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Category Archives: Vegetables

Lettuce Alfresco Mix

prod099692 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Buttery tender red and green leaf lettuces together with peppery arugula delicate endive and firm full-flavored radicchio make up a classic Mediterranean mix.

Tomato Burpee’s Long-Keeper

prod000978 A Burpee introduction in 1979 Long-Keeper is a must for winter storage. Staying fresh for 6-12 weeks or more it provides fruits for fresh use during the fall and into the winter. The skin of these fruits is a golden

Tomato Porterhouse Hybrid

prod001003 These plump beefsteak tomatoes-tipping the scales from 2 to 4 lb. each-are bursting with larger-than-life flavor. The luscious flesh is deep red all the way through-just the right balance of meaty solids and succulent juice. The smooth texture and rich

Bean Three Color Blend

prod099673 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Can’t-miss tricolor combination lights up the garden and the dinner table. Our selection of sweet colorful easy-to-harvest bush beans yields masses of vivid purple (Royal Burgundy) yellow (Mellow Yellow) and green (Bush Blue Lake 274) pods.

Pea Sugar Bon

prod000792 The most versatile peas that are wonderful raw steamed or stir-fried. Yields are higher because you eat them pod and all. Thick full sized snap peas are very sweet. This snap pea bears delicious sweet pods 3″ long. Compact plants

Mesclun Provencal Mix

prod099696 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Travelers to the Provence region of France have long returned with ecstatic reports on the produce in the markets and the food in the many inns and restaurants. One of the reasons is the tried and true

Pea Peagoda

prod099556 Presenting ‘Peagoda’! Prolific paragon of the pea patch and incredible edible ornamental welcome addition to the edible landscape tantalizing towers of peas are upright self-supporting plants with branches at 90-degree angles. Patio-perfect compact plant’s branches boast 2-3 pods and 2-3

Radish Cook’s Custom Blend

prod099726 Cook’s Garden Favorite. We?ve blended our favorite red pink purple and white radishes for a quick and beautiful addition to salads and party trays. Sow every two weeks for bountiful harvests all season.

Melon Bodacious Hybrid

prod003175 An excellent summer refreshment this exquisite lime-green melon is a sensory marvels: a paragon of flavor texture color form and fragrance. Gourmet-worthy oriental sweet melon on full-vining plants offer up nourishing green fruit with soft sweet succulent flesh. Fruits weigh

Eggplant Early Midnight Hybrid

prod002717 This is what we call the “renaissance eggplant” because it excels in every way. First of all it’s first arriving a full week before other eggplants. Plump dark-skinned and gorgeous Early Midnight’s 6″ thick fruits boast creamy white

Pepper Sweet Lemon Dream

prod099557 Flavor-charged explosion of super-bright yellow tapered 3” sweet peppers! ‘Lemon Dream’ unloads glossy glowy fruit—perfect for stuffing grilling saut?ing and nibbling in the raw. Attractive 18”-tall ornamental dazzles in a favorite container aboard your sun-splashed patio. Lets kids harvest instant

Tomato Big Beef Hybrid

prod000965 An All-America Selections winner-and you’ll see and taste why. Extra-large 10 to 12 oz. red fruits are firm juicy and highly flavored. Yields heavily in all regions.

Spinach A La Carte Hybrid

prod022787 Cooking spinach is possibly the easiest fastest and most rewarding task in the kitchen. Rinse boil or steam and wait a couple of minutes. Basta! Spinach’s high-speed preparation is matched by its dense savory nutty flavor versatility and nutritional ka-boom!

Pepper Hot Born to be Mild Hybrid

prod003448 Luscious green low-heat 3″ hot pepper reminds us what how utterly delectable a pepper can be when your mouth isn’t on fire. ‘Born to be Mild’ provides full spectrum of flavorful nuances that with hotter varieties go up in flames.

Onion Tokyo Long White

prod001923 This bunching onion has long slender roots that are harvested as large scallions. Reaching about 12 to 15″ tall the stalk bottoms are pure white while the pungent flavorful tops are medium green. Use fresh or cook as you would

Spinach Harmony Hybrid

prod000896 Harmony Hybrid spinach has large tender dark green slightly crinkled leaves. Healthful tasty spinach can be sown twice for extra yield. Quick-growing superb flavor. Great braised boiled or added to meatless lasagnas.

Tomato Black Truffle

prod000972 This luscious new variety is our improvement on the Siberian heirloom Black Pear. The deep burgundy color with undertones of purplish-black is as rich as the flavor. We find it high in both sugars and acid creating a sweet strong

Pea Easy Peasy

prod002731 Here come the peas. Likely the top yielder in your spring garden Easy Peasy is soon loaded with delicious attractive and altogether pleasing peas. The taste test winner in our trials plants produce 10-11 peas per pod and two pods

Squash Summer Burpee Fordhook Zucchini Organic

prod002150 This organic Fordhook Zucchini has cylindrical smooth dark green straight to slightly curves fruits with creamy white tender flesh. The bush-like plants are vigorous and the fruits are best when 6-8″ long. Harvest in about 57 days. Certified Organic Seed.

Tomato Tomande Hybrid

prod001020 Tomato connoisseurs rave about the flavor of these broad-shouldered beauties. Fleshy juicy and flavorful Tomande will treat gourmet gardeners with both heirloom taste and abundant hybrid yields.