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Category Archives: Fruit

Pluot Flavor Supreme PP6763

prod003492 A fruit dream come true Pluot? is a sublime hybrid of 70% plum 30% apricot. ‘Flavor Supreme’s sweet richly flavored medium to large fruits triumph in taste tests. Attractive trees produce large delicious harvest of prettily mottled green-maroon fruits with

Hazelnut Collection

prod003240 Hazelnuts or American filberts yield small edible egg-shaped nuts around 1/2 inch long enclosed in brown husks. Nuts mature and drop to the ground in late summer to early fall. Hazelnuts are relished by wildlife and are superb raw or

Autumn olive Amber

prod022688 In May enchanting 8-10’ plant unleashes a profusion of fragrant white flowers. ‘Amber’ is lovely too come September: festooned with sweet tasty nutritious large light-yellow fruit. Berries are great enjoyed fresh

Raspberry Himbo Top

prod022675 Himbo Top is a standout for berry size flavor and yields. Fall-bearing variety produces unexpectedly large quantities of very big firm aromatic bright-red berries. Eat fresh or save for home-made desserts. Easy-picking sweet

Plum Italian Prune

prod003498 Plums as lovely as they are delicious. Attractive flowering trees produce a mouth-watering harvest of large oblong purple fruits with succulent greenish-yellow flesh that turns red when cooked. Fruits are blessed with lovely intense flavor and sweetness: delicious fresh or

Strawberry Sweet Kiss

prod099618 Sw-e-e-et! High-yielding 10-12” small plants with pretty white blooms produce an outsize harvest of shapely delicious large strawberries. Sweetheart variety was a standout variety in our trials. A pretty and irresistible choice for a small patio container.

Grape Neptune PP 12 302

prod001556 Neptune’s prodigiously large clusters of sweet seedless fruit ripen uniformly for easy picking. Non-cracking and fungus-resistant Neptune’s a good choice for organic growers.

Raspberry Prelude

prod022676 ‘Prelude’ offers a sweet payload of great big firm red berries with shimmery-sweet flavor! Early-midseason summer bearing super producer provides a nice long fruiting season. US Plant Patent #11747

Grape Out of World Collection

prod001606 Reap your own American harvest of red white and blue grapes. Collection includes Mars Jupiter and Neptune; sweetly delicious varieties bred by the University of Arkansas. Berries have fruity to light muscat and Old World flavors. A bery easy-to-grow grape

Medlar Breda Giant

prod003341 Now for something completely different;a fruit like no other. The flavor of this rose-relative is a culinary collage of loquat kumquat fig and dates with smoky spicy overtones: a bit like apple-butter. Growing on deciduous 20-foot tall trees weirdly wonderful-looking

Cornelian cherry Elegant

prod022839 Cornelian Cherries have been cultivated since ancient times. They are one of the first shrubs to flower in spring and produce oblong drupe fruit in bright cherry red. Cornus mass Elegant was selected for its flower size and fruit quality.

Apricot Shiro-Kaga

prod099623 This small and elegant 8-10’ tree originated in Korea and China yet we refer it as the Japanese Apricot. Often featured in oriental paintings and cultivated for’ 1 500 years ornamental tree is beloved in Asia because of its astonishing

Kiwi Extra-Hardy Michigan State

prod003241 The vines tolerate colder conditions and are hardy to zone 5. The aromatic flavorful fruits are much bigger than other varieties up to 1 oz. more block-shaped and a nice lime green. Kiwis are superb eaten fresh in mixed salads

Raspberry Polana PPAF

prod001557 Midsummer sweetness. Polana yields a plethora of large sweet succulent berries on manageable plants. Now you can enjoy fresh raspberries much of the summer before the fall raspberries arrive. Berries are large and flavorful and the canes produce an abundance

Gooseberry Tixia

prod003497 The Swiss know and prize gooseberries—and this is their favorite. Thornless plants produce large smooth ever so tasty bright-red berries; delicious in pies jellies and juices. Upright nearly thornless shrubs 3-4 ft. tall

Apricot Canadian White Blenheim

prod003491 Consistently the highest-scoring apricot in taste tests. Firmly-textured succulent white flesh is exceptionally sweet and delicious. Partly self-fruitful tree will produce heftier crops if cross-pollinized with another late-flowering apricot. Late mid-season. Chilling requirement of 700 hours below 45?F.

European Pear Sunrise

prod002666 Fruits are yellow with a slight blush and very little russeting; they are ready to harvest 2 weeks before Bartlett and can keep for 2-3 months. Flavor is extra sweet and very pleasant. Developed by Oregon State and USDA for

Blueberry Favorite Collection

prod001609 Collection includes one plant each of: Bluejay; medium-large berries in mid season. Blueray; very sweet extra-large early berry. Coville;Late season favorite with high yields. Herbert;jumbo-sized fruits rich and sweet. A $47.25 value for $39.95.

Grape Seedless Collection

prod000516 A cool arbor laden with grapes is a landscape treat that people have enjoyed for thousands of years. The modern gardener chooses seedless grapes for the ultimate eating pleasure. Collection contains one plant each: Mars;large purple-blue grapes in August and

Peach Gloria PP18224

prod002662 Grown in your own backyard peaches picked when fully ripe are especially flavorful. Gloria is a new variety that produces large highly colored very firm yellow-fleshed freestones. They are low-acid with high sugars and are excellent dessert peaches. The very