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Category Archives: Fruit

Raspberry Joan J

prod001558 Berry early berry productive. This the earliest thornless fall-fruiting red raspberry is a super yielder. Joan J’s easy-picking large firm berries are exceptionally delicious. Best to mow off spring canes to increase fall harvest. US Plant Patent #18954.

Blueberry Jubilee

prod002406 Jubilee a Southern Highbush developed in Mississippi thrives well under adverse conditions – heavy soils summer heat and sudden winter cold. Recommended throughout areas in the South and California with at least 500 chilling hours. Very productive bearing large clusters

Peach Tree Sweet ‘N Up

prod003368 Upright semi-columnar tree with vertical growth for small spaces. Excellent yields and flavor. Beautiful red-blushed yellow fruits. One of the best flavored peaches we have tasted ultra sweet and juicy. Ripens in midseason a week later than Crimson Rocket.

Blueberry Northblue

prod22561 Northblue is a great landscape plant and super producer of quality fruit in very cold climates. The fruit has a “wild” taste juicy and is excellent for baking or fresh eating. Northblue has survived winter temperatures to minus 35?F although

Currant Red Lake

prod002657 Large and juicy red berries ripen in late spring through the summer months with intense flavor ideal for making preserves. Red berries although tart can be eaten fresh picked and are attractive to birds. With showy bright red fruits and

Blueberry Duke

prod22556 The most widely planted early ripening northern variety. Heavy consistent yield with an attractive firm light blue high quality berry. Duke blooms late but ripens early which protects the blossoms from spring frosts. Branches may droop to the ground when

Gooseberry Hinnomaki Red

prod003047 Upright plants are very productive with medium-sized red berries. Fruits are very flavorful with the skin tangy but the flesh sweet. Easy to grow and nice as hedging with lobed leaves that turn red in the fall. Plants have good

Blueberry Toro

prod22570 Considered to be one of the most beautiful blueberry plants with bright red foliage in fall the large and sweet berries that form in clusters make Toro an exceptional home garden variety. Fruit flavor is rarely tart and berries are

Watermelon Sugar Baby

prod000561 Sweet fine-textured medium-red flesh. The round 12 lb. dark green skinned melons grow 8 in. across. GARDEN HINTS: For early fruiting and to overcome a short growing season plants may be started indoors in peat pots. Water during hot dry

Gooseberry Pixwell

prod003046 These almost thornless plants produce berries that are borne on slender stems hanging below the branches and so easy to pick. Bred in North Dakota Pixwell is very winter hardy very productive and resistant to powdery mildew. Good for fresh

Blueberry Sweetheart

prod002654 Very productive plants with medium to large firm very flavorful berries. Plants are vigorous and fruits around the same time as Bluecrop. Beats the yield of Duke. One of several blueberries developed by the USDA breeder Dr. Mark Ehlenfeldt.

Blueberry Jewel

prod003052 These large firm berries tend to be tart but sweeten when fully ripe. Plants are upright and bushy with numerous buds and heavy flowering. A flavorful addition to your southern blueberry patch.

Raspberry Killarney

prod000527 Killarney is the hardiest raspberry we know; it’s also disease-resistant and bears medium-sized very bright red berries that have good flavor and freeze well. Ripens early and bears for 4-5 weeks. Recommended for colder climates.

Raspberry Bristol

prod001559 Upright growth habit allows for excellent air circulation which keeps the foliage and berries clean and free from fungus. A mid-summer fruiting raspberry that has a nice cluster for easy harvest of the firm glossy berries no bleeding.

Hops Cascade

prod002905 Very productive with large attractive flowers used for flavoring beer. Its aroma is very distinct spicy with citrus-y quality. Green cones ripen in midseason on disease-resistant vines. Plants can climb to 25′ in one season and grow into beautiful vines

Watermelon Crimson Sweet

prod000556 Large round melons averaging 25 lb. are light green with dark green stripes. Flesh is dark red firm and fine-textured. Resistant to Fusarium wilt and anthracnose. GARDEN HINTS: For early fruiting and to overcome a short growing season start seeds

Blueberry Spartan

prod001447 Spartan is as strong as its name implies;the bush is tall and upright which benefits the overall ripening of the berries because of air circulation and sun penetration into the plants canopy. Most blueberry plants are self fertile but will

Strawberry Toscana

prod003153 Edible architecture doesn’t come any sweeter;or prettier;than this stunning new strawberry. With its explosion of deep-rose blooms lush habit and delicious harvest of sweet dark red fruits Toscana becomes a gorgeous feature on the patio balcony or in the garden

Blueberry Reka

prod22566 Selected and developed in New Zealand Reka is vigorous fast growing and adapts well to a wide range of northern climates and soil types. Abundand yields of early ripening medium sized exceptional tasting berries. Fall foliage is burgundy and blooming

Strawberry Alpine Fragola di Bosco

prod002415 Fragola di Bosco is an Italian alpine strawberry that enjoys popularity in gourmet salads. Plants are everbearing and productive. As with other woodland strawberries fruits are delicately sweet and best eaten straight freshly picked. Early to flower and fruit plants