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Category Archives: Perennials

Astilbe Burgundy Red

prod022827 Astilbes are renowned for their magical impact in shady borders and woodland settings. This is the finest red astilbe we astilbe-aficionados have come across. Unleashes a long-running spectacular of tiny scarlet-red flowers held in arcing pluming lacy panicles. Blooming from

Peony Sarah Bernhardt

prod002366 Sarah Bernhardt has superb globe-shaped double flowers that turn pale pink to blush. Of added interest are the light speckling with carmine overtones. Once planted peonies resent root disturbance. Tops die back in the fall.

Hibiscus Heartthrob PPAF

prod003432 Large blooms in deep burgundy-maroon almost black color appear in late summer to add more pizzazz in the perennial garden. Blooms are 10 inches wide glossy with black center veined with bright yellow pollen for contrast.  Plants are 4 feet

Achillea Summer Wine

prod000002 Remarkable red yarrow shines bright in the garden and as a cut flower too. The large flower heads open bright pink and turn cherry red as they mature. Remove spent flowers for a late summer rebloom.

Peony Karl Rosenfield

prod002360 Beautiful foliage keep plants attractive even when not in bloom. A later midseason bloomer that fills your calendar for fresh-cut bouquets.

Hosta Dancing Stars

prod000060 A Burpee Exclusive of a hosta that thrives in the shady garden with incredible thick leaves that holds the crisp colors of the white center with dark blue-green margins better than any similar types. As prolific a grower as its

Lily of the Valley Bordeaux

prod002845 Lily of the valley is one of the most popular flowers in the spring. Very fragrant the plants are ideal for use as ground cover in shady areas around the tree line. The Bordeaux strain was selected for the size

Poppy Meadow Pastels

prod000093 Blooms abound on stems that wave in the slightest breeze. Excellent for use in containers and the garden and superb for cutting. In warm climates zones these poppies can be planted in the fall and will bloom the following spring;

Garden Mum Mammoth Daisy Dark Pink

prod002460 Blooms open dark pink fading to cushions of soft pink.Mammoth(TM) Daisies are exceptional garden mums developed by the University of Minnesota for vigor and hardiness. Once established they will grow to 3 feet tall mounding to 4 feet across. Extra

Dicentra King of Hearts

prod002857 Save space in your garden for this exuberant dicentra. With three species in its parentage this bleeding heart often exceeds our expectations;longer in bloom with more defined fully formed pink hearts held in tighter clusters. Rosettes of parsley-like bluish green

Buddleia Peach Cobbler PPAF

prod002455 Along with a crowd of discerning butterflies and hummingbirds we are smitten with this cultivar’s delectable fragrant peach-toned blossoms with orange centers. The blossoms contrast charmingly with shimmering silver foliage and work well with a the border of blue phlox

Lilac Tiny Dancer

prod003328 This marvelous new lilac is an instant favorite. Shrubs grow to only 4-5′ tall and make terrific low hedges for tight borders. Mildew resistant leaves stay clean and pretty unlike those of old leggy varieties. Substantial 4-5″ clusters are intensely

Fern Lady in Red

prod003219 We would guess you have never seen a fern such as this and we think it’s time you do. The color is unique in the realm of Japanese painted ferns with striking bright red stalks and delicate lacy fronds. In

Poppy Patty’s Plum

prod002770 This exquisite selection is the most sought after Oriental poppy. Ruffled plum-purple blooms are up to 6″ wide with central blotches in shades of blackberry jelly to lavender-grey.

Rose Olivia Rose Austin

prod099896 ‘Olivia Rose Austin’ forms a rounded compact shrub with typical shiny Leander-type foliage. A vigorous and extremely versatile rose; it is ideal for growing in traditional rose borders mixed borders and large pots or containers. It is also suitable for

Ajuga Chocolate Chip

prod003337 A superb ground cover that quickly takes over empty spaces with its shiny flat chocolate-purple leaves. Plants are small but grow densely in thick mats somewhat naturalizing especially in damp areas in dappled shade. Combines well with ferns hostas dicentras

Allium Round and Purple

prod002942 Round and Purple is perfect for vertical accent between spring flowering perennials. For full display of color plant with Allium Mount Everest or Eremurus ruiter Cleopatra. Alliums are deer resistant and flower late in the spring to early summer. They

Magnolia Black Tulip

prod022715 ‘Black Tulip’s superb goblet-shaped 6” blooms draw admiring attention—oohs and ahs!—with their have-to-see-to-believe-it black-purple color. New Zealand-bred compact tree growing to 11.5’ flowers earlier than most—within the first few seasons. A well-chosen addition to a small garden or mysteriously glowing

Astrantia Moulin Rouge

prod000008 Unique maroon flowers are produced all summer. Makes an excellent fresh or dried cut flower. Grows well in partial shade. Attracts butterflies.

Lithodora Grace Ward

prod002903 Definitely one of the best blue flowers for the spring sun garden. A very showy plant for its size this low-growing lithodora is a great ground cover and filler in rock gardens. Flowers only half an inch across are an