Vegetable Seeds and Plants

Vegetable Seeds and Plants

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Annual Flower Seeds & Plants

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Perennials Seeds and Plants

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Herbs Seeds and Plants

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Fruit Seeds & Plants

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Home Gardening Supplies and Gifts

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Category Archives: Gardening Supplies

Plant Inn Lean To

prod003100 This decorative raised garden bed with a storage unit beneath gives you a perfect opportunity to grow fruits veggies and herbs anywhere you want. Suitable for use on balconies or small courtyards with a free wall that it can be

Burpee Two Tier Lighting Cart

prod001256 Compact lightweight unit takes up very little space but doubles your production with two complete trays of growing space. Each tier comes with a 22″ x 11″ tray and a fully adjustable light box come complete with two 20-watt wide-spectrum

Americana Greenhouse 12×12 by Palram

prod22537 Classic style and a large Interior space provide plenty of room for growing tall and leafy plants as well as a leisure area. Features a wide and high entrance with lockable double doors. Two vent windows provide plenty of air

Snap N’ Grow Greenhouse 6′ x 8′

prod001833 This easy to use greenhouse offers plenty of room and light (over 90% transmission) for your plants. The smart efficient structure uses crystal-clear polycarbonate greenhouse panels. The smart efficient structure uses crystal-clear polycarbonate greenhouse panels. There is a split-style door

Garden Tool – Ken-Ho

prod002519 The quick and easy surface weeder. Traditional Japanese style hand cultivator and weeding tool. Stainless steel blade comfortable grip and bright colored handle for easy visibility.

Three Tier Seed Sprouter

prod001257 This compact kitchen countertop device lets you make one two or three trays of gourmet sprouts. Sprout three different kinds of grains or salad sprouts all at the same time! Each tray takes one tablespoon of small seeds (broccoli alfalfa

Nature’s Source Plant Food 10-4-3

prod099957 Essential to home gardeners and professionals growers. This all-purpose plant food is ideal for growing flowers Vegetables herbs trees and shrubs. Enhances the beauty and harvest of your garden. Made from oilseed extract a renewable source of plant nutrition known

Tomato & Vegetable Blossom Set Spray

prod001215 This all-natural ready-to-use spray has the biological power to promote blossom set and fruit development. Simply apply it on your plants and the natural plant hormone helps blossoms set fruit even under poor weather conditions. Nearly every blossom will produce


prod099791 An elegantly simple solution to a perennial problem. The “Wrotter” is old Dutch word which comes from the northern part of the Netherlands called “Frisian” meaning simply “Tough Worker” which adeptly describes this amazingly useful tool beautifully. The unique shape

Garden Trellis

prod022725 Give your vine crops (peas pole beans cucumbers) and flowers (morning glories sweet peas nasturtiums) the space they need to thrive. This garden trellis-made of soft unobtrusive nylon netting with 60 lb. breaking strength-can support very heavy crops. The 7-inch

DeWit Perennial Planter

prod099786 Heirloom quality. The original perennial planter. Most versatile two-hand tool for planting and separating perennials. Hand -forged with the finest boron steel. Oiled Ash handle. 21inches in length. Lifetime guarantee.

Tabletop Growing Set

prod022743 Our ready-to-grow set includes everything you need to quickly set up and start growing. Compact and sleek grow light is specially designed for seed starting kits that are half trays or 11″ square or smaller. Delivers high efficiency light that

Tomato Towers

prod001309 Just weave the stems up through the grid on these sturdy heavy grade galvanized steel towers as they grow. Improves air circulation and ease of harvest. Best suited for the classic indeterminate or vining types. Easy to store. 6.5″ (w)

DeWit Garlic Planter

prod099785 The ultimate tool for planting garlic and other small bulbs. Hand -forged with the finest boron steel. Oiled Ash handle. Total length 10.5 inches. Lifetime guarantee.

Pro Series Cage – Red

prod001782 A great home for raising big red delicious tomatoes proven by the pros these large durable tomato cages can manage the biggest plants. We use these tomato cages in our Fordhook Farm gardens for big varieties like Brandy Boy Super

Metro Grower Elite

prod003097 With the Metro Grower(TM) you can have a garden anywhere. It is a completely self-contained system for square foot gardening. Comes with everything you need to start growing vegetables herbs and even flowers-just add soil. Includes all natural soil amendments


prod001209 This nifty eco-friendly mold transforms strips of ordinary newspaper into biodegradable seed-starting pots you can plant right in the garden. No more trays and pots to buy wash and store. Hardwood form lasts for years. A real money-saver.

Burpee Table Top Grow Light

prod001349 Give your seeds the right kind of light so they will grow healthy and strong. Plug in our new portable wide-spectrum light and let the growing begin. Comes with sturdy frame fully adjustable light box and two 20-watt wide-spectrum bulb.

Bird-X Protective Netting for Fruits & Vegetables

prod099781 Bird-X netting is a superior protective netting for fruits and vegetables. This netting is made of strong and durable 5/8″ polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors for long life. Use this protective netting over your fruit trees grapes berries and vegetable

Plant Pyramid Raised Planters

prod022690 Now you can grow an entire garden in a very small space! The unique stacking design allows you to grow approximately 8 times more plants per square foot than a conventional garden. The Plant Pyramid is a versatile planter than