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Category Archives: Organics

Bean Purple Podded Pole

prod001908 Discovered in an Ozarks vegetable garden in the 1930s the striking deep purple pods grow in abundance on 6′ tall pole habit vines over a long season. Tender and round the 5-7″ stringless pods turn green when cooked. A delectable

Oregano Cleopatra Organic

prod099878 Oregano is used in a variety of cuisines as a fresh herb or a dried spice late in the year when fresh is not available. Differing from Italian and Greek oreganos ‘Cleopatra’ has a unique mild spice laced with peppermint

Cucumber Suyo Long Organic

prod002117 Suyo Long is a traditional variety from China that offers an abundance of delicious burpless crispy cucumbers. Growing to 16″ long on vigorous vines the sweet ribbed fruits can be picked at any stage from very young to fully mature.

Lettuce Salad Bowl Green Organic

prod000754 Crisp and tender with a sweet flavor. Large deeply lobed green leaves. Slow to bolt non-heading. All-America Selections winner. Ready 45 days after sowing. GARDEN HINTS: Lettuce grows best in cool weather. Thinnings make delicious extra-early salads. Make successive plantings

Basil Genovese Organic

prod000489 This Italian variety has extremely tender fragrant extra-large dark green leaves and is superb for pesto. Start early indoors or outside after all danger of frost. We searched the world to find the best organic seed-Burpee fully guarantees that not

Sunflower Lemon Queen Organic

prod000395 A prolific sunflower with unique pointed petals in lemon-yellow with chocolate brown centers to 4-5″ across. Plants are multibranched up to 6 ft. tall. Plant with taller or shorter sunflowers with darker blooms for dramatic contrast. Sunflower seeds grow best

Turnip Golden Globe Organic

prod002266 Round 3-4″ roots have unique amber gold skin. Flesh is firm crisp and sweet. Tasty tops can be used as greens. Harvest in about 55 days.

Tomatillo Purple Organic

prod002265 Pale green fruits ripen to a brilliant purple color and are sweeter than green types. Great for adding some extra color to salsa. Certified Organic Seed.

Squash Summer Partenon Hyb Organic

prod002158 Partenon is a parthenocarpic zucchini variety meaning that the fruit is produced without pollination. Early dark green fruits grow up to 8″ long. Its compact size make it ideal for small gardens and containers. Certified Organic Seed.

Chives Garlic Organic

prod000493 The flat tender leaves have a flavor midway between garlic and onion. Delicious in salads spreads and flavored vinegars. Grows best in full sun. Perennial in Zones 3-10. Start early indoors or outdoors after danger of frost. We searched the

Cucumber Garden Sweet Burpless Hybrid Organic

prod000689 An exceptional burpless slicing cucumber with sweet flavor. Medium green 10 to 12″ long cylindrical smooth fruits on vigorous plants. It has good disease resistance. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

Watermelon Moon and Stars Heirloom Organic

prod002139 A great tasting watermelon with deep green skin speckled with golden yellow stars. Medium sized melons 25 lb. are slightly oblong with red fruit. Certified Organic Seed.

Tomato Sweetie Organic

prod002178 Bite-sized tomatoes deliciously sweet are produced on vigorous plants. Fruits are good size for eating out of hand or for salads. Indeterminate. Certified Organic Seed.

Tomato Mirabelle Blanche Organic

prod002169 These 1″ fruits ripen to a pale yellow color with a light blush at the blossom end. Indeterminate. Certified Organic Seed.

Arugula Selvatica Organic

prod002142 A smaller wilder form of arugula that is heat tolerant. Tangy flavor is unbelievably tasty and ideal for salads. We searched the world to find the best organic seed-Burpee fully guarantees that not a drop of synthetic chemicals was used

Lettuce Buttercrunch Organic

prod000736 This extremely popular lettuce has a luscious buttery texture. The soft heads are creamy yellow inside and have some heat resistance. Best in cooler regions. Plant early in spring and repeat every 2 weeks into fall. Protect from heat with

Cover Crop Warm Climate

prod001535 This organic cover crop will be very successful in warmer climates containing 70% winter grain rye and 30% field (Austrian) winter pea. The mix is a balance of rapidly growing winter rye for erosion control and weed suppression plus Austrian

Mustard Giant Red Organic

prod000765 Giant Red Japanese mustards make bold versatile ornamental edibles. Upright large rosettes up to 18″ tall are very colorful with deep red purplish savoy leaves edged and veined pale green. Easy to grow in spring fall and winter gardens these

Cantaloupe Hearts Of Gold Organic

prod000563 These are beautiful melons with luscious deep-orange golden flesh that is sweet juicy and fragrant. Rinds are thin heavily netted and medium ribbed. Vigorous prolific plants bear nearly round medium-sized 2-3 lb. fruits that are ready to pick 90 days

Cabbage Baby Choi Organic

prod000623 Loose rosettes of green leaves with pale stems used like Chinese cabbage. Short and squat to only 6″ long Baby Choi has crunchy stems and crinkly broad leaves. Quick and easy to grow in cool weather. Great stir-fried steamed and