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Category Archives: Heirlooms

Potato Princess Laratte

prod002740 With a nuanced matrix of flavors this gourmet potato’s flavor is mildly nutty-reminiscent of chestnuts hazelnuts and almonds-mingled with a subtle sweetness.

Tomato Red & Yellow Pear Mix

prod001915 This toothsome heirloom variety of pear-shaped cherry tomato has been grown (and savored) in the U.S. since at least the 1800s. This mix of red and yellow produces awesome colorful clusters of gorgeous .5 oz. fruits of mild delicious flavor.

Pea Blue Bantam Dwarf

prod22484 Exclusive. Introduced by Burpee in 1902 this heirloom variety won over gardeners with its delicious flavor earliness quality and bountiful production. Compact vines bear bushels of 4” long blue-green pods loaded with eight berries per pod. Peas packed with vitamins

Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson Organic

prod000731 Hugely popular for over 150 years it’s one of the most tender and delicately flavored leaf lettuces ever bred. The ruffled leaves are large with an appealing green color. Simpson is well adapted to a wide range of climates and

Tomato Garden Peach

prod001905 A unique heirloom tomato Garden Peach was reputedly introduced to US gardens in the 1860s. The small velvety-skinned 2-3 oz. fruits have rich full flavor. The prolific vines unleash multitudinous 3-4″ round fruits with peachy-yellow skin and flesh woven with

Pea Golden Sweet

prod099653 Cook’s Garden Favorite. The gold standard for yellow shelling peas. After a gorgeous fanfare of colorful mauve-purple blooms the vigorous vines (up to 6’) fill with alluring golden-yellow pods loaded with bright sweet-tasting peas produced from red-tinged leaf nodes. Enjoy

Fig Letizia

prod003238 A family heirloom named after plantsman Steve Castorani’s mother Letizia whose parents brought the fig all the way from Italy. Since the 1930s over many years the plant has grown to a multi-stemmed tree dense with beautiful neatly lobed green

Watermelon Georgia Rattlesnake

prod000557 Melons get 2′ long and weigh 30 lb. The flesh is bright pink and sweet. The rind is thin but very tough which made it a favorite of market gardeners.

Tomato Amish Paste

prod002037 A multitalented heirloom paste tomato from Wisconsin well-suited for paste or as a slicing tomato. Acorn-shaped the very large 8-12 oz. fruits are deep red thick-fleshed and nearly seedless. Indeterminate vines. Harvest 74-85 days after transplant.

Tomato Omar’s Lebanese

prod001901 This old variety a favorite in tomato taste trials comes from a farming hill town in Lebanon. Growing to 1 1/2 lb. the large pink flattened fruits delight with their sweet rich

Bean Triomphe de Farcy Bush

prod000604 HEIRLOOM. Triomphe de Farcy produces slender crunchy pods that have a distinct rich flavor. It bears very early and very heavily needs no support and should be harvested often when the pods are 3 to 6″ long. One 2 oz.

Tomato Caspian Pink

prod001921 A heirloom tomato that originated in Russia’s Black Sea region this variety yields large finely flavored 12 oz. pink tomatoes on indeterminate vines. Savor the mild delectable fruits either fresh or in cooking.

Tomato Brandywine Pink Organic

prod000975 Brandywine which dates back to 1885 is the heirloom tomato standard. One taste and you’ll be enchanted by its superb flavor and luscious shade of red-pink. The large beefsteak-shaped fruits grow on unusually upright potato-leaved plants. The fruits set one

Arugula Garden

prod099666 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Our spicy ” salad star! We have tested many arugulas and we think our strain is by far the best we’ve seen for both flavor and heat tolerance. This large leaved selection of our piquant salad star

Tomato Yellow Pear Organic

prod001025 This extremely old variety makes a vigorous plant that bears enormous numbers of bright yellow bite-sized fruit. The flavor is deliciously tangy. Perfect for summer party hors d’oeuvres. Certified Organic Seed.

Swiss Chard Five Color Silverbeet

prod001998 To know chard is to love its tender and delicious somewhat meaty flavor. Originating in Australia this strain of bright and highly ornamental chard comes in colors: red orange purple yellow and white. Each color is planted and harvested separately

Tomato Orange Roma

prod001951 Salmon-orange in color scrumptious in flavor this early-yielding heirloom has just the right credentials for orange-colored sauces and salsas. Nearly seedless the large firm fruits grow in prodigious numbers on indeterminate vines.

Pea Mammoth Melting Sweet Pod Organic

prod000786 The sweetness of garden peas is legendary. This Burpee-bred early extremely prolific all-purpose pea produces straight 4 1/2″ pods filled with 8 to 10 medium to large peas. Pods of this heirloom variety remain stringless and sweet longer than most

Pepper Hot Serrano Tampiqueno

prod002011 Heat-lovers here’s another Mexican favorite used in a variety of dishes from salsas to soups. Large 2-3′ plants produce plentiful smooth club-shaped 1 1/2″ long fruits with medium-thick walls. Best used fresh the fruits mature from green to red. Heat

Leek Blue Solaise

prod001957 It’s hard to exaggerate the stalwart hardiness of this 19th century French heirloom. Indifferent to cold the plants will happily overwinter in Vermont. True blue-green the very large 15-20″ tall stalks turn still bluer as the weather gets colder. It’s