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Vegetable Seeds and Plants

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Annual Flower Seeds & Plants

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Perennials Seeds and Plants

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Herbs Seeds and Plants

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Fruit Seeds & Plants

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Home Gardening Supplies and Gifts

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Category Archives: Gardening Supplies

Shade Kit for Palram Greenhouses

prod22544 Shading netting controls and reduces 75% of sunlight exposure for all your shade-loving plants. Simply and quickly attaches to the aluminum frame inside the greenhouse by plant hangers (included). Can be easily re-positioned for changing needs and requirements. Covers approximately

Plant Hangers for Palram Greenhouses

prod22545 Hangers attach quickly and easily into the aluminum channels with just a simply twist. Provides support for hanging baskets pots and even trellising. Includes 10 Hangers.

Reflective Mylar Grow Tent

prod099801 New and improved Viagrow? Grow Room Tent. Light blocking waterproof and reflective tent is perfect for indoor gardening. The outside of the tent is a thick black woven fabric the inside is lined with a thermally adhered layer of tough

Raised Cultivator

prod099790 Quickly and easily maneuvers with confidence through your raised beds in search of weeds with the easily navigable hoe / weeder head. Literally ‘claw’ back control of your garden with the hand cultivator a fearsome three-tined tool which is perfectly

Organic Seed Starting Formula 10 Quarts

prod099797 Professional results organically. Get your plants off to a great start with this all-natural mix. Indispensable for germinating seeds transplanting young seedlings and sustaining the growth of your seedlings. Mix helps provide proper conditions of aeration drainage and water retention

4’x8′ Complete Two Stepper Raised Bed

prod002762 Complete Two Stepper Raised Bed Garden kit contains six super anchor joints four stackable corners and 10 composite wood timbers.

Single Level Complete Cedar Raised Bed

prod001788 Building simple garden borders or elaborate multi-level raised bed gardens has never been easier. New and improved lightweight pivoting corners and cedar lumber provide flexibility for multiple designs and easy expansion. Item# 95744 includes a 4′ x 4′ Complete Raised

Heavy Duty Shelf Kit for Palram Greenhouses

prod22547 Heavy duty aluminum shelf kit can be easily attached to almost all profiles inside the Palram greenhouses. Perfect for holding planting trays large pots soil bags tools and more. Comes with 3 plant hangers. Size approximately 22?” x 16?” Complete

Accessory Kit for Palram Greenhouses

prod22548 Complete accessories kit for all Palram greenhouses. Everything you need to outfit your greenhouse for optimal growing and use.

Book-Giant Tomatoes

prod001324 Giant Tomatoes is the first book on tomatoes that deals exclusively with growing tomatoes for size and yield. Thirty-one chapters and an abundant index cover everything on how to grow tomatoes. This step-by-step guide takes you through the intricacies of

Rain Gauge

prod099836 Keep track of your garden’s water intake! Easy to read gauge is clearly marked in both inches and millimeters. With its integral mount your Cook’s Garden rain gauge can be permanently fastened to a post or simply stuck in the

Flower-tone Organic Plant Food

prod002530 Flower-tone is a premium flower food that is low in nitrogen and higher in phosphorous and potassium to maintain good plant growth and promote blooms rather than heavy foliage. Flower-tone provides safe long lasting food reservoir activated throughout the growing

Raised Bed Hoe

prod099789 The 23” long handle makes it easy to reach over and across raised bed gardens. Great for destroying pesky weeds without disturbing or damaging nearby garden plants and seedlings. Can also be used with a chopping motion for extra-stubborn weeds.

Tufftotes Gardening Bucket – 7 Gallon

prod002468 Earth’s most multi-use gardening bucket. Great for harvesting those fresh-from-the-vine vegetables or for carrying your garden tools. Generous handle with finger grooves is strong and allows for easier more comfortable gripping than other buckets. Made from 40% recycled polyethylene material.

Anchoring Kit for Palram Greenhouses

prod22543 Easy to use anchoring system ties down Palram greenhouses for resistance to strong winds and storms. Provides extra assurance that you green house stays in place even during periods of high winds. Comes complete with all tie-downs toggle bolts and

Rosemary in 4″ Clay Washpot

prod003292 Decorative fragrant and flavorful this rosemary topiary makes a lovely impression for the holiday and the winter months. Pretty flavorful and fragrant the potted live plant provides a lift and gift for the sense. Creates a lovely impression in the

Work Bench

prod002758 A potting table or work station is a must-have for any greenhouse or garden shed. Our sturdy and durable 2-shelf system is the easy solution made of rust-proof galvanized steel to hold even the heaviest planting supplies. Size: 45″ wide

Garden Tool – Weeding Finger

prod002525 This tool helps you get at weeds around rocks in-between deck slats and patio pavers. Great for making seed furrows and detangling roots too. Made of premium stainless steel for years of use. Made in the USA.

Cobrahead Weeder/Cultivator

prod001216 The CobraHead? weeder and cultivator is the closest thing to a universal garden tool. Its blade is a steel fingernail that becomes an extension of your hand. It weeds cultivates scalps edges digs furrows plants

Herb Scissors – 5 blade

prod099834 Fresh herbs taste delicious and go with many different dishes. Always use freshly picked herbs to keep all the natural flavors. With these special herb scissors with 5 parallel blades you can cut chives and other herbs quickly and evenly