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Vegetable Seeds and Plants

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Annual Flower Seeds & Plants

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Perennials Seeds and Plants

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Herbs Seeds and Plants

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Fruit Seeds & Plants

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Home Gardening Supplies and Gifts

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Category Archives: Gardening Supplies

All In-One Cube Planter

prod099961_alt2 The CUBE Color 14 is an easy to use decorative and practical way to keep fresh herbs ready to use at home. Simply insert the provided wick into the bottom of the 4 to 4-1/2″ round grow pot that your

Men’s Kobalt Goatskin Gloves – Black/White

prod099844 Our most popular men’s multi-purpose leather gloves designed for fit dexterity and tactility; built to be strong enough for the demands of everyday use. These gloves feature our premium flexible goatskin leather with reinforced thumb and fingertips that stays durable

Raised Bed Planter

prod099944 If you want a big surface area to grow then the Raised Bed is for you. This bed comes complete with a sewn in eco-friendly bamboo frame and new sewn on sturdy handles for easy transport. With 2 square feet

King Kool Corn Glass Ornament

prod002538 Corn Cob Glass Ornament! This charming corn cob ornament is sure to be an ear-resistible addition to your Christmas tree this year! With vivid glazes and sparkling gold glitter accents this yummy ear of corn ornament is 2 3/4″ tall

Potato Planter

prod099942 If you thought the only way you could plant potatoes is to be the owner of a big backyard think again. Growing potatoes is easy with the Potato Planter. The coolest innovation is the Velcro side window which allows you

Stainless Steel Hedge Shears

prod003096 These traditional rust proof hedge shears have wooden ash handles and long (7 “) sturdy stainless steel blades that make trimming and pruning easy and quick. Sharp blades make cleaner nicer cuts than regular old hedge trimmers. 19 1/2 inches


prod001325 It’s like a mini-greenhouse for your garden rows- keeps inside temperatures up to 25 F warmer than outside air. Sun and warmth get in cold stays out. You can plant earlier than ever and also harvest well into the colder

Wild Bird Seed Tree Hanger

prod002707 This versatile hanger is just the right size and shape for hanging all our seed wreaths. The style is the perfect shape for custom hanging requirements.

Pansy Glass Ornament

prod022734 Bring the spirit of gardening to the holidays! Festive vegetable ornament looks great on holiday trees greens and as a standalone decoration.

Asparagus Glass Ornament

prod022732 Bring the spirit of gardening to the holidays! Festive vegetable ornament looks great on holiday trees greens and as a standalone decoration.

Hand Shovel

prod003095 This is the best hand tool we’ve ever used. If you’ve ever been frustrated by small inefficient hand trowels then this Hand SHOVEL is the tool for you. It’s big long and sturdy and makes digging and cultivating a breeze.

Glass Ornament Mushroom

prod003114 Serve up a delicious addition to your Christmas display with this one-of-a-kind mushroom ornament! Crafted of glass in Poland and measuring 1?” tall this life-like mushroom ornament will make the perfect gift for that special cook in your life! Crafted

Red Delicious Onion Glass Ornament

prod002537 Purple Onion Ornament! Exquisitely designed in Poland and crafted of glass this 3″ tall onion ornament is deliciously designed with vivid colors of purple white and yellow with a high gloss shine.

Glass Ornament Carrot

prod003111 A treasured addition to a bride’s first Christmas tree the carrot ornament was believed to bring the bride good luck in the kitchen. Holding a special place in German legend the carrot ornament can truly bring a tear to an

Green Pepper Glass Ornament

prod002545 Green Early Crisp Glass Ornament! Exquisitely designed in Poland and crafted of glass this 3″ tall green pepper ornament is deliciously designed in vivid greens with a high gloss shine. Any pepper connoisseur or organic food enthusiast will surely pick

Premium Cedar Potting Table

prod099792 Combines an attractive design with a top quality construction. This product is made of natural top quality rot resistant cedar. This product is built to last for years using much thicker boards than the typical potting table usually available on

Wild Bird Seed Garland Sampler

prod022735 A perfect gift for the bird lover in your family six unique and edible ornaments come ready to hang. Tie them directly onto trees and watch your favorite feathered friends! Ornaments are made with Peanut Hearts Safflower Sunflower Kernels Peanuts

Garden Tool Set

prod002051 Our sturdy tools have a solid stainless steel construction with wood ash handles and leather strap. High quality long lasting professional tools are specially balanced to reduce effort and stress. Collection includes dibbler (bulb planter) planter fork trowel and weed

Puro 20 Planter

prod099962_alt2 The PURO 20 indoor planter accents your d?cor with its’ bold spherical shape and slightly textered finish. The PURO 20 is equipped with a water reservoir that supplies water to your plants as needed. The planter’s water-level indicator eliminates the

White Onion Glass Ornament

prod002543 Exquisitely designed in Poland and crafted of glass this 3″ tall onion ornament is deliciously designed with vivid colors of white and yellow and a high gloss shine.