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Category Archives: Fruit

Blueberry Razz

prod099619 We guarantee you won’t find this exceptionally delicious blueberry at your supermarket or farm stand. Plump powder-blue medium to large berries boast a remarkable flavor uniquely accented with raspberry overtones; perfect for fresh-eating baking and jams. Hardy 5-6’ plants produce

Blueberry The Southern Collection

prod003239 This collection offers 90 days of harvest from three southern highbush blueberries with low chill requirement: Misty (300 chill hours) Jewel (200 chill hours) and Sunshine Blue (150 chill hours). These varieties have been bred for heat tolerance and low

Blackberry Natchez PP# 20

prod22554 The Natchez Thornless Blackberry Plant was developed to be very adaptable and is expected to grow well in all areas of USDA. Released by the researchers at the University of Arkansas and the United States Department of Agriculture Natchez Thornless

Strawberry Mignonette

prod001170 Mignonette is a French type strawberry that has smaller berries and a distinct flavor and aroma. Excellent edging border or container variety. Grow as an annual or perennial. GARDEN HINTS: Strawberries grow best in a sunny area with rich moist


prod001560 The very berry for your next jam session. Marionberry is a type blackberry developed by the USDA-ARS breeding program in cooperation with Oregon State University. This prolific variety produces a hefty harvest of delicious bright glossy fruit. The tart sweet

Blueberry Northland

prod22562 Northland is the most cold-hardy Highbush variety. It is easy to grow and adaptable to many different soil types. The berries are excellent for jams and baking because of their high sugar content. The bright yellow wood and compact shape

Melon Spanish Moon Hybrid

prod099920 Both its cream colored skin and very pale white-green flesh suggest the mood whether quarter half or full. A true beauty both on the vine as well as on the plate Spanish Moon has a subtle delicately sweet taste not

Blackberry Osage PPAF

prod003502 This new thornless blackberry bred by Dr. John Clark at University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is  tops for exceptional flavor and sweetness. ‘Osage’ is very adaptable heat and humidity tolerant and easy to grow at home. Ripening in

Watermelon Crimson Sweet

prod000556 Large round melons averaging 25 lb. are light green with dark green stripes. Flesh is dark red firm and fine-textured. Resistant to Fusarium wilt and anthracnose. GARDEN HINTS: For early fruiting and to overcome a short growing season start seeds

Blueberry Spartan

prod001447 Spartan is as strong as its name implies;the bush is tall and upright which benefits the overall ripening of the berries because of air circulation and sun penetration into the plants canopy. Most blueberry plants are self fertile but will

Strawberry Toscana

prod003153 Edible architecture doesn’t come any sweeter;or prettier;than this stunning new strawberry. With its explosion of deep-rose blooms lush habit and delicious harvest of sweet dark red fruits Toscana becomes a gorgeous feature on the patio balcony or in the garden

Blueberry Reka

prod22566 Selected and developed in New Zealand Reka is vigorous fast growing and adapts well to a wide range of northern climates and soil types. Abundand yields of early ripening medium sized exceptional tasting berries. Fall foliage is burgundy and blooming

Strawberry Alpine Fragola di Bosco

prod002415 Fragola di Bosco is an Italian alpine strawberry that enjoys popularity in gourmet salads. Plants are everbearing and productive. As with other woodland strawberries fruits are delicately sweet and best eaten straight freshly picked. Early to flower and fruit plants

Blackberry Ouachita PP17162

prod003495 Large firm sweet berries are bursting with flavor. Thornlesss sturdy canes produce 2-4 quarts of glossy juicy black berries. Vigorous easy to manage plants are garlanded with lovely large white flowers. Fully erect 4-6 ft. tall canes allow for denser

Blueberry Nelson

prod22560 A variety widely planted because of its dependable fruiting of a large lighter blueberry that is very firm with good flavor. The plant grows very upright and needs little pruning because of its open spreading plant habit.

Berry Pot Collection

prod002651 Grow these compact potted berries on your deck or patio to have easy-reach berry pickings. Blueberry Top Hat and strawberry Fragola di Bosco make a beautiful pair for edible deck decor. The bite-sized berries have unusual wild berry flavors.

Kiwi Hardy Collection

prod000506 Inside the unfuzzy skin the fruit is emerald green with small black seeds. Fruit ripens on the female vine: male vine is a lovely ornamental climbing vine. Hardy kiwi are actually sweeter than regular kiwi fruits. Ripens in fall. Zones:

Strawberry Alpine White Soul

prod002416 Like Yellow Wonder White Soul does not suffer from the lack of typical strawberry red pigments. Birds leave fruits alone and plants do not need protective netting. The unusual flavor of White Soul blends well with mesclun mixes and baby

Strawberry Alpine Yellow Wonder

prod002417 Considered one of the best gourmet strawberries Yellow Wonder has delightful aroma and fantastic flavor. Lacking the red color that attracts birds fruits are spared leaving more delicious harvests. Yellow Wonder berries are a luxurious easy-to-pick treat. Grow in well-drained

Blueberry Star PP# 10

prod22569 Large berries with pleasantly sweet flavor Star can now compliment early season bounty in home gardens with early ripening. Developed by University of Florida this variety blooms over very long period of time which makes it a good pollenizer for