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Category Archives: Perennials

Rose Young Lycidas

prod099900 Classic Old Rose beauty flowering with large blooms of very deep magenta pink and red with strong fragrance of Old Rose with hint of cedar wood. ‘Young Lycidas’s’ growth will form an attractive bushy shrub. It is an excellent choice

Echinacea Now Cheesier

prod099579 This unique Echinacea has melting cheddar blooms that lighten slightly to buttery after a few weeks of hot summer. Plants are well branched and bloom all summer. Excellent in the mixed plant border planted with Celosia Arrabona Red and Large

Liatris Floristan Kobold

prod099925 Liatris Floristan Kobold is one of the most recognizable tried and true native plants. With fluffy spikes in deep purple it is a must have in the perennial border. Also known as ‘Blazing star’ Liatris spicata is a tall upright

Ampelaster carolinianus

prod022580 This tough native vine features deliciously fragrant 1” spidery lavender to pink flowers with yellow centers to add a final burst of color to your fall landscape. Also known as climbing Carolina aster it will also attract bees butterflies and

Baptisia Midnight Prairieblues

prod22492 Great plant for vertical accent in any garden Baptisia Midnight Prairieblues was developed by Dr. Jim Ault at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe Illinois. The plant is shorter than regular false indigo 3-4 feet high vase-shaped habit with extremely

Helleborus Wedding Party Best Man

prod099610 Best Man’ is a standout specimen from the justly admired ‘Wedding Party’ series known for plants that stand out for their vigor multitude of blooms and striking color. Winter-blooming 18-24 inch shade plant produces a sumptuous flourish of mauve-purple 2-3

Eupatorium dubium Little Joe

prod22494 Eupatorium dubium is a little known dwarf species of native Joe Pye Weed. In appearance E. dubium is similar to E. purpureum but more tolerant of light shade. The 4′ tall stems are covered with whorls of green leaves and

Anemone hup. September Charm

prod022811 Coming to a border near you: a blooming blaze of serene pink. Flowering like mad from late summer into fall ‘September Charm’ creates a graceful inviting flurry of luminous silver-pink flowers with golden-yellow centers. Atop graceful 3-4’ branching flower stalks

Lily Oriental Soft Music

prod001604 The perfect combination of stunning flower beauty with incredible fragrance that will spread throughout your garden. Each year as the plants become more established the flower size will increase to as much as 12″ unheard of for a lily. They

Rose Carding Mill

prod099897 Flawless combination of pink apricot and yellow creates an impression of bicolor apricot blooms. Strong stems and strong myrrh fragrance makes Carding Mill perfect shrub for the rose border. Lovely bushy rounded shrub with quite straight stems the many flowers

Rose Livin’ La Vida PPAF

prod022824 A simply smashing introduction that earns high marks for color foliage and performance. You will find yourself admiring the big showy continuously blooming flowers that range in hue from bright coral to flamingo alluringly complemented by glossy dark green foliage.

Centaurea Caramia

prod003403 Prettily flowering from May to September ‘Caramia’s frilly blooms boast fluffy bluish-pink center quills circled by coronas of lighter-toned petals. With very attractive foliage on stiffly upright 12-24” stems excellent new border addition resembles a thistle but (thankfully) has no

Shasta Daisy Real Galaxy PPAF

prod022711 A season without daisies is unthinkable: a crime against summer! Showboating shasta cultivar exhilarates in sun-basking borders beds and containers. Compact clumping 22” plants produce spirit-lifting white blooms with layer upon layer of fine fringed petals with contrasting deep-golden centers.

Liatris Floristan Violet

prod099924 Floristan Violet is stunning Gayfeather with tall spikes of pinkish-purple flowers and dark bracts creating a bicolor vertical interest in the perennial border or butterfly garden. Also known as ‘Blazing star’ Liatris spicata is a tall upright herbaceous perennial native

Yucca filamentosa

prod022817 If you have a sunny dry spot where nothing wants to grow this yucca—also known as ‘Adam’s Needle—will more than fill the bill. Towering 5-8’ evergreen shrub with clumping basal leaves up to 30” long and 4” wide grows wild

Rose Abraham Darby

prod002697 A 1985 introduction that continues to dazzle with its fruity and fresh fragrance. Thickly doubled rose is very large with cupped petals shading apricot to yellow later tinged pink. Remarkably repeat-blooming and an ideal choice as climbers for trellises. Well-branched

Hellebore Peppermint Ice

prod022609 Fluffy double flowers are gentle pink with a darker pink picotee edge delicately veined in varying degrees peppermint. Dark pink backs are revealed as the cup shaped flowers gracefully hang down and the color holds even after the flowers set

Crocosmia Prince of Orange

prod022830 Glorious cultivar from Holland offers up a concentrated blaze of delectable color. Tightly clustered on arching stems are twenty or so vivacious red-orange blossoms with gold centers flecked with burgundy complemented by dark-green lance-like foliage. Flowering from mid- to late

Foxglove Polkadot Princess

prod22355 With vivid pink blooms hybrid foxglove’s sterility allows for a flowering period of several weeks beginning in midsummer. Cottage garden favorite’s low rosettes of dark-green leaves surround strong tall 23-35” stems arrayed with spikes of gorgeous dangling bells. Vase-lovely stems

Rose Harlow Carr

prod002701 Profuse with medium-sized pure rose pink blossoms with the Old Rose double cupped form. A very good repeat-bloomer with each blossom loaded with up to 120 petals. Introduced in 2004 and proven to be very winter hardy tough and healthy.