ice Cream is a blue ribbon winner in any garden display and an exotic-looking variety that you’ll enjoy for many years. This bulb is unique and not readily found in markets. Plant in a high traffic area to enjoy

Hibiscus Lavender Chiffon PP12619

prod003373 A popular new version of the old Rose of Sharon. Lavender petals are accented by deeper rose veins and extra swirled inner petals. Luscious colored and tropical looking large Hibiscus blooms appear July to September. Plants form multi-stemmed vaselike shrubs

Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed

prod000004 An excellent choice for its vividly orange blooms these easy-to-grow long blooming natives make lovely cut flowers and are magnets for butterflies particularly Monarchs. Crown-shaped flowers form clusters up to 2″ across. In the fall upright pods crack open releasing

Fern Ostrich

prod000043 Well-appointed woodland gardens should reserve plenty of room for fancy fronds and the Ostrich Fern is one of the all time best. Tall feathery plumes of green rise to 3 ft. producing large stands over time if grown in moist

Delphinium Fantasia Mixed Colors

prod000031 Burpee bred semidwarf plants produce 15″ main spikes with many smaller 10″ side branches. Colorful flower spikes of white lavender and blue shades all accented with white “bees” that cover the flower stems. Grow In full sun to partial shade

Hollyhock Country Romance Mix

prod000059 This is the old-fashioned perennial hollyhock that is so hard to find. Try it along a fence or plant with verbascum for a special look. A blend of rose white maroon yellow and pink large 3-5″ single flowers are produced

Rudbeckia Goldsturm

prod000098 Goldsturm was the 1999 Perennial Plant Association’s Plant of the Year! A simply magnificent hardy perennial for any full sun to partially shaded area. Once established plants are virtually maintenance free. Bright golden-yellow petals surround dark brown centers. Plants grow

Garden Mum Mammoth Daisy Red

prod002463 Semi-double blooms are bright red with perfect round yellow disks.Mammoth(TM) Daisies are exceptional garden mums developed by the University of Minnesota for vigor and hardiness. Once established they will grow to 3 feet tall mounding to 4 feet across. Extra

Hyacinth Mix

prod001461 A bold display in early spring! A vibrant fragrant mixture of the best hyacinth colors. Excellent for showy cutting displays as well as a sweet room-filling fragrance. Nothing is more fragrant in early spring than Hyacinths they are easy to

Tulip Carnival de Rio

prod002986 Although Carnival de Rio looks like the heirloom Rembrandt tulip the flamed bicolor pattern is not caused by virus. Blooming mid spring these beautiful healthy bulbs will produce an abundance of cut flowers. Bulb size: 12 cm.