Ultimate Tomato Growers Kit


Double your tomato production and use less of your garden doing it. It’s easy with our Ultimate Tomato Growers Kit. Contains everything you need to maximize growth yield and flavor. Works on all tomato plants! You get three Tomato Towers that help you grow your plants straight and tall so that they’ll take up much less space. Improves air circulation and ease of harvest. Total height 58″. Qty 3 per kit. Reflective Red Mulch Film-special SRM-Red material reflects certain wavelengths of sunlight increasing growth and yields up to 20%. Qty 8 3′ x 3′ sheets. Blossom Set Spray-all-natural spray promotes blossoms and fruit development. Nearly every blossom will produce faster larger meatier fruit-ripening up to 3 weeks earlier. Garden Stretch Tie-unique tie-up material expands and stretches to gently hold growing plants. Won’t strangle or cut plants like ordinary wire or twine. Continuous roll (100 ft. x 1/2 in.)....

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