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Category Archives: Herbs

Parsley Krausa

prod099652 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Parsley Krausa is easy to grow from seed and will be a great addition to the herb garden. Used for flavoring soups and stews is also a favorite of pollinators later in the season.

Chamomile German

prod000466 Use in brewing tea making perfumes or hair rinses. Start early indoors or outdoors after danger of frost.

Cilantro (Coriander)

prod000469 Salsa essential! Use pungent leaves (cilantro) in Asian and Mexican dishes. The seeds (coriander) are used to make curry powder and in sausages. Start outdoors after danger of frost.

Parsley Single Italian Or Plain

prod000482 Flat-leaved variety used in salad dressings poultry soups and as an ingredient of pesto. Flavor is much more pronounced than that of the more familiar curled type.

Basil Genovese

prod000452 This Italian variety has extremely tender fragrant extra-large dark green leaves and is superb for pesto. Start early indoors or outside after all danger of frost.

Lavender Lady

prod000070 Lavandula angustifolia Lady is easy to grow from seed English lavender. Burpee bred herb will flower the first year just 90 days after sowing. So beautiful with its compact habit outstanding flowers and fragrance it’s excellent for edging low hedges

Cilantro Calypso


Lavender Munstead

prod003195 The English lavender with sweetly deeply fragrant green-gray leaves and lavender flowers is a mainstay of our herb garden. Lavender’s crystallized fresh flowers can be used in cakes and cookies the dried leaves in herbal sachets and potpourri the oils

Oregano Organic

prod000497 Widely used in Italian dishes tomato sauce pizza fish and salad dressing. Perennial in Zones 5-10 We searched the world to find the best organic seed-Burpee fully guarantees that not a drop of synthetic chemicals was used to make these

Cat Grass

prod000463 Cats will enjoy this delightfully tasty treat when grass is young 3-4″ tall. Annual.

Lavender Lacy Frills

prod000069 A sensational breakthrough Lacy Frills is the first white lavender from seed and the most cold tolerant of them all. You’ll love the clean white spires loaded with florets floating above finely cut blue-gray leaves. Durable disease tolerant plants bloom

Basil San Remo

prod000502 San Remo will be a welcome addition to your herb garden. Aromatic and flavorful with shiny dark green leaves the 36″ tall plants produce prolifically through the summer right into the cool days of early fall. It’s vigorous disease resistant

Dill Fernleaf

prod000471 Branching from the base these dwarf plants have ornamental ferny leaves and are ideal for containers. Likes full sun. Start seed indoors early or sow directly in the ground after all danger of frost.

Mint Spearmint

prod000479 Most of the mints we use today including spearmint came to North America with the Colonists. They used mint teas medicinally for headaches indigestion and to help them sleep. Mint is also an excellent culinary addition and makes a great

Lavender English

prod000476 The dried flowers and leaves repel moths and can be used in sachets. Loves full sun. Start seed early indoors and set outside. Plants tolerate light frost.


prod000483 Rosemary is an essential ingredient for holiday turkeys but it adds wonderful flavor to meats other poultry and vegetables too. It also makes a good addition to potpourris. Start seed early indoors. Plants tolerate light frost; set outside early. Perennial.

Thyme Common

prod000487 Thyme is one of the most widely used culinary herbs. It is commonly grown as a decorative and functional plant in many home gardens and bees use its pollen to make delectable honey. It is easy to grow and adaptable