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Category Archives: Herbs

Herb Wintergreen

prod022632 Eat drink and grow berries. Wintergreen’s fruit can be eaten fresh while the evergreen’s leaves make for a flavorful tea. In the spring the native ground-cover produces white lily of the valley type flowers to be followed by red berries

Mexican Culantro Common

prod099829 Cook’s Garden Favorite. 30-60 days. Culantro has the same earthy fragarnace and flavor of cilantro but with a great pungency. Can be used in marinades soups stews atop salads and in any other way cilantro would commonly be used.

Thyme Lemon

prod099870 Similar to common English Thyme ‘Lemon’ smells and tastes as if the citrusy fruit were fresh zested under your nose. For recipes calling for a last minute squeeze of lemon just before serving try dressing with finely-chopped leaves of this

Savory Winter

prod099738 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Savory known is ‘umami’ in taste bud-terms delivers the flavor that you unknowingly crave in the minutes before you sear up a portabella burger and fresh piece of sirloin. By growing savory you can deliver that warm

Mint Orange

prod003355 The combination of orange and mint calls you to refreshment and arouses the thought of bright clean flavors on the pallet. Best used fresh try as a substitute in any favorite recipe calling for mint. As a general rule mint

Rosemary Prostratus

prod003358 Unlike the usually upright habit of most rosemary Prostrate has a beautiful draping vining habit that turns your favorite patio planter hanging basket or window box into an instant herb garden. Also grand as a groundcover in the culinary or

Rosemary Spice Island

prod099732 Cook’s Garden Favorite. If you’re looking for full-bodied intense and aromatic rosemary this is the variety for you. Legend has it that this variety was named by none other than the ‘Spice Island’ herb company for it’s superior culinary use.

The Cook’s Cupboard Herb Collection

prod099685 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Transform everyday cooking into an adventure in dining with this wonderful collection of culinary seasonings. Each plant will provide ample yields for fresh use all summer and for drying in winter. Pungent Serrata Basil is a Southeast

Mint Peppermint Variegated

prod099699 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Similar to the green-leaved peppermint but this variety stands out in the garden for its beautiful green and white variegated leaves. Peppermint iced tea hot tea on lamb just to name a few. Lesser known uses include

Mint Pineapple

prod099700 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Deliciously sweet and tropical pineapple mint also has a tropical effect in the garden with its bright green white and yellow variegated foliage. A tasty topping for fruit ice cream cold and hot tea and juice drinks.

Oregano Hot & Spicy

prod003357 As the name suggest this pungent oregano has the bold flavors that are the building blocks of Mexican dishes. Also a good substitute for recipes calling for common oregano though reduce amount by half of what the recipe calls for.

Tarragon French

prod099743 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Flavors similar to anise licorice and fennel ‘French Tarragon’ lends a beautifully soft texture to the garden with soft strappy narrow green leaves. Tarragon gives great balance to vinegar-infused recipes but be sure to chop well- chewing

Fresh Herb Plants Gift Collection

prod022746 Includes 1 Plant of Each: Basil Genovese: This Italian variety has extremely tender fragrant extra-large dark green leaves and is superb for pesto. Rosemary: Adds wonderful flavor to meats other poultry and vegetables too. It also makes a good addition

Herb Collection Culinary Classics

prod000474 Fresh herbs from your garden will bring to every meal new dimensions of culinary pleasure. Summerlong Basil Greek Oregano Sage Thyme Sweet Marjoram and Rosemary.

Mint Peppermint Chocolate

prod099698 Cook’s Garden Favorite. This variety is a sultry and refreshingly pungent as the name suggests. A delectably sweet topping for fruit and ice cream alike also great for hot tea. As a general rule the mentha family is best grown

Garlic Garlikins

prod099625 Brand new to the culinary world ‘Garlikins’ are the most fantastic short season root-to-tip edible of garlicky goodness that your garden and kitchen have ever known. Called ‘green garlic’ these plants have a delicious and versatile garlic flavor that permeates

Oregano Cleopatra Organic

prod099878 Oregano is used in a variety of cuisines as a fresh herb or a dried spice late in the year when fresh is not available. Differing from Italian and Greek oreganos ‘Cleopatra’ has a unique mild spice laced with peppermint

Rosemary Arp

prod099728 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Arp’ is a beautiful rosemary on the taller side of varieties at 48″ and is said to have some of the strongest fragrance with the best cold tolerance and widest adaptability range. A great variety for first-time

Parsley Italian Dark Green Organic

prod002124 Use in salad dressings poultry soups and as an ingredient in pesto. Attractive as a garnish. Its flavor is much more pronounced than that of the more familiar curled type. Certified Organic Seed.

Basil Cardinal

prod000451 At first glance you’ll think this is a celosia with its heavy tightly packed blooms glowing in cardinal red. A closer inspection reveals that tell-tale scent rich and heady with a touch of spice. Strong deep burgundy stems hold the