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Vegetable Seeds and Plants

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Annual Flower Seeds & Plants

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Perennials Seeds and Plants

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Herbs Seeds and Plants

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Fruit Seeds & Plants

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Home Gardening Supplies and Gifts

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Category Archives: Gardening Supplies

DeWit Forged Trowel

prod099784 Heirloom quality. Best designed trowel on the market. High tempered steel will hold a sharp edge. Hand-forged with the finest boron steel. Oiled Ash handle. Total length 12 inches. Lifetime guarantee.

Squash & Cucumber Grower Gift Kit

prod022762 Everything you need to grow magnificent vining vegetables such as cucumbers squash and zucchini. Increases yields taste and fruit quality. Includes: Squash & Cucumber Support: The best method for growing cucumbers and squash. Produces healthier plants with better fruits and

Book – Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins III

prod3425 If you can grow tomatoes you can grow giant pumpkins! Discover all the secrets to growing massive pumpkins entirely by organic methods. This book covers everything-from soil preparation and seed starting to feeding watering and pest control to measuring for

Ratchet Hook Light Hanger 2/pk

prod099800 The Viagrow Ratchet Hook Light Hanger Movers are easy to use allowing you to hang and move grow lights carbon filters and other accessories. The 6′ braided polypropylene cord and ratcheting adjustable locking mechanism provide easy hoisting and securing with

Red Delicious Pepper Glass Ornament

prod002540 Red Pepper Glass Ornament! Exquisitely designed in Poland and crafted of glass our 3″ tall red pepper ornament is deliciously designed in vivid red with a touch of high gloss green at the stem. Any pepper connoisseur or organic food

White Onion Glass Ornament

prod002543 Exquisitely designed in Poland and crafted of glass this 3″ tall onion ornament is deliciously designed with vivid colors of white and yellow and a high gloss shine.

Snap N’ Grow Greenhouse 8′ x 8′

prod001834 This easy to use greenhouse offers plenty of room and light (over 90% transmission) for your plants. The smart efficient structure uses crystal-clear polycarbonate greenhouse panels. There is a split-style door that makes moving large objects in and out easy

Garden Tools – Fork

prod001261 This garden fork is balanced to reduce the effort and stress of planting. The solid stainless steel construction ash wood handle and leather hang strap make it durable and ideal for long-term use. The fork is part of a line

Garden and Compost Thermometer

prod099833 A Taylor soil thermometer with temperature range from 20 to 180 degrees F. Includes “cool” “warm” and “sterilize” zones marked on the 1.75” dial. 4.5″ stainless steel stem.

Side Louver Vent for Palram Greenhouses

prod22546 Easy to install window louver allows for increased airflow and aids cooling during warmer days. Provides optimal air circulation. Interior shutters are operated manually and can be swung either in or out. Fits Palram greenhouses – Harmony Americana and Balance

Pruner Wood Handle

prod003094 Easy to grip ash wooden handles with one piece heavy duty stainless steel blades. The last pair of pruners you’ll ever need! 8 inches long.

Women’s Kobalt Goatskin Gloves – Green

prod099846 Versatile soft and flexible goatskin leather gardening gloves designed for comfort but durable enough for everyday use. The premium goatskin leather stays soft and supple even when wet and has reinforcements in the thumb and fingertips. These gloves also feature

DeWit RH Dutch Hand Hoe

prod099788 Heirloom quality. Right handed. Slice weeds off at the base. Drag under mulch to cut weeds without disturbing mulch. Hand- forged with the finest boron steel. Oiled Ash handle. Total length 10.5”. Lifetime warranty.

Garden Tools – Planter

prod001262 The Planter features a slender-shaped shovel for multiple planting uses. Solid stainless steel construction with ash wood handle and leather hang strap is balanced to reduce the effort and stress of planting. The Planter is part of a line of

Garden Tool – Tiger Trowel

prod002520 This trowel is fierce even in the wildest gardens and works well for almost any job-cut open compost or potting soil bags dig in the hardest clay soils pry out rocks cut back vines and overgrowth pop out dandelions cut

Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

prod22511 The digital heat mat thermostat allows you to select and maintain precise optimum rooting temperatures for faster and more successful seed germination and seedling growth. The unit automatically monitors and adjusts heat mat temperature by reading the actual soil temperature

Cauliflower Glass Ornament

prod022731 Bring the spirit of gardening to the holidays! Festive vegetable ornament looks great on holiday trees greens and as a standalone decoration.

DeWit 5-Tine Cultivator

prod099783 Heirloom quality. Great for cultivating tough soil. Aggressive sharp and strong. Hand- forged with the finest boron steel. Oiled Ash handle. Total length 11 inches. Lifetime guarantee.

Garden Tool – Weeder

prod002523 Available for either right or left hand this tool makes cleaning sidewalk cracks or between pavers easy-say goodbye to scraped knuckles! Serrated edges cut through roots pull grab and snag weeds. 12 gauge premium stainless steel blade. Made in the

Flower-tone Organic Plant Food

prod002530 Flower-tone is a premium flower food that is low in nitrogen and higher in phosphorous and potassium to maintain good plant growth and promote blooms rather than heavy foliage. Flower-tone provides safe long lasting food reservoir activated throughout the growing