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Category Archives: Vegetables

Arugula Rocket (Roquette)

prod000886 Tender smooth leaves with robust peppery flavor. Cook mature leaves with other greens. GARDEN HINTS: Grows best in cool weather. Can also be grown as a fall crop. Sow early in spring. Protect from heat with shade cloth. Likes fertile

Kale Kale Storm

prod099477 The great American kale kraze just gets krazier by the day with ever-growing numbers of kale konnoisseurs blissing out at the cabbage cousin’s incredible flavor and outsize nutritional bonanza. ’Kale Storm ’ a chromatic medley of three choice varieties—purple green

Garlic Burpee’s Best Spring Collection

prod002718 Garlic is a many-splendored thing-offering a spectrum of flavors nuances hues shapes and sizes. Our new Spring Collection introduces you to a variety of garlic experience. Includes 1/2 lb. each of Early Italian Purple Silver Rose Inchelium Red Italian Late

Bean Asparagus Yardlong

prod000575 Asparagus Yardlong bears loads of slender very long pods that are best picked when less than 18 in. long. It has a delicious nutty flavor steamed stir-fried or sauteed. It’s easy to grow and has no serious pests or diseases.

Swiss Chard Bright Lights

prod000947 This stunning chard seed mix has stems in gold pink and crimson. A few plants will be white and pink striped orange scarlet purple green and white. All are delicious to eat though they are at their best harvested young

Pea Super Sugar Snap

prod000795 We call these our “Renaissance peas” because of their virtuoso versatility. They’re delicious raw steamed or stir-fried-and you eat them pod and all. The plant produces thick full-size ever so sweet snap peas-sweeter than famous Sugar Snap-and delectable in salads

Onion Granex Yellow

prod001138 This is the exceptionally sweet mild onion made famous in Vidalia Georgia and Maui Hawaii. Good for rings baking salads and sauces

Lettuce Fall & Winter Blend

prod099650 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Its takes the right varieties to survive the low light low temperature conditions of fall and winter and this exclusive mix contains just what you’ll need to extend the salad season. A mixture from all of our

Cabbage Salad Delight (Red)

prod000629 Salad Delight is a delicious early maturing red cabbage with a 3 lb. head. An outstanding slicing cabbage with well-marbled firm glossy crimson leaves and pure white ribs. GARDEN HINTS: For earlier harvest sow seeds indoors in a sunny spot

Potato Red Lasoda

prod001493 Beautiful smooth red skin with pure white flesh. Tubers are oblong and slightly flattened with medium deep eyes. An excellent potato for boiling never loses its flavor. Known as the best storing red potato will keep for months. Release by

Carrot Danvers Half Long

prod000632 Market gardeners in Danvers Massachusetts developed this variety and shared it with Burpee in 1886. The root is a rich dark orange and is 6-8″ long. A first-class carrot for all soils.

Garlic Ajo Rojo

prod002927 Ajo Rojo is a beautiful and distinctive garlic with red/burgundy clove wrappers and good storage. It sizes up nicely in warmer growing areas with many bulbs reaching 2″ diameter. Silky bulb wrappers. Vigorous root system and late harvest for incredibly

Carrot Purple Dragon

prod000637 Slice it shred it love it. We love to make a cool summer carrot salad of yellow orange and purple varieties they’re delicious and a treat for the eyes. Carrot aficionados (and who isn’t) will delight in this unique and

Carrot Short ‘N Sweet

prod000639 Easy to grow and full of vitamins this rich sweet flavored carrot has 4″ roots that are bright orange to the center. It was bred especially for heavy or poor soil and can also be grown in large containers. Burpee

Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield

prod002049 This is a cabbage with a pedigree. New Jersey Wakefield is an adaptation of an older English variety Early Wakefield and has proven a reliable favorite for US gardens since the 1840s especially in northern climes. Quickly produces large dense

Tomato SuperSauce Hybrid

prod003154 It’s SuperSauce! The new tomato superhero. A whole lot bigger a whole lot better a Roma with aroma. Weighing in at 2 lb. a whopping 5.5″ tall x 5″ wide SuperSauce produces gallons of luscious seedless sauce from a single

Corn Early Xtra-Sweet Hybrid

prod000665 Supersweet Hybrid (Sh2) corns can be twice as sweet as others and stay sweet for days if chilled promptly. For best taste isolate from non-Sh kinds to stop cross-pollination. An All-America Selections winner Early Xtra-Sweet is 2 weeks earlier than

Beet Detroit Dark Red Organic

prod000612 This classic variety produces early very dark red and extremely sweet roots up to 3″ across. It’s good fresh canned or frozen. We searched the world to find the best organic seed-Burpee fully guarantees that not a drop of synthetic

Garlic Inchelium Red

prod001487 A soft neck garlic that is mild at harvest but increases in flavor during storage and with just a touch of spicy heat. Its large 3″ bulbs produce many cloves. A wonderful garlic for all-purpose use where mild flavors are

Tomato Patio Princess Hybrid

prod001002 Invite these petite plants onto your patio and get ready to enjoy a bountiful supply of the tastiest little tomatoes ever. The 2′ plants fruit mightily-producing as many 2 1/2″ fruits as plants twice their size. Patio Princess is just