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Category Archives: Perennials

English Rose Queen of Sweden

prod22531 The flowers are beautiful at all stages as they open to wide shallow cups. Their color is the softest glowing apricot-pink later turning pure soft pink. Exceptionally healthy and reliable. Few thorns. A medium myrrh scent. 

Shasta Daisy Collection

prod002050 Collection includes one plant each of Snow Lady Crazy Daisy and Banana Cream. Have the best of all our daisies with this easy plants collection. The different forms and colors are striking in the garden and equally as impressive in

Daffodil Felindre

prod002443 A study in lovely refined contrast the white overlapping petals surround a corona with a rich green eye dark yellow middle and red edging. Will provide early spring color year after gorgeous year. With a bright spicy scent these beauties

Astilbe Younique Carmine

prod099453 The soft feathery plumes of these astilbes are a welcome sight in spring and will brighten any shady space. Clumps form rapidly with glossy deep green lacy foliage that makes an excellent ground cover. Best grown in drifts with heucheras

Liatris Blazing Stars Mixed

prod001595 In mid-summer the foliage that began in spring as grass plumes begin to form perfectly upright sensational stalks of purple and white that provides exceptional background for echinacea shasta daisy and rudbeckias. Grown in full sun or part sun the

Trifolium 4 Luck

prod022674 One of the most interesting specimens we looked at in the past year. It doesn’t take much luck to get this four-leafed clover to grow in your garden container on the patio or between stones in the garden path. Hardy

Lily African Queen

prod002835 African Queen is one of the best lilies to plant in large pots outside on the patio. It blooms with large apricot colored trumpets and if planted in the garden border it delivers an abundance of blooms for the vase.

Lily Asiatic Hybrid Netty’s Pride

prod002829 Netty’s Pride is a fine early blooming hybrid sporting polished maroon purple stippling with ivory to white tips. It’s a hardy vigorous grower and quite fragrant too.

Helleborus Cotton Candy

prod099885 Beautiful double light-pink flowers bring exquisite charm to the perennial border at the end of the winter. Helleborus Cotton Candy forms a 14 inch tall and 2 feet wide clump of dark green glossy evergreen foliage. The 12″ tall stems

Dianthus Chomley Farran

prod000034 Long-lasting blooms in magnificent shades of smokey lavender are washed with streaks of lipstick red. A marvelous spring border choice.

Digiplexis Berry Canary

prod022705 You will love ‘Berry Canary ’ a breakthrough crossing of isoplexis and digitalis. Spikes crowded with vivid flowers of torrid pink with creamy-yellow burgundy speckled throats (isoplexis parent) harmonize with rosettes of attractive dark-green foliage (digitalis parent). Compact sterile heavy-branching

Daylily Stella de Oro

prod001776 Stella blooms and reblooms spring to fall. An excellent front border plant petite but vibrant with 2 1/2″ golden yellow flowers.

Hydrangea Jogasaki

prod002489 Small fertile discs of pinkish white are surrounded by quite large and double silvery pink sterile florets that spill forth in a fountainous and elegant fashion. Elegance incarnate it is a hydrangea that can singly rewrite one’s perception of what

Hellebore Sunshine Ruffles Winter Thriller

prod099515 Sunshine Ruffles is blooms in late winter with bright yellow blossoms with red edge on each petal very profuse bloomer this cultivar will produces 20 to 30 blooms on each plant. Flowers are 2 1/2”-3” in diameter. Hellebores are the

Daffodil Lemon Sailboat

prod099483 Very attractive petals of primrose yellow stretching out of the cup create an air borne effect like gliding in the air. With smaller statue and the sweet fragrance this daffodil is ideal for container plantings and perfect in front of

Salvia Suncrest Flamenco Rose

prod003427 Some like it hot pink! Stunning new long-blooming charmer creates a rosy glow in the bed border or rock garden. Compact upright 2-3 ft. plants bloom all season laying out a canopy of vivid-pink blooms with light-green to medium-green scented

Lily Fragrant Wedding Bells

prod002813 Superb blend of color plus fragrance. This mix of pink pure white and bicolor’s will bloom profusely in early summer. Large booms and strong stems make this selection a real treasure in the garden.

Lilies Perennial Mixed

prod001594 Growing to almost 3′ this rainbow of mixed colors provides vertical accents to nearly every garden that needs a natural flair to enhance its architecture. The lilies vibrant flower heads show various flower forms some star shaped others rounded but

Rose Lady of Shalott

prod003233 Lady of Shalott is a robust and hardy rose that’s highly resistant to disease and that will bloom continuously throughout the season. It may be the ideal rose for the inexperienced grower. The young buds are a deep orange-red and

Clematis Sapphire Indigo

prod022612 Sapphire Indigo is a cross between a bush clematis and a large flowered vining clematis yielding the best of both: a compact shrub with large showy flowers blooming from early summer through to fall. The flowers are a rich shade