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Category Archives: Fruit

Grape Jupiter PP13 309

prod001553 Jupiter’s heavyweight (4-5 grams) berries earn high marks in taste tastes. Produces abundant beautiful clusters of succulent seedless grapes that are good table grapes. As the grapes ripen in early midseason their reddish-blue color shifts to a beautiful deep blue.

Pear Asian Hosui

prod003499 Pear aficionados—and who is not?—agree ‘Hosui’ boasts the finest flavor of any Asian pear. Very round medium to large fruit with golden russet skins and firm juicy sweet-tart flesh mingles pearlike sweetness with applelike crunch. Columnar deciduous trees quickly grow

Blackberry Chester

prod001565 At the close of the blackberry season here comes the granddaddy of them all the prolific and rambling blackberry Chester. Managing the robust plant’s meandering vines is well worth the fall harvest of near-perfect fruit. Chester’s medium-sized jet black berries

Apple Crimson Crisp PP16622

prod002648 Very attractive crimson red blushed fruits. Medium-sized extremely crisp creamy-white flesh with tart very good rich flavor. Midseason harvest with fruits storing for 6 months. Spreading well-branched trees are immune to scab and moderately resistant to leaf rust. Low-maintenance trees

Strawberry Evie-2 PPAF

prod001563 Expect three fantastic crops of fresh delicious strawberries in the spring summer and fall. Plants produce hefty flavorful bright red strawberries like crazy.

Japanese Plum Ruby Queen

prod002667 Beautiful reddish-black skinned fruits are 2″ around with firm red flesh and an outstanding flavor. Ruby Queen is a USDA introduction that ripens 3-4 weeks after Plum Santa Rosa and is the plum of choice to extend the harvest season.

Peach Tree Crimson Rocket

prod003367 Space-saver pillar canopy fits small home garden spaces. Fruits are yellow-fleshed dessert type sweet and aromatic medium large and firm. Ripens early to mid August. A superb choice for home-grown juicy fresh-picked peaches for gardeners with not much space for

Strawberry Purple Wonder

prod002673 A color and flavor breakthrough. Incredible purple fruits are extra sweet and delicious. June-bearing plants are tidy and attractive with beautiful fully-lobed bright green leaves. Expect bountiful fresh pickings in summer. A one-of-a-kind strawberry for discriminating berry aficionados. Bred by

Strawberry AC Wendy

prod000533 Introduction from Nova Scotia with exceptional vigor. Large early to ripen fruit with aromatic flavor. Prized for its high yields firm berries and great for freezing. It’s resistant to foliar diseases and performs well in heavier soils. Zones: 4-8.

Paw Paw Collection

prod000508 Native fruit-producing trees to 20′ tall have purple blooms and large leaves followed by clusters of yellow-green fruit. Tasting like sweet bananas the 3-5″ 8 oz. oblong fruits ripen to a brownish color and are used in pastries and breads.

Strawberry Albion

prod000530 Albion an everbearing type is a new variety from California with long conical symmetrical; firm fruit bursting with sweetness. Resists Verticillium wilt Phytophthora crown rot and resistance to anthracnose crown rot. US Plant Patent #16228.

Apple Cox’s Orange Pippin

prod003490 Gourmets regard this delectable striped orange-red beauty as one of the finest apples of all. Classic English variety is firm crisp juicy and richly aromatic with spicy hints. Medium-sized fruits are perfect dessert apples and the best choice for homemade

Strawberry All Season Collection

prod001608 The berry patch will be filled all summer with delicious strawberries. We’ve selected the three very best strawberries so you can enjoy the longest strawberry harvest ever. Earliglow strawberry sweetly starts the season Jewel strawberry deliciously arrives in midseason and

Currant Ben Sarek Black Mid Season

prod022681 Compact upright 3’ deciduous shrub that thrives in full sun to part shade conjuring pendant clusters of large easy-picking black berries. ‘Ben Sarek’ is a renaissance black berry: excellent eaten fresh off the shrub or pressed into service in jam

Raspberry Glencoe

prod22501 Bushy easy to manage thornless bush with spinefree canes produces a bumper crop of incredibly luscious gourmet raspberries. Berry plants are self-fruitful so a single plant will supply ample fruit from early to late summer. Plenty of berries for fresh

Blueberry Duke

prod22556 The most widely planted early ripening northern variety. Heavy consistent yield with an attractive firm light blue high quality berry. Duke blooms late but ripens early which protects the blossoms from spring frosts. Branches may droop to the ground when

Gooseberry Hinnomaki Red

prod003047 Upright plants are very productive with medium-sized red berries. Fruits are very flavorful with the skin tangy but the flesh sweet. Easy to grow and nice as hedging with lobed leaves that turn red in the fall. Plants have good

Blueberry Toro

prod22570 Considered to be one of the most beautiful blueberry plants with bright red foliage in fall the large and sweet berries that form in clusters make Toro an exceptional home garden variety. Fruit flavor is rarely tart and berries are

Watermelon Sugar Baby

prod000561 Sweet fine-textured medium-red flesh. The round 12 lb. dark green skinned melons grow 8 in. across. GARDEN HINTS: For early fruiting and to overcome a short growing season plants may be started indoors in peat pots. Water during hot dry

Gooseberry Pixwell

prod003046 These almost thornless plants produce berries that are borne on slender stems hanging below the branches and so easy to pick. Bred in North Dakota Pixwell is very winter hardy very productive and resistant to powdery mildew. Good for fresh