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Vegetable Seeds and Plants

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Annual Flower Seeds & Plants

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Perennials Seeds and Plants

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Herbs Seeds and Plants

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Fruit Seeds & Plants

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Home Gardening Supplies and Gifts

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Category Archives: Gardening Supplies

Organic Soil Acidifier

prod002926 All-natural organic ingredients are safe for you and your plants. Special formula lowers your soil PH and turns hydrangea flowers blue. Fantastic for blueberry plants too. Allows any acid-loving plant to achieve optimum growth; long-lasting highly effective; safe and non-toxic.

Grow Through Hoop Plant Supports

prod001237 No more flopping or falling flower stalks and spikes! Simply place these sturdy supports over your emerging plants and watch as the plants grow straight up through the hoop. Your garden will stay neat and tidy all summer long as

Cedar Raised Bed

prod099794 Made in the USA from cedar a durable and naturally rot-resistant wood these raised beds are sturdy and easy to assemble. Raised bed corners are half-lapped with rods going down through the assembly which keeps the corners from working loose

Super Growing Pellet 50mm

prod099802 Just drop these soil cubes in and add water—they expand in minutes to fill any shape container. The unique coconut coir is specially formulated to get your seeds off to the best start possible holding more water and with better

Grow Station

prod002764 House apartment village or city-people are looking for green moments in their lives. The Grow Station is a mini-green house and cold frame. It can be located anywhere even on a small balcony or patio. Start seeds early in the

Straight Blade Pruning Shear

prod003099 Blades are strong high carbon steel that hold a sharp edge that is finished with a hard chrome plating to resist corrosion. Long 2″ blade tackles flower cutting dead heading and seasonal perennial cutback with ease. Sturdy aluminum handles with

Salad Garden Growers Gift Kit

prod022761 Salad Lovers know how special fresh picked greens taste. Our salad growers kit helps make sald gardening easier and more productive. Includes: Handy Seed Sower: Sows even the smallest seeds evenly and quickly with no waste. Places seeds exactly where

Trellising Kit for Palram Greenhouses

prod22541 Increase the growing space of your Palram greenhouse with this quick and easy trellising and hanging kit. Perfect for hanging baskets and vining crops. Simple to set up and operate. Includes: 6 Roller hooks spool with 25m twine 3 Types

Finishing Sleeves

prod002604 When you need to complete a run of landscape edging or playground border the finishing sleeves are your answer. The Finishing Sleeve is the custom solution to cap off the ends of a Stacking or Anchor Joint when only one

Kitchen Hod

prod001214 New England clammers originally used these wire and wood baskets to harvest and clean their catch. Savvy gardeners quickly discovered how perfect these were for gathering and cleaning vegetables flowers plants and tools. Crafted from pine and birch woods with

Elevated Planter Box with Shelf

prod099774 Ergonomically designed and featuring a sturdy storage shelf the Infinite Cedar Elevated Planter Box is a beautiful planter box that is perfect for your backyard or patio. Handcrafted in the United States and constructed out of 100% naturally weather resistant

Deluxe Greenhouse Kit

prod002598 Our new polycarbonate greenhouses provide great protection from the frost and inclement weather enabling the gardener to start seeds early and get a jump on spring and extend the growing season well into fall and winter assuring a more bountiful

The Glow N Grow Light Garden

prod001258 This is a double-deck lightweight portable light garden with two large shelves that holds 48 six-packs or eight full-sized XL Ultimate or Ultimate Growing Systems. The improved design has two low-profile light fixtures each with four T-8 fluorescent bulb. This

Pro Series Cedar Lumber

prod002279 Expand your garden to any shape and size with lightweight cedar lumber. 2″ x 6″ x 44 1/2″ sanded kiln-dried Maine White Cedar lumber.

Windowsill Greenhouse Kit with Heat Mat

prod022778 Starting seeds on a windowsill has long been a favorite of home gardeners. But many have experienced problems with seed kits that are too big to fit on a windowsill as well as coldness from being near the window causing

Kneeler Seat

prod001243 This Kneeler Seat is a boon to those who love gardening but hate how their back feels after a day at it! Sit in style on the padded cushion supported by a heavyweight powder coated steel frame. If you like

Eco Wood Treatment

prod099795 Protects all outdoor wood surfaces with a single application. Penetrates wood fibers for long-lasting protection. Apply with a brush roller sprayer or by dipping. Safe to use around plants and pets. Made from naturally occurring plant and mineral extracts with

Gardener’s Tool Time Gift Set

prod001760 You’re ready to start planting with this gardener’s tool kit from Burpee. Features our best tool bag for carrying everything you need to start a new season of growing. Add in Plant ID tags so you know what each plant

Snap N’ Grow Greenhouse 8′ x 12′

prod001835 This easy to use greenhouse offers plenty of room and light (over 90% transmission) for your plants. The smart efficient structure uses crystal-clear polycarbonate greenhouse panels. With a split-style door and large adjustable vent window. Easy to assemble; low maintenance.

Tomato Towers

prod001309 Just weave the stems up through the grid on these sturdy heavy grade galvanized steel towers as they grow. Improves air circulation and ease of harvest. Best suited for the classic indeterminate or vining types. Easy to store. 6.5″ (w)