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Category Archives: Perennials

Columbine Swan Burgundy And White

prod000021 Landscapes planted in mass with burgundy and white Swan are breathtaking. Blossoms are long lasting as cut flowers and provide early season garden interest. Columbine is deer resistant too.

Helleborus Amber Gem

prod099884 An outstanding vigorous double flowering apricot strain! Helleborus Amber Gem blooms are gorgeous double blooms saturated in yellow and brushed with red. Winter-blooming favorites hellebores naturalize quickly and spread out in moist woodland areas: creating gentle bursts of needed color

Digiplexis Illumination Flame

prod003466 Welcome a new dimension in the land of flowers. Like a foxglove from a particularly lovely dream this cross of digitalis (foxglove) and isoplexis (a foxglove cousin) is a marvel of color and shape. Blooming from summer to fall heavily-branched

Delphinium Fordhook Cottage Garden Mix

prod002679 Our own blend of white sky and deep purple-blue delphiniums. Tall sturdy floriferous plants topped with sturdy spikes make music in the cottage garden. We find this selection especially elegant the plants staying upright and stems dependably strong. Extra-floriferous these

Hibiscus Summer Storm PPAF

prod001580 Summer Storm’s huge pink 8-10″ flowers seduce the eye with their color refined details and luscious dark wine-purple foliage. The outsized flowers with delicate rose veins radiating from the deep red eye burst into bloom in mid-summer and flower continuously

Poppy Allegro

prod000094 A wonderful compact form of the classic orange-scarlet Oriental poppy. With very stiff stems it has the same big silky blossoms that everyone loves in the old varieties but it’s in better scale with today’s more compact perennials. A terrific

Daylily Lavender Stardust

prod000030 The ruffled lavender 5 1/2″ blooms appear on tall 26″ scapes above clumps of fountain-like leaves. This fragrant midsummer re-bloomer is a favorite with butterflies.

Iris ensata Variegata

prod022814 Purple blaze! Whether in or out of bloom this larger-than-life variegated bearded Japanese iris is ever so alluring. From early- to midsummer 18-24” cultivar puts on a showy display of large bright royal-purple flowers with a small yellow signal complemented

Coreopsis Heaven’s Gate

prod000022 Unlike some of the newer coreopsis selections Heaven’s Gate is super-tough surviving harsh winters where others have succumbed. Beautiful blooms are ruby pink with a deep red center topping full plants that grow quickly to 18″ tall and wide. U.S.

Lamium Beacon Silver

prod003338 Our top choice for problem areas in the garden. This ground cover lends beautiful cover under our old holly tree at Fordhook Farm. Perfect for keeping out weeds and highlighting shady corners the silvery leaves are tidy and pest-free. Through

Peony Immaculee

prod002358 Borders are not complete without an old standout classic variety. Immaculee is such a variety with its large bowl-shaped white flowers that emit a lovely scent when the blossoms open in early summer . Herbaceous peonies are easy to grow

Orn. Grass Carex Everest PPAF

prod022699 Altogether attractive white-edged sport makes a sleek graceful impression. 10”-tall mounding evergreen produces undulating swathes of fluttering white grasslike leaves. Sedge cultivar reprises parent ‘Evergold’s same tidy habit producing arcing sleek foliage—with snow-white edges and a green center. Easy to

Hosta First Frost

prod000062 Lavender flowers intense blue-green leaves are bordered in bright gold. Holds well in the garden right up to first frost.

Garden Mum Will’s Wonderful

prod002457 Just as the rest of the garden is taking on a sleepy look along comes this lively beauty and puts on a fireworks show of color. This prolific bloomer makes an astounding display of dense clusters of small reddish-russet blooms

Astilbe Younique Collection

prod003214 The soft feathery plumes of these astilbes are a welcome sight in spring and will brighten any shady space. Clumps form rapidly with glossy deep green lacy foliage that makes an excellent ground cover. Best grown in drifts with heucheras

Hellebore Grape Galaxy Winter Thriller

prod099519 Flower power-house! Hellebore winter Thriller Grape Galaxy produces very large 3 ?” purple flowers spotted with dark purple flecks on every flower. Once established Grape Galaxy can have over 50 flowers in bloom at once! Strong stems hold the flowers

Garden Mum Mammoth Daisy Dark Pink

prod002460 Blooms open dark pink fading to cushions of soft pink.Mammoth(TM) Daisies are exceptional garden mums developed by the University of Minnesota for vigor and hardiness. Once established they will grow to 3 feet tall mounding to 4 feet across. Extra

Dicentra King of Hearts

prod002857 Save space in your garden for this exuberant dicentra. With three species in its parentage this bleeding heart often exceeds our expectations;longer in bloom with more defined fully formed pink hearts held in tighter clusters. Rosettes of parsley-like bluish green

Buddleia Peach Cobbler PPAF

prod002455 Along with a crowd of discerning butterflies and hummingbirds we are smitten with this cultivar’s delectable fragrant peach-toned blossoms with orange centers. The blossoms contrast charmingly with shimmering silver foliage and work well with a the border of blue phlox

Lilac Tiny Dancer

prod003328 This marvelous new lilac is an instant favorite. Shrubs grow to only 4-5′ tall and make terrific low hedges for tight borders. Mildew resistant leaves stay clean and pretty unlike those of old leggy varieties. Substantial 4-5″ clusters are intensely