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Category Archives: Heirlooms

Squash Ronde de Nice

prod001918 An heirloom prized by generations of French squash connoisseurs for its mild nutty flavor and ever-so-tender flesh and skin. Harvest when fruits are young when they are merely 2-3″ in diameter and steam or saute. Ready in about 45-52 days.

Cleome Queen Mixed Colors

prod000157 Also known as Spider flower this plant will make the back of your border a focal point. Colors includes Helen Campbell (white) Rose Queen and Violet Queen. Airy 5-6″ flower clusters on strong sturdy stems. GARDEN HINTS: Grows best in

Cucumber Suyo Long

prod001924 Suyo Long is a traditional variety from China that offers an abundance of delicious burpless crispy cucumbers. Growing to 16″ long on vigorous vines the sweet ribbed fruits can be picked at any stage from very young to fully mature.

Cucumber Mexican Sour Gherkin

prod099645 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Get ready for an extravaganza of tiny sweet treats. Mini fruit’s sweet cucumber flavor is combined with a tangy sourness: as if pickled already. Yields a bounty of tiny cukes for salads snacks and pickling. Gorgeous when

Moonflower Giant White

prod000281 These old fashioned flowers as the name implies open in the evening. As evening falls you can actually watch them open. For added interest mix them with morning bloomers such as morning glories. Grown as an annual but perennial in

Strawberry Mignonette

prod001170 Mignonette is a French type strawberry that has smaller berries and a distinct flavor and aroma. Excellent edging border or container variety. Grow as an annual or perennial. GARDEN HINTS: Strawberries grow best in a sunny area with rich moist

Viola Johnny-Jump Up

prod000422 HEIRLOOM. Very winter hardy and eager to self-sow in the shade of summer plants violas are cheerful surprises in the cool months. Johnny-Jump Up is tricolored in bright purple yellow and white. Violas will rebloom in fall if cut back

Popcorn Strawberry

prod001919 This heirloom corn is a pop star producing several ears per 5-6′ stalk of highly decorative popcorn when spaced at 9″ apart. Short and rounded the 2-3″ ears remind us of large strawberries with row upon row of ruby-red kernels.

Strawberry Alpine Fragola di Bosco

prod002415 Fragola di Bosco is an Italian alpine strawberry that enjoys popularity in gourmet salads. Plants are everbearing and productive. As with other woodland strawberries fruits are delicately sweet and best eaten straight freshly picked. Early to flower and fruit plants

Swiss Chard Burpee’s Rhubarb

prod000950 Another excellent and nutritious Burpee-bred chard with crimson stalks with glossy green crinkled leaves. Easy to grow; eat it like spinach or beet greens. Pick from late spring till winter. Proven tops for performance flavor and wide adaptability. 100 seeds

Squash Delicata

prod001976 Introduced in 1891 Delicata’s taste is remarkably similar to that of sweet potatoes but it’s much easier to grow. The vines produce plentiful cream-colored green-striped oblong fruits about 3″ in diameter and 6″ long.

Melon Collective Farm Woman

prod099695 Cook’s Garden Favorite. This is one delicious melon in a hurry ripening in just 60 days. With a flavor residing in the delectable peach-pineapple continuum Ukrainian heirloom grows to 10” with a yellow-gold rind with and super-sweet white flesh. Harvest when

Pea Thomas Laxton

prod001144 Thomas Laxton is considered the greatest pea breeder ever and this century-old variety is his masterpiece. Try it and see why. Pods contain 8 peas and often up to 10; vines at 3′ are easy to trellis.

Tomato Riesentraube

prod001899 Originating in Germany this heirloom cherry tomato was grown by the Pennsylvania Dutch (who were in fact German) as early as the 1850s. The variety’s name fittingly enough translates from the German as “giant bunch of grapes”. The compact indeterminate

Gourd Extra Long Handle Dipper

prod001996 This is one ornamental gourd that’s worth watching. Leave it on the ground and marvel as the long swooping curved handle-up to 6′ long-twists and turns. If a straight handle is your thing training it on a trellis will do

Squash True Hubbard

prod001984 True Hubbard has appeared in American gardens and been served on American tables since at least the 1780s. Weighing about 12 lb. each the squash has delicious yellow-gold flesh and deep green skin. The long-storing fruits are excellent in pies

Basil Leaf Green

prod099670 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Basil found its way into American hearts gardens and kitchens only in the 1970s. Our national love affair with basil has lost none of its passion. We certainly cannot live without this magical herb. We love the

Lettuce Rouge d’Hiver

prod002044 In 1885 this variety made its debut in the French company Vilmorin’s The Vegetable Garden. A compact romaine type the heads grow to 10-12″ tall producing large smooth leaves that are green at the heart and brownish-red throughout the body.

Tomato Quarter Century

prod002002 In 1901 Burpee introduced this mild flavorful all-purpose heirloom tomato. Ready for salads or sauces the delectable fruits range in size from10 to 12 oz. Disease-resistant and heat-tolerant. Indeterminate.

Turnip Purple Top White Globe

prod001185 Turnip lovers prize its deliciously sweet and tender white roots. The turnips are often 4″ and sometimes 6″ across handsomely blushed with pink to purple at the crown. Young leaves make the classic cooked ‘southern greens’.