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Category Archives: Heirlooms

Leek Lancelot

prod099691 Cook’s Garden Favorite. The long white shafts have a dark blue/green upright flag. The 12-14 inch shaft provides a distinct flavor to your soups and salads. Leeks are not daylight sensitive so their tops do not fall over. Give them

Bean Gold Mine

prod000585 Gold Mine produces very high yields of crisp ultra-sweet wax beans that are borne on compact and unusually upright plants. The beans grow together in clusters that make harvest a snap. Beans are 5-5 1/2″ long. Plants yield early and

Pumpkin Long Island Cheese

prod001155 This handsome squash has smooth skin and is gently ribbed. The color is similar to butternut squash: tan skin with bright orange flesh. Squash average 6-10 lbs. each.

Radish White Globe Hailstone

prod001932 First offered in 1908 this early large rooted variety has pure white skin and firm flesh with a juicy mildly spicy taste. Stays crisp for an extended time. Ready to pick in just 23-30 days.

Bean Lima Big Mama

prod000574 HEIRLOOM. Soak up a pot of Big Mama and each smooth-textured extra-tasty bean will swell to fill a teaspoon. Big Mama will make “lima lovers” of your whole family. Healthy too 1 cup of cooked lima beans provides 20% of

Onion Cippolina Borretana

prod001978 Hard-to-find these little beauties are the variety of choice for boiling or creamed onions. With a round flattened shape the diminutive Italian onions are 2-3″ wide and make for delicious eating. Direct-sow in early spring then thin to 1-2″ apart

Potato Princess Laratte

prod002740 With a nuanced matrix of flavors this gourmet potato’s flavor is mildly nutty-reminiscent of chestnuts hazelnuts and almonds-mingled with a subtle sweetness.

Tomato Red & Yellow Pear Mix

prod001915 This toothsome heirloom variety of pear-shaped cherry tomato has been grown (and savored) in the U.S. since at least the 1800s. This mix of red and yellow produces awesome colorful clusters of gorgeous .5 oz. fruits of mild delicious flavor.

Lettuce Reine des Glaces

prod001942 Queen of the Ice is how the name of this regal French heirloom translates. Leaves of this crisphead lettuce are lacy and deep green and form good-sized heads; inner leaves are light green crispy and sweet. Tolerant of cold and

Radicchio Red Treviso

prod002035 You may know this radicchio’s sister Early Treviso: both are beloved varieties in Italy. In summer the long upright 10-14″ heads begin green; when cooler weather comes around they turn deep red with white midribs and veins. The tender ever

Squash Summer Cocozelle

prod002038 You can harvest the fruits of this delicious Italian heirloom when it’s young or at full maturity. Growing on bush-type plants the long 10-12″ cylindrical fruits are dark green striped with light green. Delicious fried sauteed or baked the fruits

Lettuce Forellenschluss

prod001960 We love this heirloom not just for its bright flavor but for the name which translates as “speckled like a trout’s back”. This aptly describes the look of the brilliant tasty green leaves speckled with burgundy-red spots from base to

Lettuce Red Grenoble

prod001938 The French have long fancied this variety for its crisp texture and lovely presentation. A Batavia type whose shiny deep-green leaves can be cut loose or allowed to form a loose central head. The vigorous grower matures to 12-16″ across

Lettuce Oak Leaf

prod001989 This easy-to-grow American heirloom thrives whether it’s hot or cold. Dating back to at least the 1770s it makes a fine ornamental choice for containers and kitchen gardens. The flavor is mild and free of bitterness over a long season

Tomato Amish Paste

prod002037 A multitalented heirloom paste tomato from Wisconsin well-suited for paste or as a slicing tomato. Acorn-shaped the very large 8-12 oz. fruits are deep red thick-fleshed and nearly seedless. Indeterminate vines. Harvest 74-85 days after transplant.

Tomato Omar’s Lebanese

prod001901 This old variety a favorite in tomato taste trials comes from a farming hill town in Lebanon. Growing to 1 1/2 lb. the large pink flattened fruits delight with their sweet rich

Bean Triomphe de Farcy Bush

prod000604 HEIRLOOM. Triomphe de Farcy produces slender crunchy pods that have a distinct rich flavor. It bears very early and very heavily needs no support and should be harvested often when the pods are 3 to 6″ long. One 2 oz.

Tomato Caspian Pink

prod001921 A heirloom tomato that originated in Russia’s Black Sea region this variety yields large finely flavored 12 oz. pink tomatoes on indeterminate vines. Savor the mild delectable fruits either fresh or in cooking.

Tomato Brandywine Pink Organic

prod000975 Brandywine which dates back to 1885 is the heirloom tomato standard. One taste and you’ll be enchanted by its superb flavor and luscious shade of red-pink. The large beefsteak-shaped fruits grow on unusually upright potato-leaved plants. The fruits set one

Arugula Garden

prod099666 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Our spicy ” salad star! We have tested many arugulas and we think our strain is by far the best we’ve seen for both flavor and heat tolerance. This large leaved selection of our piquant salad star