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Category Archives: Heirlooms

Lettuce Rouge d’Hiver

prod002044 In 1885 this variety made its debut in the French company Vilmorin’s The Vegetable Garden. A compact romaine type the heads grow to 10-12″ tall producing large smooth leaves that are green at the heart and brownish-red throughout the body.

Tomato Quarter Century

prod002002 In 1901 Burpee introduced this mild flavorful all-purpose heirloom tomato. Ready for salads or sauces the delectable fruits range in size from10 to 12 oz. Disease-resistant and heat-tolerant. Indeterminate.

Turnip Purple Top White Globe

prod001185 Turnip lovers prize its deliciously sweet and tender white roots. The turnips are often 4″ and sometimes 6″ across handsomely blushed with pink to purple at the crown. Young leaves make the classic cooked ‘southern greens’.

Bean Red Swan

prod002030 The late Robert Lobitz (1941-2006) was a man with a lifelong passion for bean breeding. This beautiful snap bean is one of his triumphs. A cross between a purple snap bean and a pinto bean Red Swan’s dusty rose-red color

Gourd Tennessee Spinning

prod001993 In an earlier simpler time kids would carry these 3-5″ green striped gourds in their pockets to play with at school where they’d contentedly spin them on their desks. Hard-shelled when dried this ornamental gourd is a natural for use

Tomato Patty’s Yellow Striped Beefsteak

prod099662 Cook’s Garden Favorite. We are working closely with breeders to improve upon some of the heirloom tomatoes available today. This striking beauty is reminiscent of ‘Big Rainbow’ but with higher yields larger more colorful fruits and most importantly richer fuller

Tomato Persimmon

prod001920 An heirloom originally from Russia this beefsteak type has very large persimmon-colored 1 lb. fruits. Uniform and blemish-free the tomatoes have high flavor low acidity and a small seed cavity. Performs well in short-season areas. Indeterminate.

Tomato Green Grape

prod002033 A favorite heirloom of farm markets and restaurants thanks to its unique tart flavor and attractive presentation. Originally created by crossing Yellow Pear with Evergreen Green Grape produces clusters of 6-8 yellow-green 1″ fruits.

Tomato Amish Paste Organic Heirloom

prod000960 From the Pennsylvania Amish a large meaty bright red heirloom with superior taste a nice balance of sweet and acid. Excellent fresh or in sauces. Certified Organic Seed.

Squash Marina di Chioggia

prod001974 We’re particularly partial to this Italian heirloom winter squash and we’ve been seduced by its rich superb flavor. Excels in soups roasted or in sauces. Provides high yields of turban-shaped fruits weighing 10-12 lb. The color is beautiful: an unusual

Okra Perkins Mammoth Long Pod

prod002015 Soup- and gumbo-ready the extra-long 7-9″ bright green pods keep their tenderness even when large. A favorite variety for slicing and freezing the tall plant’s abundant pods can be harvested when young at 4-5″ or fully mature at 7-9″.

Pepper Hot Thai Hot

prod001963 Originally from Thailand this seriously hot pepper makes a lovely impression in a patio container. The ornamental 8-12″ plants are bedecked with up to 200 small conical 1/2-1″ fruits that ripen to bright red. Extremely hot the peppers can be

Pepper Sweet Friggitello

prod001977 Generations of Italian families have savored this crispy sweet pepper. This family heirloom variety is used in salads or sauteed with the extras pickled or dried. Large 3′ plants bear large crops of 3-4″ long tapered fruits that turn bright

Chrysanthemum Tricolor Daisy

prod000156 This “painted daisy” was introduced from Morocco 200 years ago. The plants are about 2 ft. tall and bushy topped in midsummer with bright daisies in a riot of colors;red white or yellow ringed with scarlet mahogany orange or rust.

Okra Clemson Spineless Organic

prod002138 50344A

Strawberry Alpine Alexandria

prod002413 One of the better known heirloom alpine strawberries Alexandria has thimble-sized luscious dark red berries. Top-rated for flavor vigor and yield these runnerless everbearing plants produce more fruit when allowed ample space. Grow in full sun to part shade. Plant

Tomato Principe Borghese

prod002810 An excellent heirloom grape tomato revered for its drying qualities and use in sauces. This determinate variety originally from Tuscany has fruits with few seeds and a relatively dry meat perfect for paste.

Lettuce Four Seasons

prod000741 Heirloom. The name alludes to the remarkable cold hardiness of this very beautiful 6″ butterhead. It’s still one of the best lettuces both for early spring planting and for fall/winter harvests. Outer leaves are tinged with red. Inner leaves are

Tomato Amana Orange

prod001930 This huge orange heirloom tomato takes its name from Iowa’s Amana Colonies one of America’s longest-lived communal societies where it has been a long-time favorite. With a mild sweet tropical flavor this beefsteak variety’s fruits are light orange and fluted

Tomato Mr. Stripey

prod001902 Mr. Stripey’s mild sweet-tasting fruits have a high sugar content and grow to over 1 lb. each. Pretty and luscious this tomato has rich yellow undertones covered with pinkish-red striping. Indeterminate.