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Category Archives: Perennials

Crocosmia Prince of Orange

prod022830 Glorious cultivar from Holland offers up a concentrated blaze of delectable color. Tightly clustered on arching stems are twenty or so vivacious red-orange blossoms with gold centers flecked with burgundy complemented by dark-green lance-like foliage. Flowering from mid- to late

Foxglove Polkadot Princess

prod22355 With vivid pink blooms hybrid foxglove’s sterility allows for a flowering period of several weeks beginning in midsummer. Cottage garden favorite’s low rosettes of dark-green leaves surround strong tall 23-35” stems arrayed with spikes of gorgeous dangling bells. Vase-lovely stems

Rose Harlow Carr

prod002701 Profuse with medium-sized pure rose pink blossoms with the Old Rose double cupped form. A very good repeat-bloomer with each blossom loaded with up to 120 petals. Introduced in 2004 and proven to be very winter hardy tough and healthy.

Crocosmia Mixed

prod001599 It’s in the mix: the red yellow and orange flowers provide admirable masses of color for garden and vase. The 6″ blooms of color appear on arching stalks above green sword like foliage. The 24-36″ plants multiply quickly creating a

Lily Oriental Red Morning

prod002831 Large trumpet-shaped flowers will open in bright bronze color with soft apricot edges. Plants are very tall almost 6′.

Sedum Oracle

prod003320 Bluish-green small succulent leaves form thick spreading mats. In spring clusters of small starry yellow blooms add a delightful touch. Sedums are no-fuss choices for bare spots in the garden. Plants are easy to grow in full sun provided well-drained

Lily Pink Perfection

prod002836 First class strain with large trumpet blooms on long strong stems. Ideal for planting around shrubs or in mass in flower border. Pink Perfection blooms in different shades of pink that suffuses the inner and outer surface of the petals.

Baptisia Twilight Prarieblues

prod22356 May through mid-June this beauteous baptisia bred at the Chicago Botanic Garden is blanketed with hundreds of bicolor blooms. Eye-catching sense-drenching purple-violet flowers with lemon-yellow center keels are complemented by attractive blue-green foliage. Vigorous bushy 4-5 ft. tall plants serve

English Rose Molineux

prod22530 Beautiful rich yellow rosettes are produced with exceptional freedom and continuity. Very healthy and reliable performing well in all areas. It has a characteristic Tea Rose fragrance with a musky background. Winner of several awards. 

Heliopsis helianthoides Sweet Sunshine

prod099609 With compact 3-4′ tall plants ‘Sweet Sunshine’ is tidy neat and a prodigy of high-wattage super-rich color. Upright 3-4’ tall back of the border plants bloom early and bloom long. Create an island of glowing color in the landscape or

Sedum Pink Stars

prod002874 Ground-hugging carpets of small leaves are covered with dainty rose pink star clusters. Plants thrive in well-drained soils in full sun. Use in rock gardens troughs and as edging along sunny paths. Vigorous enough to crowd out weeds in open

Phlox Juttas Rosenauge

prod099450 Splendid standout from the RHS Garden Wisley ‘Juttas Rosenauge’ commands admiring attention with full rounded pure white blooms with deep-pink eye. Complementary foliage of medium bright-green leaves makes for a very pretty plant indeed. Admirable in the mid-border nestled amid

Lilies Fragrant Oriental Mixed

prod001596 The midsummer mix of pink white and red 6″ blooms are fragrant in daytime; and more so at night. Lilies add form structure and texture to the border. The 36-48″ plants multiply over time creating a fragrant mass of glossy

Kniphofia Fire Glow PPAF

prod099525 ‘Fire Glow’ sets the border on fire. Tantalizing torch lily with blazing bicolor orange and red flower spikes unleashes plentiful colorful vertical pizzazz. Compact 2-3’ plants with narrow

Foxglove Plum Gold

prod022706 Smashing new foxglove cultivar’s large gorgeous red flowers complemented by alluring foliage makes for compelling viewing the whole season through. Sun-loving 22-24” plants let loose with flurries of 5” rich-pink clusters floating over the foliage in late summer. An inviting

Echinacea Sandy Yellow

prod003330 A much improved yellow echinacea. Long-blooming with almost perfectly round butter-yellow coneflowers. Not floppy but nicely flat and overlapped blooms are held up by sturdy stems. Well-branched compact plants are reliably hardy. Grow in well-drained soil in full sun. Makes

Ismene festalis

prod002849 This is a lovely little sweet smelling exotic plant that seems like cross between daffodil and lily;they are also known as Spider Lilies or Peruvian Daffodils. Plants prefer a cool mild climate or can be grown inside in containers and

Nepeta Walker’s Low

prod002503 This low-maintenance catmint keeps its blue-green aromatic leaves neat through the summer. Violet-blue spikes top this low grower lending a soft muted feel to the garden. Awarded 2007 Perennial Plant of the Year by the Perennial Plant Association.

English Rose James Galway

prod22841 Neat perfectly formed flowers that are warm pink at the center paling to blush at the edges. It forms a large strong relatively thornless shrub – superb for the back of a border. Very healthy and hardy. It is perhaps

Astilbe Younique White

prod099445__alt The soft feathery plumes of these astilbes are a welcome sight in spring and will brighten any shady space. Clumps form rapidly with glossy deep green lacy foliage that makes an excellent ground cover. Best grown in drifts with heucheras