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Category Archives: Fruit

Grape Einset Seedless PP6160

prod002658 Medium-sized berries oval and bright red with light waxy bloom are held in attractive shouldered clusters. The flesh is firm and flavorful with fruity labrusca and strawberry overtones. Crack resistant fruits have good keeping quality. Highly regarded as an outstanding

Grape Hope Seedless

prod003494 One beauteous green grape with outstanding fruity flavor and big-time yields. Vines produce tight clusters of 3-gram berries: with humongous yields from 35-50 lbs. per vine. Grapes have soft texture and few seed traces: perfect for fresh eating jams and

Autumn olive Garnet

prod022689 Here’s an exceptionally attractive and fruitful addition to your orchard or landscape. Harvested in mid to late September. ‘Garnet?’s reddish-brown berries—which are abundant—are sweet taste: fresh or incorporated into a tasty juice. Attractive medium to large self-fertile 8-10’ small tree

Persimmon Fuyu Jiro

prod003352 In November these lovely ornamental trees produce a bountiful harvest of medium-size reddish-orange fruit. Also called “Apple Persimmon” the round flattened fruits are the top fresh-eating persimmons. Firm crisp extremely sweet fruits excel in fruit salads

Cornelian Cherry Red Star

prod022680 Once grown for its looks alone attractive dogwood cousin produces admirable outsize crops of large glossy dark-red oval fruit. Juicy aromatic cherries have piquant tart-sweet flavor. Enjoy eating cherries fresh or let them star in pies sauces

Currant Jonkheer Van Tets Red Early

prod022682 Red Jonkheer Van Tets’ gets high marks for the flavor of the midsize berries which just get sweeter and sweeter—even after berries are full color. Outclasses other early varieties. Hardy upright easy-picking bush with excellent habit matures in early July

Blueberry Legacy

prod003339 Legacy is a very productive blueberry that produces firm sweet aromatic fruit for an extended period in late mid-season. Fruit is large and stores well; plants are vigorous upright and have good disease resistance. Legacy is one of several noteworthy

Strawberry Three Great Strawberries Collection

prod000529 The berry patch will be filled all summer with delicious strawberries. We’ve selected the three very best strawberries so you can enjoy the longest strawberry harvest ever. Earliglow strawberry sweetly starts the season Tribute strawberryyields abundantly in all three seasons

Apple Gold Rush PP9932

prod002649 Fruits are crisp and tart and develop sugars in storage and resist browning when cut- a great choice for yellow sauces. Gold Rush is resistant to scab and mildew and does well in southern warmer growing areas. To ensure cross-pollination

Raspberry Autumn Bliss

prod099624 Coming to an edible landscape near you. Attractive early-to-fruit high-yielding 4-5’ shrubs produce a prodigality of large perfectly sweet red raspberries. The bountiful berry harvest preceded by a pretty show of five-petaled white flowers comes two or more days before

Raspberry Niwot

prod099919 The first ever-bearing black raspberry Niwot was developed by Pete Tallman in Longmont Colorado. Niwot is early ripening ever-bearing black raspberry with impressive yield and delicious fruit. It is vigorous plant with impressive summer harvest and early fall ripening starting

Gooseberry Invicta

prod003496 Whoa! The biggest gooseberry we’ve ever met—and the best of the green-fruit gooseberries for fresh eating. Originating in England this prized culinary gooseberry bears sweet greenish-yellow berries the size of small plums. Delicious for pies preserves and freezing. Vigorous spiny

Cherry Sour Montmorency

prod003500 The best-known best-loved sour cherry. Large bright-red fruits with firm yellow flesh accomplish marvels in pies preserves and juices; good for freezing. Sour cherries are packed with healthful anti-oxidants. Taking its name from a valley in France highly adaptable tree

Cherry Sweet Nadia

prod022698 When Cherry Met Plum: a new romance in sweet goodness. Delectable cherry-plum cross captures and fuses the fruits’ flavors into a sweet new taste experience. Larger than a cherry firm sweet succulent fruit has dark cherry-red skin red flesh and

Apricot Canadian White Blenheim

prod003491 Consistently the highest-scoring apricot in taste tests. Firmly-textured succulent white flesh is exceptionally sweet and delicious. Partly self-fruitful tree will produce heftier crops if cross-pollinized with another late-flowering apricot. Late mid-season. Chilling requirement of 700 hours below 45?F.

Strawberry AC Wendy

prod000533 Introduction from Nova Scotia with exceptional vigor. Large early to ripen fruit with aromatic flavor. Prized for its high yields firm berries and great for freezing. It’s resistant to foliar diseases and performs well in heavier soils. Zones: 4-8.

Paw Paw Collection

prod000508 Native fruit-producing trees to 20′ tall have purple blooms and large leaves followed by clusters of yellow-green fruit. Tasting like sweet bananas the 3-5″ 8 oz. oblong fruits ripen to a brownish color and are used in pastries and breads.

Strawberry Albion

prod000530 Albion an everbearing type is a new variety from California with long conical symmetrical; firm fruit bursting with sweetness. Resists Verticillium wilt Phytophthora crown rot and resistance to anthracnose crown rot. US Plant Patent #16228.

Apple Cox’s Orange Pippin

prod003490 Gourmets regard this delectable striped orange-red beauty as one of the finest apples of all. Classic English variety is firm crisp juicy and richly aromatic with spicy hints. Medium-sized fruits are perfect dessert apples and the best choice for homemade

Strawberry All Season Collection

prod001608 The berry patch will be filled all summer with delicious strawberries. We’ve selected the three very best strawberries so you can enjoy the longest strawberry harvest ever. Earliglow strawberry sweetly starts the season Jewel strawberry deliciously arrives in midseason and