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Category Archives: Vegetables

Bean Cannelino

prod001988 Originally from Italy this exceptional kidney bean has been a delectable fixture in American gardens since the early 1800s. The bean has played a starring role in home cooking as well in soups stews and as an ideal choice for

Eggplant Millionaire Hybrid

prod000711 Smooth very attractive Japanese type with fine flavor. Delicious in stir-fry dishes. Slender fruits 2″ across 8 to 10″ long are borne early on upright plants. Proven tops for performance flavor and wide adaptability. The stunning eggplant is as easy

Greens Salt Wort

prod099647 Cook’s Garden Favorite. In Japan they call salt wort “okahijiki” (“land seaweed”). We call it a treat. Succulent nutrient-rich long green leaves convey enticing crunchy flavor. Tender young leaves on sprawling 20” plants add taste and texture to salads and

Squash Fordhook Acorn

prod001946 As it name suggests this classic acorn squash was bred at Fordhook Farm in Doylestown PA under the expert eye of W. Atlee Burpee himself. Introduced in 1890 the squash’s tan oblong fruits grow up to 2 lb. on vining

Pea Goliath

prod099472 Vines produce huge yields of 4 ?” stringless pods with extra sweet flavor.

Pepper Sweet Marconi Golden

prod001940 The golden cousin of the red-colored Marconi this delicious and mild-tasting heirloom pepper is prized in Italy. Very sweet and very large the 7-10″ long tapered fruits are great for eating fresh frying grilling or stuffing. Pick at either the

Bean Painted Pony

prod001907 Originating in Mexico this Mexican heirloom is a choice dual-purpose bean. Harvest at about 60 days for plentiful long thin stringless snap beans-or let the pods dry on the bush type plants and harvest after 80 days for a bountiful

Tomato Burpee’s Long-Keeper

prod000978 A Burpee introduction in 1979 Long-Keeper is a must for winter storage. Staying fresh for 6-12 weeks or more it provides fruits for fresh use during the fall and into the winter. The skin of these fruits is a golden

Lettuce Alfresco Mix

prod099692 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Buttery tender red and green leaf lettuces together with peppery arugula delicate endive and firm full-flavored radicchio make up a classic Mediterranean mix.

Tomato Porterhouse Hybrid

prod001003 These plump beefsteak tomatoes-tipping the scales from 2 to 4 lb. each-are bursting with larger-than-life flavor. The luscious flesh is deep red all the way through-just the right balance of meaty solids and succulent juice. The smooth texture and rich

Bean Three Color Blend

prod099673 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Can’t-miss tricolor combination lights up the garden and the dinner table. Our selection of sweet colorful easy-to-harvest bush beans yields masses of vivid purple (Royal Burgundy) yellow (Mellow Yellow) and green (Bush Blue Lake 274) pods.

Pea Sugar Bon

prod000792 The most versatile peas that are wonderful raw steamed or stir-fried. Yields are higher because you eat them pod and all. Thick full sized snap peas are very sweet. This snap pea bears delicious sweet pods 3″ long. Compact plants

Pepper Hot Cheyenne Hybrid

prod003164 Sugar and spice! Compact 3′ tall plants variety produce oodles of fruit that ripens green to red and is excellent fresh or cooked. This early ripening hybrid is great for containers and in the garden.

Tomato Lizzano Hybrid

prod002746 This cherry tomato with its compact dwarf habit offers a prolonged nonstop harvest of delectable round 1” fruits-just right for snacks dips and salads. The plants of this AAS 2011 winner grow just 16-20” tall and 20” wide prime candidates

Mustard Mizuna

prod002048 This Japanese mustard reputedly Indian in origin has a mild slightly peppery taste. The heirloom’s leaves add pizzazz to gourmet mixed-green salads and are delicious sauteed or stir-fried. Bright green and heavily serrated the leaves have a picturesque feathery look

Tomato Summer Girl Hybrid

prod003447 Cue the tomatoes. When it comes to tomatoes we say the earlier the better! Multitalented variety has it all: earliness (five days earlier than standard varieties two weeks earlier than tomatoes of equal size) flavor size and yield. Round 5-6

Eggplant Meatball Hybrid

prod099571 Meet the mightiest meatiest eggplant ever. Imagine fresh home-grown vine-ripened meat: that’s ‘Meatball’. Fruit’s dense moist flavorful flesh captures the flavor and texture of meat as no other eggplant—or any vegetable—can. Roly-poly jewel-toned

Tomato Honey Delight Hybrid

prod003387 Returning from Burpee’s garden trials this was a favorite among the staff! Four ounce yellow fruits will light up the garden and your palate alike. These 2″ yellow cocktail tomatoes have sparkling flavor that gives your tongue something to talk

Tomato Napa Grape Hybrid

prod000999 Tip-top tomato taste! Our exclusive grape tomato sets a high standard. Consistently the top choice in our summer taste tests Napa maintains a higher sugar content than any other grape tomato-and the sweetness doesn’t fade in late summer. The elongated

Bush Bean Venice

prod22535 Delectable Italian type pods yield in bushels. Best when 5-6″ long the flat pods load up onto squat 16″ tall plants in just 55 days! They are resistant to the Bean Common Mosaic Virus.