Vegetable Seeds and Plants

Vegetable Seeds and Plants

Shop and grow vegetable seeds and plants perfect for your home garden. Prize winning tomatoes, peppers, beans and heirloom vegetables from our online store. More »

Annual Flower Seeds & Plants

Annual Flower Seeds & Plants

Our annual flowers are available in both seeds and plants from the most trusted name in home gardening. Find your favorite flower seeds and plants. Shop from our most popular categories, or from over 70 classes. More »

Perennials Seeds and Plants

Perennials Seeds and Plants

Year after year, our perennial seeds and plants will fill your home garden beds and borders. Select from our full palette of colors, textures, forms and fragrances to create the perennial garden of your dreams - a sensory pleasure for years to come. More »

Herbs Seeds and Plants

Herbs Seeds and Plants

Get ready for the surprising taste difference when you use our flavorful, fresh herbs from your home garden. Everyday dishes take on richer flavor and aroma. Whether you grow herbs for cooking, healing, fragrance, crafts or garden display, they are one of the easiest plants to grow. More »

Fruit Seeds & Plants

Fruit Seeds & Plants

We make growing your own fresh fruits and berries as simple as it is rewarding. Our fruit plants are selected specially for home garden performance and yield. More »

Home Gardening Supplies and Gifts

Home Gardening Supplies and Gifts

To create the garden of your dreams, get some expert help. Our choice selection of garden-proven supplies will get your garden off to a great start, and keep it at peak performance. More »

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We offer an extensive variety of unique and quality plants, seeds and bulbs for the home gardener.

    • prod000630

      Carrot Big Top

      This superb Asian import grows crispy thick deep reddish-orange roots that are up to 8″ long. Read More »
    • prod002691

      Hydrangea Mophead Trio Collection

      A choice collection of lavishly lovely mopheads flourishing large roundish dense clusters in classic blue pinwheel rose-red and white and vivid red. Mopheads; what gardeners think Read More »
    • prod003171

      Eggplant Shooting Stars

      We all know about edible landscaping. Well how about edible jewelry? This elegant delicately striped vivid purple eggplant would make a magnificent pendant. The lovely 3-4″ Read More »
    • prod000482

      Parsley Single Italian Or Plain

      Flat-leaved variety used in salad dressings poultry soups and as an ingredient of pesto. Flavor is much more pronounced than that of the more familiar curled Read More »
    • prod001782

      Pro Series Cage – Red

      A great home for raising big red delicious tomatoes proven by the pros these large durable tomato cages can manage the biggest plants. We use these Read More »

    • prod002017

      Mustard Tatsoi

      Tatsoi a long-time Asian staple forms dense rosettes of mild mustardy-flavored leaves. Enjoy the leaves raw or stir-fried. Crunchy and flavorful the midribs have a bright Read More »
    • prod002845

      Lily of the Valley Bordeaux

      Lily of the valley is one of the most popular flowers in the spring. Very fragrant the plants are ideal for use as ground cover in Read More »
    • prod001021

      Tomato Tumbler Hybrid

      Produces up to 6 lb. of sweet bright red cherry tomatoes 1 1/4″ in diameter. Extremely early harvest in less than 50 days! Read More »
    • prod002983

      Tulip Brown Sugar

      Tulip Brown Sugar is one of the most impressive Triumph tulips that we have seen. Blooming mid to late spring its blossom is produced on top Read More »
    • prod002156

      Tomato Garden Peach Organic

      A unique heirloom tomato Garden Peach was reputedly introduced to US gardens in the 1860s. The small velvety-skinned 2-3 oz. fruits have rich full flavor. The Read More »
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    • prod002463

      Garden Mum Mammoth Daisy Red

      Semi-double blooms are bright red with perfect round yellow disks.Mammoth(TM) Daisies are exceptional garden mums developed by the University of Minnesota for vigor and hardiness. Once Read More »
    • prod000841

      Pepper Sweet Pinot Noir Hybrid

      Like its namesake this attractive 5″ long sweet bell pepper shows a tremendously broad range of impressions. Light green when young the large blocky fruits blush Read More »
    • prod099663

      Tomato Rosella Hybrid

      Cook’s Garden Favorite. 72-78 days. Of a gloriously rich deep magenta ‘Rosella’ is prolific producing a luscious harvest of 1-2 oz. fruits from a full vining Read More »
    • prod001782

      Pro Series Cage – Red

      A great home for raising big red delicious tomatoes proven by the pros these large durable tomato cages can manage the biggest plants. We use these Read More »