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Category Archives: Perennials

Sedum Ground Cover Collection

prod003363 Turn problem spots in the garden into beds of sparkling salmon blue-green and yellow. These dense-growing sedums carry rosettes of small spongy leaves that can stand up to deer drought and direct sun. Use in well-drained containers as fillers in

Rose Tranquility

prod099899 An attractive pure white beautifully rounded blooms with light apple fragrance. The growth is vigorous bushy and upright gradually curving outwards at the top to provide us with an excellent garden shrub. It can be used for bedding but is

Lily Oriental Magic Star

prod001605 A lily with a stunning flower a true specimen that creates the sweetest lily aroma ever enjoyed in a garden. The intense flower will be a magnet for your eye; base your entire gardening around this focal point all planting

Monarda didyma Leading Lady Lilac

prod099606 ‘Leading Lady Lilac’s’ voluptuous highly floriferous plants quickly abound with bright delightful blooms. Compact fast-branching low-growing 10-14” bee balm variety spreads out to two feet in a season blanketed with fragrant foliage and many-splendored pink blooms. Nectarous flowers attract crowds

Night Blooming Jasmine

prod003376 One of few tropical shrubs for the night garden. Greenish-white flowers appear in airy clusters on woody slightly arched branches. Thrives in loose soils but keep plants steadily moist. Best treated as a tropical pot plant in cold areas.

Ligularia Bottle Rocket PPAF

prod003458 One luminous leopard plant. With richly saturated 12” yellow spikes on chocolate stems ‘Bottle Rocket’ adds dazzle to the dampest shady sites from spring into fall quickly spreading to provide a glowing yellow groundcover. Remarkably compact well-proportioned 28-34″ tall ligularia

Helleborus foetidus Bear’s Foot Hellebore

prod099891 This species of hellebore is an evergreen perennial that appreciated by serious gardeners for its striking winter effect in the shade garden. The foliage is deeply divided dark green and leaves are deeply lobed narrow lance-shaped to elliptic usually-toothed segments.

Rose Munstead Wood

prod099901 Light crimson buds gradually open to reveal very deep velvety crimson blooms with lighter colored outer petals. The flowers are large cups at first becoming shallowly cupped with time. There is a strong Old Rose scent. The bushy spreading growth

Geranium Havana Blues

prod002367 Ultra large 2.5″ flowers cover profusely neat vigorous spreading plants. Young leaves are yellowish-green adding extra flair to this new hardy geranium.

Daylily Condilla

prod003463 Boasting vibrant deep golden-yellow double flowers with ruffled edges this ever-popular daylily creates a shimmering blaze of color you can admire from a distance. Re-blooming beauty starts flowering in early mid-season producing a continuing show of countless 6-petalled 4?” golden

Columbine Winky Mix

prod003217 Gorgeous colorful mix of wildly floriferous dwarf columbines. From spring to early summer upfacing “winking” flowers come in dreamy color combos: red-white purple-white blue-white rose-rose. Blooms are superb cut flowers. Grow in rock gardens and special nooks. Expect hovering hummingbirds.

Salvia Wendy’s Wish

prod002317 Tubular salvia blossoms are spectacular in hot magenta pink against dark green foliage and maroon stems. Upright clumps are in full glorious display from May to October oblivious of heat and drought. Provide well-drained soil and full sun. U.S. Plant

Helleborus Red Sapphire

prod099888 Radiant double flowers in red bloom repeatedly on top of nice 24 inch wide plants! Helleborus Red Sapphire grows to a 14 inch tall and 24 inch wide clump of glossy and neat dark green evergreen foliage. The 12″ tall

Heuchera Tricolor Collection

prod003224 Three favorite heucheras include Dale’s Strain Citronelle and Blackout. Green silvery marbled leaves lime green and almost black foliage add a dramatic flair in containers and shady garden beds. Planted in groups this trio lends color to small spaces and

Phlox Collection Ultimate

prod000088 Add brilliant color and vertical interest to your summer garden. Spectacular in the cutting garden or as a backdrop for the perennial border. You get three plants one each of: Blue Paradise;the best blue available! David’s Lavender;Clear deep lavender bloom

Kniphofia uvaria Red Rocket

prod099528 Strong healthy plants blooming earlier and producing vivid hot coral flowers on top of healthy green foliage. Low water needs deer and rabbit resistant these hardy plants attract butterflies and hummingbirds in prairie style gardens. Excellent plant for vertical focal

Lily All Summer Mix

prod000243 This summer-long flower show combines Oriental Tiger Asiatic Trumpet and species type lilies. Their transitional flowering times and array of sizes and colors ensure a summer filled with lilies. Colors from pure white to hot pink including bicolors and spotted.

Clematis Omoshiro

prod022829 Sense-spinning Japanese hybrid dazzles with exquisite large lightly fragrant 5-7” white blossoms. Striking blooms are exquisitely detailed. Blushing magenta accents on the blossom’s margins and reverse side resembles the art of a virtuoso oriental watercolorist. Delicate petals gracefully unfurl revealing

Clematis Princess Kate

prod022813 Massed in a border ‘Princess Kate’s open-throated bell-shaped white blooms with scarlet throats suggest a floral “Hallelujah!” chorus. Glorious new clematis produces nodding bell-shaped flaring 2.25”-long white flowers with pointed petals and scarlet-stained reverse side. Petals encircle rich plum-toned stamens

Columbine Swan Burgundy And White

prod000021 Landscapes planted in mass with burgundy and white Swan are breathtaking. Blossoms are long lasting as cut flowers and provide early season garden interest. Columbine is deer resistant too.