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Category Archives: Perennials

Echinacea Marmalade PPAF

prod099530 Massed in the sun-washed landscape ‘Marmalade‘s big bright blaze of extra-large semi-double tangy-orange flowers sparks a potent rush of tropical color. Flowers entrance the gaze with furry brown tufted centers set off by slender

Helleborus Ballerina Ruffles

prod022803 Bedazzled! You will delight in this exquisite cultivar. Come early spring ‘Ballerina Ruffles’ adds balletic grace to woodland sites or shady borders. Awesome fluffy double 3” flowers appear in light to bright pink often speckled with purple. Heavenly double-flowered hellebore

Tulip Banja Luka

prod003406 We can’t say enough about the superior qualities of Banja Luka.  Blooms are tall and large great in color- red and yellow. Plants are easy to naturalize and return year after year   blooming with great color. Darwin hybrid tulips

Perovskia a. ‘Denim ‘n Lace’ PPAF

prod099527 Denim and Lace’s sturdy silvery stems are covered with large fluffy lavender-blue flowers complemented by grey-green aromatic leaves. Compact pollinator-friendly 2-3’ plants are perfectly sized for a small flowerbed in full sun

Tulip Sanaeda King

prod099508 A red petal with a broad yellow edge brings the warmth of spring right in the center of the perennial border. At their best in mass plantings these attractive lily flowering tulips are among the most graceful and recognizable of

Helleborus Wedding Party Flower Girl

prod099614 Hellebores are beloved: for their graceful form jewel like color and vivid late winter blooms that vivify the frigid landscape. ‘Flower Girl’ with 2.5-3” blush to light-pink double flowers comes from the ‘Wedding Party’ series hellebores prized for vibrant color

Tulip Gold Dust

prod099498 Peony- flowered variety with a mix of orange and gold fringed petals. Gold Dust is one of those tulips that provokes admiration and makes a stunning impression in the spring garden. Blooming in mid-to late spring Gold Dust is unmatched

Tulip Spring Green

prod003032 Spring Green is one of the best Viridiflora Tulip cultivars. It’s an outstanding choice for cut flower arrangements. We suggest planting it in groups of 10 in concert with scarlet Darwin Hybrids such as Ad Rem. Blooms mid to late

Tulip Bastia

prod099488 Large flowering double late fringed tulip that is absolute mesmerizing to look at. Color combination of red orange and yellow creates a look of burning ambers. Late season blooming fringed. Bulb size: 12 cm.

Iberis sempervirens Whiteout


Tulip Parrot King

prod003019 The king of all Parrots tulip Parrot King deserves its name. As blooming begins the yellow-orange frilly edges of the petals offset an emerald green midrib; with maturity the petals become solid yellow with red feathery edges. During the day

Tulip Big Smile

prod003408 Large bright yellow blooms are great for Easter bouquets fresh from the garden. Plant with Tulip Ad Rem or Tulip Don Quichottes  for amazing tall stemmed bouquets. Large blooms and bright color are great for spring table decorations. Single late

Delosperma Golden Wonder

prod022587 Carpet your hot sunny areas in vibrant colors from early summer to frost. These spreading succulent perennials thrive on neglect in poor quality soil with good drainage and are exceptionally tolerant of drought and intense summer heat. The small plants

Muscari Dark Eyes

prod001385 Such interesting flowers on Dark Eyes the shades of blue change as the flowers age bringing out new tones every few days. Vigorous and hardy muscari grow well in shade or sun and tolerate most soil types. These are fragrant

Tulip Cummins

prod002990 Tulip Cummins is a most impressive fringed single tulip. Blossoms start in late spring in rose that turns to light plum with deep fringes of white. A great tulip for flower arrangements. Bulb size: 12 cm.

Tulip Red Gold

prod099507 Red Gold is one of those tulips that draws admiration from neighbors and friends. Blooms with papery petals of burgundy velvet pure form and with golden base this tulip makes a stunning impression in your best vases. Triumph tulip group

Helleborus Stained Glass

prod002687 Enchanting full double blooms with unusual rose-purple veins and picotees. Chameleon-like blooms transition over the season turning from deep purplish rose to blush with deep purple-rose edges. With uncommon double blooms the buds show vivid color on the back of

Tulip Temple of Beauty

prod003034 Tulip Temple of Beauty is our selection for the best tall salmon blooming tulip producing the tallest stems we have seen. We suggest planting it with Sky High Scarlet for breathtaking flower arrangements. Blooms late spring.

Tulip Silverstream

prod001434 Lava red streaks in soft yellow is a color dimension rarely seen in tulips. Silverstream looks fantastic tucked into a landscape bed with a dark background of green foliage or around the foundation of your home. Unique and special in

Tulip Monsella Double Flowering

prod001465 The festive flowers resemble water lilies when they open. One of the prettiest tulips for the early Spring garden. Blooming in early to mid spring.