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Category Archives: Vegetables

Cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo

prod000545 Hales Best Jumbo was developed by a Japanese market gardener in California around 1920. It became widely popular because it combined excellent flavor with earliness. It’s a beautiful oval melon with deep green skin and golden netting. The flesh is

Squash Ronde de Nice

prod001918 An heirloom prized by generations of French squash connoisseurs for its mild nutty flavor and ever-so-tender flesh and skin. Harvest when fruits are young when they are merely 2-3″ in diameter and steam or saute. Ready in about 45-52 days.

Tomato Brandywine Red

prod001651 Flavorful but not acidic it is a large-lobed beefsteak-shaped tomato with a thin pinkish-red skin. Very vigorous. Best if staked caged or trellised. Perfect for slicing.

Squash Gourmet Gold Hybrid

prod002714 Just what the doctor ordered: a virus-resistant sunshine-yellow squash. Plants produce more better-quality fruits over a longer time and the leaves stay big green and attractive. Bushy plants with open habit make picking easy.

Corn Maple Sugar Hybrid

prod000670 We knew from the first bite that we had a winner. This utterly unique yellow hybrid had us at “hello”. It boasts sugar levels truly beyond belief while retaining the full texture and creaminess of older types. We like it

Cucumber Crystal Apple

prod002019 Originating in New Zealand this unusual heirloom cucumber was first offered in 1934. When mature Crystal Apple’s pretty pale greenish white-skinned fruits resemble Granny Smith apples. To experience the smooth tender and cream-tasting fruits at their peak enjoy them when

Squash Winter Lakota

prod000936 Plant breeders have recreated a stunning winter squash once prized by the Sioux but long lost to cultivation. Fine-grained orange flesh is sweet and nutty. Mature fruits are 8″ x 9″ and weigh 5-7lbs..

Salad Greens Purslane Goldgelber

prod001969 Purslane has an honored place in the European repertoire of greens. Mildly acerbic purslane’s tasty leaves have a pleasant lemony fragrance and make for a sparkly salad offering a nutritious bonus of high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

Popcorn Strawberry

prod001919 This heirloom corn is a pop star producing several ears per 5-6′ stalk of highly decorative popcorn when spaced at 9″ apart. Short and rounded the 2-3″ ears remind us of large strawberries with row upon row of ruby-red kernels.

Cover Crop Warm Climate

prod001535 This organic cover crop will be very successful in warmer climates containing 70% winter grain rye and 30% field (Austrian) winter pea. The mix is a balance of rapidly growing winter rye for erosion control and weed suppression plus Austrian

Simply Salad Wonder Wok Mix

prod022633 Including mustards kale and bok choy these greens are prime candidates for salads stir-fries and braising. A delicious addition to Burpee’s popular “Simply Salad” collection.

Squash Gourd Ornamental Luffa

prod000721 Grow these squash for its fibrous flesh and when dried you’ll have the best bath sponges ever! Harvest at 2″ long for delectable baby vegetables or up to 7″ long for drying into sponges. Needs at least 90 days to

Cucumber Armenian

prod000682 Heavily ribbed light green cukes with mild sweet taste. The fruit grows very long and is best eaten when 24″ long and less than 2 1/2″ across.

Eggplant Turkish Orange

prod001997 Native to Turkey this heirloom variety is a favorite of Italian gardeners and chefs. The petite 18-22″ plants produce abundant yields of round red-orange 3″ fruit. Eat when the fruits are young and in the green stage. Once orange the

Bean Burpees Stringless Green Pod

prod000579 HEIRLOOM. This Burpee bred bean is entirely stringless; it’s brittle meaty juicy and has exceptional flavor. Plant yields are early and extremely high; pods are round about 6″ long and slightly curved. Plants are entirely self supporting. A 2 oz.

Pumpkin Jack O Lantern Organic

prod002147 Excellent for Halloween craving and cooking. Pumpkins are medium sized round to elongated in shape. It has a fine taste as well. Certified Organic Seed.

Spinach Bloomsdale Long Standing

prod000894 Popeye’s favorite heirloom variety! Bloomsdale Long Standing is an old standard. It’s a large spreading spinach has dark green savoyed curled leaves. The yield is good and it is slow to bolt. For first crop sow in spring. Plant again

Squash Winter Burpee’s Butterbush

prod000932 Deep red-orange flesh is rich and delicious. Space-saving bush-type plants grow only 3′ long. Each bush bears 4-5 butternut-shaped fruits averaging 1 1/2 lb. A sweet staple and a great source of vitamin A. Winter squash keeps for months and

Bean Mascotte

prod099676 Cook’s Garden Favorite. French green bean par excellence. ‘Mascotte’ offers up a plentitude of round extra fine stringless 5” beans the crisp flesh packed with flavor. Pods require only the simplest preparation: a little steaming a little butter: bean bliss.

Squash True Hubbard

prod001984 True Hubbard has appeared in American gardens and been served on American tables since at least the 1780s. Weighing about 12 lb. each the squash has delicious yellow-gold flesh and deep green skin. The long-storing fruits are excellent in pies