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Category Archives: Fruit

Raspberry Crimson Night PPAF

prod003054 Expect bountiful harvests of dark shiny berries in the fall. Fruits are medium-large conical with excellent flavor. Plants tend to be compact with dark purple canes that are attractive in container and small garden plots. A new selection that deserves

Strawberry Sweet Charlie

prod003050 Exceptionally sweet berries are medium-sized deep red and very flavorful. Plants are well-adapted to southern gardens vigorous and highly productive. Plants are also lovely grown in containers and edible landscapes.

Watermelon Bush Sugar Baby

prod000553 A delicious sweet must for small sunny gardens. Each plant bears two 12 lb. melons. Burpee bred. After all danger of frost sow 5 or 6 seeds in groups 6-8′ apart .

Blueberry Northsky

prod22563 Northsky is the most cold-hardy of all blueberries and can survive extreme winter conditions. The compact bushes that carry a snow load without damage to the branches.Lower growing plant habit is particularly well suited for container growing borders or group

Blueberry Pink Popcorn

prod099529 ‘Pink Popcorn?’s compact plants produce a prodigal bounty of medium-sized pink-cream- to pink berries with darker pink blush bursting with true blueberry flavor and aroma. Hardy northern high-bush 4-5’ plants with showy white flowers and crimson fall foliage bear oodles

Blueberry Elliott

prod000515 This native American variety ripens in July and the harvest of large firm fruits with delicious sweet flavor goes on for weeks. Plant with at least two other blueberry varieties to ensure adequate cross-pollination. The 5-6′ tall bushes become a

Strawberry Gourmet Collection

prod002671 This trio of gourmet-flavored strawberries will be a cinch to grow in pots. The three colored berries;crimson red and white;will make a colorful and tasty fruit treat. These are easy to grow and easy to pick snacks;perfect for summer picnics.

Blueberry Bluejay

prod000512 This native American variety ripens in July and yields heavily for weeks. Plant with at least two other blueberry varieties to ensure adequate cross-pollination. The 5-6′ tall bushes become a blaze of crimson in the fall so they are ideal

Watermelon Charleston Gray

prod000555 Flesh is red crisp fiberless and delicious; skin is light greenish gray. Resistant to fusarium wilt anthracnose and sunburn. Ready for harvest 85 days after sowing. GARDEN HINTS: For early fruiting and to overcome a short growing season start seeds

Blackberry Prime-Ark Traveler

prod099945 The second thornless primocane-fruiting blackberry released by the University of Arkansas Prime-Ark? Traveler produces medium-large berries with good yields and has excellent vigorous plant. Berries are with good flavor and sweetness and lower acidity than other blackberries. Primocane-fruiting blackberries do

Watermelon Orange Tendersweet

prod002898 This heirloom favorite features luscious bright orange flesh. Tender and very sweet the oblong striped fruits grow to 35 lb.

Hops Mt. Hood

prod002295 Mt. Hood is a disease resistant high-yielding hop variety. Vines are easy to grow and make a wonderful privacy screen in summer. Provide them with strong supports for growing vertically. Hops die back to the ground each winter but the

Watermelon Red Ruby Hybrid

prod000538 This new gem bowled us over with its super sweet and juicy perfectly crisp and firm ruby red flesh. At only 6-8 lb. this seedless watermelon is a nice size for a small family and a cinch to store in

Strawberry Tristan F1

prod002420 An exceptional variety with the unique combination of deep rose flowers and sweet bright red berries. Compact neat plants are ever-bearing with few to no…home garden.

Blueberry Emerald PP# 12

prod22558 Emerald produces some of the largest Southern Highbush berries with a mild sweet flavor. Its rounded spreading bush habit make it a great landscape plant. Very dependable in southern climates with a low chill requirement of only 250 hours

Grape Somerset Seedless

prod003051 Somerset Seedless berries are medium size and have a strawberry-like flavor. It is the earliest high quality seedless grape available and is sweetest when fully red. Quite disease resistant and hardy to about -30 F. Great for juice and jelly.

Grape Concord

prod000517 Deep purple exceptionally sweet fruits for eating fresh juice and jelly. A cool arbor laden with grapes is a landscape treat that people have enjoyed for thousands of years. These grapes are self-pollinating and are seeded; they ripen mid-September. Space

Grape Marquis Seedless

prod000505 In mid-season the plants produce large clusters of delicious eastern golden-white seedless grapes of exceptional quality. U.S. Plant Patent # 11 012.

Raspberry Caroline

prod000509 Caroline delivers two bumper crops of sweet firm red raspberries; first in late June and then from August till frost. US Plant Patent #10412.

Strawberry Chandler

prod003049 These early midseason June-bearing strawberries are a good choice for fresh pickings of homegrown bright red flavorful fruit. Firm large and beautifully shaped these berries are especially appealing in fresh fruit trays.