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Category Archives: Vegetables

Squash Summer Burpee Golden Zucchini

prod000908 Fruits are medium-long slender and cylindrical in shape. Bright golden color and a delicious distinctive zucchini flavor. Garden Hints: Fruits are best when 6 to 8″ long. Cultivate or mulch to control weeds. Fertilize when fruits form to increase yield.

Pea Garden Sweet

prod001756 Plump juicy peas taste like little pearls of sugar! With 20-30% more sugars than other pea varieties Garden Sweet is a ready-made dish that needs little preparation from the garden to the plate. Peas contain 18 essential vitamins and nutrients-a

Radish Black Spanish Round

prod001935 Black radishes have been grown and savored in Europe since the 1500s. With handsome black skins the large 3-4″ turnip-shaped globes have crisp pungent spicy pure-white flesh. A winter variety valued for its strong medicinal properties ease of growth and

Tomato Mountain Magic Hybrid

prod001633 A true breakthrough when it comes to disease-resistance. This scrumptious campari tomato withstands the big three threats besetting tomatoes: late blight early blight and fruit cracking. Count on a crop of sweet great-tasting 2 oz. fruits on indeterminate plants.

Pepper Sweet Carnival Mix

prod000826 When you plant a packet some will turn out gold or orange and others will be red purple or ivory. Most start out green and are tasty as soon as they reach full size; a few weeks later their full

Garlic Siciliano

prod002932 Siciliano is an early harvesting very rich flavored and mildly pungent Artichoke softneck garlic. An excellent braider that is adaptable to a wide range of climates and is a good garlic for growing in warm winter areas. Harvest fall planted

Carrot Yaya Hybrid

prod099642 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Hybrid. From the Dutch breeders that developed ‘Napoli’ the famous ‘sugar carrot’ comes this latest treat that sets a new standard for flavor. The 6 inch roots are bright orange with a blunt tip retaining their extremely

Celery Tall Utah 52-70R Improved

prod000649 Fresh celery is much more aromatic and delicious than store bought. Tall Utah has dark green stalks and a very compact habit. Start seeds when weather has warmed so crop matures in fall. Mature celery lasts into winter with light

Flowering Kale Song Bird Pink

prod002430 Song Bird Pink has an excellent double crown and leaves from green white to pink. It’s ideal for use with dianthus and pansies for fall and winter gardens. Colors get even more intense in the cold winter months.

Brussels Sprouts Octia

prod003199 Octia has densely packed dark leaves and is easy to harvest prepare and enjoy. It’s one irresistible sprout: a mini cabbage with maximum flavor.

Spinach Giant 157 Hybrid

prod000895 Extra-large smooth and heavy leaves are easy to clean. Leaves are crisp when used fresh in salads and creamy-smooth when cooked. Very productive. Grows best in cool weather and full to part sun. Grow as a spring or fall crop.

Watermelon Moon And Stars Heirloom

prod000559 A spectacular watermelon with fine flavor introduced by the Henderson seed company in 1926. The skin is deep green speckled with hundreds of golden yellow stars and a few half-dollar sized moons. Even the foliage has yellow “stars”. The fruit

Cucumber Straight Eight

prod000699 This heirloom All-America Selections winner is a cuke for all seasons. Pick when 8″ long for top flavor. For perfect cukes grow them on a fence or our space-saving Trellis Netting. Sow seeds 6″ apart in rows or plant 5

Corn Ambrosia Hybrid

prod001817 Ambrosia isn’t just a name it’s the perfect description for this white and yellow checkered sugar-enhanced sweet corn. The 8″ long ears on 6 1/2′ tall plants are plump sweet and ready for summer picnics. SE.

Kale Scarlet

prod099475 Kale—long on flavor and high in nutrition—has been in big demand and short supply lately. Tasty gourmet red variety will keep you well supplied this summer. Kale leaves mingle nicely in salads stir-fries and soups. Best harvested when leaves are

Cabbage Earliana

prod000627 Earliana has small deep round green heads up to 4 1/2 to 5″ across with superb flavor and weigh in at 2 lb. or more. As its name implies Earliana matures early: ready in just 60 days after setting plants

Lettuce Salad Bowl (Leaf)

prod000753 Crisp and tender with a sweet flavor. Large deeply lobed green leaves. Slow to bolt non-heading. All-America Selections winner. Ready 45 days after sowing. GARDEN HINTS: Lettuce grows best in cool weather. Thinnings make delicious extra-early salads. Make successive plantings

Pumpkin Atlantic Giant

prod001981 Over the last 30 years this here gigantic pumpkin has earned miles of blue ribbons in growing contests. Proudly descended from several strains of prize-winning “Mammoth” pumpkins that go back centuries and were legends in their day. Given the right

Lettuce Yugoslavian Red

prod001926 We consider this the most beautiful lettuce we have grown. With bright-green cupped leaves splashed with rosy-red this butterhead type makes a visual and flavorful splash in the salad bowl. The taste is superb buttery and mild. Loose heads grow

Squash Winter Waltham Butternut

prod000938 Fall and winter this is a delicious butternut with improved fruit uniformity and increased yields. Interior is solid and dry. Pick young and use like summer squash or let mature to 6 lbs. Excellent for storing. Ready about 85 days