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Category Archives: Fruit

Blueberry Bluecrop

prod000511 Fruits ripen in mid season and the harvest goes on for weeks. (You need two kinds for cross-pollination three being even better.) The 5-6′ tall bushes become a blaze of crimson in the fall so they are ideal arranged as

Blueberry Southmoon PP# 9

prod22568 Large berries with complex and robust flavor Southmoon is perfect for southern areas with little need of chill hours. It does especially well in lighter sandy soils with generous additions of organic matter. This variety was developed in Florida and

Strawberry Pineberry

prod002817 An unusual hard-to-find strawberry. Plants are vigorous and send out numerous runners. Berries are white ornately speckled with red seeds and are a bit bigger than other pineberry varieties. Aroma is outstanding and the pineapple flavor is pleasant and mild.

Melon Honey Max

prod099466 Honey Max has a smooth pale exterior juicy green interior and weighs 6-8 lbs. Sow in fertile warm soil in full sun after all danger of frost. Sow 4-6 seeds about 3″ apart in hills 4-6′ apart. Cover with 1/2″


prod002660 Large dark wine red berries ripen from July to September. Widely grown in Oregon and Washington it is a vigorous trailing plant that is thornless and easy to grow. A favorite for making syrup preserves and desserts.

Kiwi Hardy Red Collection

prod002659 Hardy Red Kiwi bears unusual attractive cranberry-red fruits with red flesh. Very flavorful fruits are a favorite ripening in early September to October on vigorous ornamental vines. Kiwis are excellent additions to the home garden offering delicious fruit on easy-to-grow

Strawberry Alpine Alexandria

prod002413 One of the better known heirloom alpine strawberries Alexandria has thimble-sized luscious dark red berries. Top-rated for flavor vigor and yield these runnerless everbearing plants produce more fruit when allowed ample space. Grow in full sun to part shade. Plant

Raspberry Double Gold PPAF

prod003055 These berries are a visual treat; deeply blushed golden champagne and distinctively cone shape. Plants are very productive and give two harvests in one season (hence the “double” in its name) with fruit produced the first fall and a second

Prunus maritima

prod001567 In early summer along the Atlantic coast from Maine south to Maryland hardy gourmets head to the shore to collect the wild beach plums growing in the dunes. Eaten directly from the plant they are tart but ripen to a

Berry Pot Collection

prod002651 Grow these compact potted berries on your deck or patio to have easy-reach berry pickings. Blueberry Top Hat and strawberry Fragola di Bosco make a beautiful pair for edible deck decor. The bite-sized berries have unusual wild berry flavors.

Kiwi Hardy Collection

prod000506 Inside the unfuzzy skin the fruit is emerald green with small black seeds. Fruit ripens on the female vine: male vine is a lovely ornamental climbing vine. Hardy kiwi are actually sweeter than regular kiwi fruits. Ripens in fall. Zones:

Strawberry Alpine White Soul

prod002416 Like Yellow Wonder White Soul does not suffer from the lack of typical strawberry red pigments. Birds leave fruits alone and plants do not need protective netting. The unusual flavor of White Soul blends well with mesclun mixes and baby

Strawberry Alpine Yellow Wonder

prod002417 Considered one of the best gourmet strawberries Yellow Wonder has delightful aroma and fantastic flavor. Lacking the red color that attracts birds fruits are spared leaving more delicious harvests. Yellow Wonder berries are a luxurious easy-to-pick treat. Grow in well-drained

Blueberry Star PP# 10

prod22569 Large berries with pleasantly sweet flavor Star can now compliment early season bounty in home gardens with early ripening. Developed by University of Florida this variety blooms over very long period of time which makes it a good pollenizer for

Aronia melanocarpa

prod001566 This ravishing plant produces a show of elaborate white spring flowers with masses of delectable and nutritious black fruit arriving in fall. A delicious addition to a border aronia is a tough and durable plant that thrives in a wide

Blueberry Pink Popcorn

prod099529 ‘Pink Popcorn?’s compact plants produce a prodigal bounty of medium-sized pink-cream- to pink berries with darker pink blush bursting with true blueberry flavor and aroma. Hardy northern high-bush 4-5’ plants with showy white flowers and crimson fall foliage bear oodles

Blueberry Elliott

prod000515 This native American variety ripens in July and the harvest of large firm fruits with delicious sweet flavor goes on for weeks. Plant with at least two other blueberry varieties to ensure adequate cross-pollination. The 5-6′ tall bushes become a

Strawberry Gourmet Collection

prod002671 This trio of gourmet-flavored strawberries will be a cinch to grow in pots. The three colored berries;crimson red and white;will make a colorful and tasty fruit treat. These are easy to grow and easy to pick snacks;perfect for summer picnics.

Blueberry Bluejay

prod000512 This native American variety ripens in July and yields heavily for weeks. Plant with at least two other blueberry varieties to ensure adequate cross-pollination. The 5-6′ tall bushes become a blaze of crimson in the fall so they are ideal

Watermelon Charleston Gray

prod000555 Flesh is red crisp fiberless and delicious; skin is light greenish gray. Resistant to fusarium wilt anthracnose and sunburn. Ready for harvest 85 days after sowing. GARDEN HINTS: For early fruiting and to overcome a short growing season start seeds