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Category Archives: Vegetables

Squash Winter Lakota

prod000936 Plant breeders have recreated a stunning winter squash once prized by the Sioux but long lost to cultivation. Fine-grained orange flesh is sweet and nutty. Mature fruits are 8″ x 9″ and weigh 5-7lbs..

Cover Crop Warm Climate

prod001535 This organic cover crop will be very successful in warmer climates containing 70% winter grain rye and 30% field (Austrian) winter pea. The mix is a balance of rapidly growing winter rye for erosion control and weed suppression plus Austrian

Simply Salad Wonder Wok Mix

prod022633 Including mustards kale and bok choy these greens are prime candidates for salads stir-fries and braising. A delicious addition to Burpee’s popular “Simply Salad” collection.

Squash Gourd Ornamental Luffa

prod000721 Grow these squash for its fibrous flesh and when dried you’ll have the best bath sponges ever! Harvest at 2″ long for delectable baby vegetables or up to 7″ long for drying into sponges. Needs at least 90 days to

Cucumber Suyo Long

prod001924 Suyo Long is a traditional variety from China that offers an abundance of delicious burpless crispy cucumbers. Growing to 16″ long on vigorous vines the sweet ribbed fruits can be picked at any stage from very young to fully mature.

Pumpkin Musquee de Provence

prod001896 A beautiful heirloom from the south of France with large 20 lb. flattened fruits that are heavily ribbed. Green when immature they turn a lovely deep brown when fully ripe. The deep orange flesh is a particular favorite of chefs

Endive Galia Frisse

prod001828 With its compact head and finely cut leaves this frisse is well suited for small gardens. The pale sweet inner leaves of Galia are superb topped with a colorful fruity dressing.

Cauliflower Snowball Y Organic

prod000648 An early maturing snow white high quality hybrid from France suitable for both spring or fall plantings.

Rutabaga Burpee’s Purple Top

prod000885 Large smooth globe-shaped roots with deep purplish-red tops above ground and light yellow below. Sweet fine-grained yellow flesh turns bright orange when cooked. Prefers cool weather and is best grown as a fall crop. Ready 90 days after seed sowing.

Tomato Red October Hybrid

prod001006 The first long shelf life tomato with the indeterminate plant habit that goes hand in hand with top-notch taste. Big 8 oz. red fruits can hang a long time on the vine without softening or losing flavor. Harvested fully ripe

Parsnip Hollow Crown

prod000780 This parsnip develops a sweet nutty flavor after frost. Mature roots are 12″ long and 3″ thick. Does best in deeply prepared soil.

Microgreens Burpee’s Mix

prod000764 Harvesting the delicate smallest days-young shoots of this varied blend of vegetables provides an explosive flavor burst for topping fresh salads roasted root vegetables and any meat dish. An easy to grow mix of 20% Beet Detroit Red 20% Cabbage

Tomato Baby Boomer Hybrid

prod003439 This summer get ready for the invasion of the cherry tomatoes. Wildly prolific each determinate patio-ready bush unleashes a bumper crop of 300 little sweeties bursting with great big flavor. Whorling plants yield up 1″ 1 oz. cherries right until

Eggplant Black Beauty Organic

prod002160 Over 100 years old this 1902 Burpee introduction was an immediate hit because the plants ripened perfect fruits dramatically earlier than other varieties. It became the common market eggplant of today. Harvested fresh however makes all the difference. Certified Organic

Squash Winter Early Acorn Hybrid

prod000934 Productive plants bear five large 5″ dark green fruits. Orange-yellow flesh is sweet nutty and has a smooth texture. Burpee bred and proven tops for performance flavor and wide adaptability. 25 seeds per packet will plant 6 groups.

Turnip Purple Top White Globe

prod001185 Turnip lovers prize its deliciously sweet and tender white roots. The turnips are often 4″ and sometimes 6″ across handsomely blushed with pink to purple at the crown. Young leaves make the classic cooked ‘southern greens’.

Garlic Sonoran

prod002933 Sonoran Garlic produces plump squat cloves on each bulb and offers a mild well-rounded flavor and heat. It grows best where winters are cold spring is damp and cool and summer is dry and warm. Harvests VERY early and stores

Radicchio Chicory Red Verona

prod001159 Leaves are sharp-flavored use sparingly in green salads. May also be sauteed steamed or grilled with meats. GARDIN HINTS: Do not plant too early in spring or plants may bolt (go to seed). In early fall cut off all leaves

Pea RSVPea

prod000782 These peas please. Arriving early they produce prolifically and are deliciously sweet. Each pod arrives loaded with 7-8 utterly scrumptious peas. Growing to 40″ these sturdy pea plants are adapted for the cooler climates of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Pepper Hot Dragon Cayenne

prod099708 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Hot hot hot! Sizzling pungent hybrid guarantees this is going to be one hot summer. Five times hotter than jalape?o fire-breathing ‘Dragon’ adds flame and flavor to Mexican and Asian dishes. Pretty well-branched 30″ tall plants produce