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Category Archives: Heirlooms

Bean White Half Runner

prod000605 HEIRLOOM. With or without support White Half runner yields an early heavy crop of tender green pods 4 1/2″ long with white seeds and sweet flavor. One 2 oz. seed packet will sow a row of about 20 ft. Our

Nemophila Baby Blue Eyes

prod000298 This versatile native American wildflower (also known as California Blue Bells) is perfect in beds and containers or as an annual groundcover. Growing only 6″ tall with a spread to 12″ nemophila often overwinters in mild climates (zone 7 and

Amaranthus Love Lies Bleeding

prod000122 HEIRLOOM. Brilliant red seed heads dangle like shimmering ruby necklaces from the tops of sturdy 3-5 ft. plants. With long-lasting color they’re great in arrangements fresh-cut or dried. Amaranthus needs heat and a long season. Start in containers and set

Basil Greek

prod000453 Native to Southeast Asia basil has been used in cooking and for fragrances for centuries. Brought to Europe in the Middle Ages it thrived in the Mediterranean region as well as around the Caspian and Black Seas. Burpee first offered

Verbena Bonariensis

prod001064 This tall very striking heirloom is a favorite in many cottage gardens. Stiff stems with open airy sprays of tiny violet-blue clusters and only a few leaves making this an excellent companion for many annuals. Very long blooming 3-4′ tall.

Bells Of Ireland Moluccella Laevis

prod000135 HEIRLOOM. An attention-getter in the border. Stems are arrayed with spectacular green bell-shaped bracts that are straw- colored when dried. Grows best in full sun to partial shade in well-drained soil.

Tomato Black Krim

prod000969 This medium-sized very dark maroon beefsteak with wonderfully rich flavor originated in Crimea a peninsula in the Black Sea with perfect “tomato summers”. Extremely tasty.

Tomato Brandywine Pink

prod000974 Brandywine which dates back to 1885 is the heirloom tomato standard. One taste and you’ll be enchanted by its superb flavor and luscious shade of red-pink. The large beefsteak-shaped fruits grow on unusually upright potato-leaved plants. The fruits set one

Cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo

prod000545 Hales Best Jumbo was developed by a Japanese market gardener in California around 1920. It became widely popular because it combined excellent flavor with earliness. It’s a beautiful oval melon with deep green skin and golden netting. The flesh is

Bean Burpees Stringless Green Pod

prod000579 HEIRLOOM. This Burpee bred bean is entirely stringless; it’s brittle meaty juicy and has exceptional flavor. Plant yields are early and extremely high; pods are round about 6″ long and slightly curved. Plants are entirely self supporting. A 2 oz.

Marigold Sunset Giants Mix

prod001050 The ultimate American garden flower prized by the Aztecs 1000 years ago. Legendary garden designer Gertrude Jekyll liked drifts of tall marigolds planted in the middle or back of her borders to complement blues and grays. Blossoms 5″ and more

Eggplant Turkish Orange

prod001997 Native to Turkey this heirloom variety is a favorite of Italian gardeners and chefs. The petite 18-22″ plants produce abundant yields of round red-orange 3″ fruit. Eat when the fruits are young and in the green stage. Once orange the

Salad Greens Purslane Goldgelber

prod001969 Purslane has an honored place in the European repertoire of greens. Mildly acerbic purslane’s tasty leaves have a pleasant lemony fragrance and make for a sparkly salad offering a nutritious bonus of high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

Squash Ronde de Nice

prod001918 An heirloom prized by generations of French squash connoisseurs for its mild nutty flavor and ever-so-tender flesh and skin. Harvest when fruits are young when they are merely 2-3″ in diameter and steam or saute. Ready in about 45-52 days.

Cleome Queen Mixed Colors

prod000157 Also known as Spider flower this plant will make the back of your border a focal point. Colors includes Helen Campbell (white) Rose Queen and Violet Queen. Airy 5-6″ flower clusters on strong sturdy stems. GARDEN HINTS: Grows best in

Cucumber Suyo Long

prod001924 Suyo Long is a traditional variety from China that offers an abundance of delicious burpless crispy cucumbers. Growing to 16″ long on vigorous vines the sweet ribbed fruits can be picked at any stage from very young to fully mature.

Cucumber Mexican Sour Gherkin

prod099645 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Get ready for an extravaganza of tiny sweet treats. Mini fruit’s sweet cucumber flavor is combined with a tangy sourness: as if pickled already. Yields a bounty of tiny cukes for salads snacks and pickling. Gorgeous when

Moonflower Giant White

prod000281 These old fashioned flowers as the name implies open in the evening. As evening falls you can actually watch them open. For added interest mix them with morning bloomers such as morning glories. Grown as an annual but perennial in

Strawberry Mignonette

prod001170 Mignonette is a French type strawberry that has smaller berries and a distinct flavor and aroma. Excellent edging border or container variety. Grow as an annual or perennial. GARDEN HINTS: Strawberries grow best in a sunny area with rich moist

Viola Johnny-Jump Up

prod000422 HEIRLOOM. Very winter hardy and eager to self-sow in the shade of summer plants violas are cheerful surprises in the cool months. Johnny-Jump Up is tricolored in bright purple yellow and white. Violas will rebloom in fall if cut back